Tuesday, November 30, 2004

chalet... back on thursday!

last night was prom night...
a night to remember our 4/5 yrs in bps..
it is like a swansong for everybody
and i sure everybody enjoyed seeing each other again, taking pictures
secondary school has made a significant impact on my life..
it is like a exprience tat u learn everything tat u need in the future..
not the subjects, but the conflicts, differences, problems den u have encountered and solved..
something like that.. but u truly learn how to face and survive among people..
how to mix around, everything...
it is like a path to maturity......
going miss the life man...
the early wakes, the anxious wait for 1.30pm
CCAs and enturepearship( bad spelling =/)
nvm the memories will always be there......
anyway i won a hair dryer for the lucky draw..
haha... i am usually lucky in lucky draws.. dunno y
my dad and mum always ask me come along when got lucky draws..
lol...... anyway off to chalet today and back on thursday..

Sunday, November 28, 2004

working at banquets can be so fun..
friday was my first time..
went wif jon, grace, gdine, and a few others.....
became a waiter!
learned loads from the exprienced ones...
really helped me alot..
v friendly ppl =))
yea.. no mistakes...
though i was unsure on of some drinks like
mantel on the rock, tat whisky is given out as much a saucer of soy sauce...
my two tables however were unoccupied..
so i went to help my three friends..
there were two tables tat had heavy drinkers..
had to keep pouring beer for them..
all red-faced... and uncivilised..
eating prawns and leaving them, not on the plate, but the table..
HOTEL mind u....
pay on the spot! ha....
den today i was runner...
i love doing it... it is just bring the dishes for the waiters to serve and a few other teeny weeny things to do...
very slack and u get to sneak some food..
lol... anyway.. working is fun..
chalet and prom nite in 2 days time...... no more working for a few days...

Friday, November 26, 2004

there is this chill going thru the air when i woke up.....
november i guess...
i am waiting for doodleboard.com to send a confirmation email...
and they are taking ages.....
i woke up early today.....
y can't i be pig again?

oh my gosh my tagboard is gone...
well. doddling looks nice =)
working tml.. FINALLY!
so tired today..... shopping for stuff wif girls are the worst exercises..*ok i am kidding
wanna go sleep..... byeee

Thursday, November 25, 2004


these days have been pretty occupied..
went to the founder's men briefing yesterday..
and grabbed spots on dec 20,21,22...
have to do some work to get the badge.. which is the highest honour available..
of course there are other things to do of course.....
also watched the incredables yesterday..
pretty nice and although fairly predictable plot..
but the ideas are pretty creative..
slept real early.. at 12
played soccer in the morning today
many ppl went... had a nice kickaround =)
have to build up on my fitness.. haha..
den went for pool.. won 4-3 against jon..
pretty lucky.. but i suck at 9 feet tables..
dunno y i do well at 8 feet but not at 9 feet..
but billards will be horrible... lol..
went den to cut my hair..
i still think i look like a butch now..
sigh... lol..
how how how...
anyway.. went wif ky for a job interview at suntec..
the manager was not present however..
so wasted trip -_-
supposed to go gym wif jon but too late......
sooooo went home and here i am...
going for the interview again tml.....
hopefully i get the job...
i need money!!! esp wif so many activities coming up..
wan to buy stuff too...
i going to try to juggle jobs.....
haha so i will be able to fill myself wif activties during the hols.....
maybe i earn enuff i can get a few christmas presents =/
alright i feeling tired.. bye!

Monday, November 22, 2004

weeeeeee Os are over!
ha.... enjoying time!
off to do that! xD

Friday, November 19, 2004


3 more days!
e1 and e2 are done and dusted...
played soccer today.....
stamina seriously lacking =/
had fun though..
dun feel like blogging...... byeeeeee

Saturday, November 13, 2004


v disappointing day..
was crapping wif wilmer and joan in morning 2-4
which led to me waking up a hour late from my intended 7.30 wake
luckily..there was still time..
jon was also late.. he juz bathed after i woke.. >.<
so much for going to sch early to brush up on drill..
so we went..
yiqun had a real good time teasing me abt whether he was going anot on the phone..
i took a plunge and bet he was not..
unforunately, he was there in the similar and powerful uniform to mine at the bus stop.. >.<
ha.. meant 5 staffs were going for this drill competition..
robin forgot to bring his cap... -.-
saw the LTC ppl the sec 1s marching to sch..
holding water bottles...
reminds me of mine when we hiked 40km on our sec 2 legs..
the batches after us had it easy though..
oh well.. the squad drill was alright i guess...
we all thought we had done enuff to beat our closest rivals, the sec 3s
although we were dearfully off in sing-cro-nice-ation *dunno how to spell*
in the end... DRAW! WAD THE..
den the individual competition..
for personal glory..
commands are given and a step wrong and u are out..
pretty much like a elemination game..
v nerve-whacking
i do mean VERY
esp u are one of the staffs and there are high expectations for the seniors to win
con-tre-ver-sy is always there when drill-down competition is on..
and it happened again this year..
a command was given... and some turned. some didn't
the majority tot tat those who didn't turn were correct.. and meaning, staying in..
i turned. and i felt so sad when i tot i was going out..
but... mr koh, who was the commander.. SAID iT WAS CORRECT...
wow... so i went back in.. and a whole load of ppl went out..
including jon yiqun and ruiqin..
left 6 ppl...
den robin got kicked out coz he couldn't hear the command -_-
left me and 1 sec 3 2 sec 2s and 1 sec 1
how pressuring...
den it happened...
command given..
this time i din turn...
the rest turned... but hesiated coz i din move.. lol...
coz i was highest rank... they were kinda shocked and turned like halfways?
tot i won den but... mr koh said it was the correct command again.. -.-
wadda hell....
maddening huh......
i should push for a rematch since there have been a winner every year ^^
okies... i gtg now... bye!
8 more days! =D

tml drill competition..
hoping to win best squad..
go squad 4!
wish me luck!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

1 week break

and yes..
the 1 week break is here..
80% in the holiday mood already
=/ tat is bad..
anyway.. had loads of fun ytd..
went to eat seoul garden ytd..
haha... talked cock and crap...
we were like back again..
but.. o levels are not over yet... sigh..
laughed alot at seoul.. plenty of digs and jokes..
after we went for pool...
played few games..
chris played real, unusually hot today..
den perry, landy, jian ming and me went to chris house...
we made some home-made videos of ourselves...
doing some stupid dance moves... not any striptese =)
it was totally hillarous.. *my jaws din hurt for a such a long time..
wrestled, fought,ripped
and try sleeping on two mattresses wif 4 other ppl..
imagine all the germs..
er...... no wonder i got flu now.....
alright i am sleepy..... nite

Friday, November 05, 2004

am feeling so bored....
2 days break till maths 2..
sneaky feeling it is gonna be a real killer...
since maths 1 has been relatively easy......
argh.. dun wan think about it...
going to go out tml to get some fresh air..
ck asked me to study maths wif him at 12..
too far. too early.
lol.. so lazy to blog...
off to do something else...

Thursday, November 04, 2004


back to blogging!
haven been online for 4 days..
anyway.. the papers have been alright i guess..
did japan for ss...
none of the sec 4 topics came out..
jeff studied the whole sec 4 book and merger in sec 3..
lol.... all din come out..
he was fuming... hahahaha...
rest of the papers are ok... lazy to rmb..
ha..... going to be over!