Monday, October 31, 2005

changed new blogskin

think its so-so...
i dun have all the time in the world to choose a skin like last time
so just picked one...

still learning contact
i realise that i am not a very fast learner
but when i learn, i learn it very well
so not worrying that much yet...

den again i should be playing touch this december in the asian school thingy
when players from other schools in other countries come over to play
pretty cool
its a under 19 thingy
so i think i should grab my chance now
before i become too old..

slacked at buddy dars house on saturday and sunday
played PS2, computer and mahjong
plus alexis's meals
quite relaxing

i keep winning in mahjong
bled everyone dry
but sigh,
not real money :(

gotta stop here first
am presenting...
blog later!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

update time!

oasis touch was not good.
i did not score, though i did not make any mistakes.
still felt disappointment.
still though, the freebies lessened the pain

rushed to work after that
had supper at prata house after work

sunday was mahjong at joan house
played with joan, grace and joan's mum
won 12 bucks
quite lucky la

monday to wednesday was chalet
great catching up time with old friends!
back to the pre-poly days of gambling and talking cock thru the night

managed to make to school today for UT
was like 3 quarters asleep while doing it
but i think i can make it...

i truly slacked for the first time in class today
i nv touched or contribute a single point to the ppt today
abit pai seh
but i was really too tired la
3 hrs of sleep not enuff

broke fast with faiza today
had magic wok
not bad la the food
but i was sleepy to eat too

ate rather clumsily too
walked wif her ard white sands
den it was home
thanks for the company!

maturity comes with complications.
how true.

friends lost, are seemingly are going to be forever.
why cant we all be like when we were kids, simple and pure

when arguements are forgetten the next day

when a ice-cream heals everything

when hatred are gone in a hour and not forever.

i wonder.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Things I have done for the past few days.

1. my first contact rugby training on tuesday
harry is the coach. looks dam fit lar.
did abit of scruming at yck stadium
tuesday trainings will be yck stadium
shiok ah
so near to my house!

2. watched GOAL yesterday with thai xpress
quite alright. the ending was predictable
had dinner
had fun

3. touch training today
got a touch competition this sat
and got contact training tml

got chalet from monday to wednesday
hope tuesday training is cancelled.

ahhh.. hope i can work this saturday too
ahh always so many things!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Push it out
fake a smile
avert disaster
just in time.

I need a drink
cause in a while
worthless answers
from friends of mine.

It's dumb to ask
cool to ignore
girls possess me
but they're never mine

I made my entrance
avoided hazards
checked my engine

I fell behind

da da da da da da da da da

I fell behind

da da da da da da da da da

She makes me feel like it's raining outside
and when the storm's gone I'm all torn up inside
I'm always nervous on, days like this like the prom.
I get too scared to move, cause I'm a fuckin' boy.

Remember when
I was in
the grocery store

now's my time
lost the words
lost the nerve
lost the girl
left the line

I would wish
upon a star
but that star
it doesn't shine

so read my book
with a boring ending
a short story
of a lonely guy.

da da da da da da da da da

I fell behind

da da da da da da da da da

She makes me feel like it's raining outside
and when the storm's gone i'm all torn up inside
i'm alway's nervous on days like this, like the prom.
I get too scared to move, cause i'm a fuckin boy.

She makes me feel like it's raining outside
and when the storm's gone I'm all torn up inside
I'm always nervous on days like this, like the prom.
I get too scared to move, cause I'm still just
A stupid worthless boy.

//story of a lonely guy - blink 182

kinda down right now...
but i will be better dun worry..
keep the amusing tags coming =D!

Monday, October 17, 2005

back again.
another update entry

poly forum closing ceremony was great
every sub-theme showed their unity
and took loads of pictures and exchanging of email addresses.
i truly wonder if our plans will take flight.

because honestly i feel, that Singapore does not need much change
coz i feel its good enough
you can hardly find a safer or cleaner country anywhere
with change, something will have to give.

we dun have much major problems, is there a need for change?
like they say, never change a winning formula.
there can never be a country that is perfect, a country which everyone is contented with.

oh well, den again, everyone will have their own valid points.
i have seen in poly forum how the other poly students behave and work
i think RP students are able to match up to them somehow
although half of our batch are yr 1 students while they send the yr 2s and 3s

but some of them are really good i have to admit.

sunday beach touch was kinda successful i guess
RP won men's under 21 and open catagories

abit disapointed with myself cause i could have scored the try that would have got my mixed team into the semis.
boo said that if i dived slightly earlier i would have made it cause i can dive far
ahhh... the ifs

its was pouring heavily in the afternoon
everyone was feeling cold and cramping up
even me

reminds me of the night 2 yrs ago
when my whole body cramped up horribly
i thought i could not complete the race anymore
my fingers could not move
my leg muscles hurt terribly when i move them the slightest itch

i guess that was the time that i really pushed my body to the limit
it will forever be etched in my memory, the pain i went though, the disappointment of finishing fourth and the frustation when jm bike was punctured and we took turns to cycle though the whole of east coast park, with the worn out legs of ours.

i remember having cramps the few days after the competition. it really took quite some time to recover from that race. den again, it was memorable and i think something to be proud of.
not many finished that race before the deadline.

back to beach touch
broke fast with the muslims and was laughing at has's jokes.
he is dam funny la
esp his voice

he treats me as a small boy,
always tell me
" terence, eat more ah!" "terence, dun buy jap porn ah! not good one!"
i always -.-""

hahahaha... was so zonked after all the laughing and playing beach touch
that i dozed at 9 plus at night
its kinda like a record for this yr
probably the 2nd or 3rd time i slept so early this yr.

and its back to school today.
managed to communicate with my teammates i think
we scraped thru the presentation!

hope i can get my B though
went out wif ivy and baohan
crapping as usual..

den met kars at J8
i bought 2 converse shirts
just felt like shopping la

den ate and bought a few more things
the usual buddy hang out..

today is considered a rather non-busy day compared to my usual days
somehow thoughts keep coming into my mind.
it seems like everything is going to happen again
its a funny kind of fear

i dunno y am i feeling like that.
maybe i can put it down to phobia
seriously its wierd

well, its back to everyday life for me
think there will be a chalet this weekend

alright! do tag my blog if u visit!
dun shy!
take care all!

Friday, October 14, 2005

has been ages since i have blogged...
i guess everything has caught up with me..

i am so occupied that i cant rmb wad i have done this days
i will try to update as much as i can

- firstly first, my infections are gone!
took my medicine faithfully for first four days
but i forgot abt it as usual later on
haahhaa.. went to a polyclinic on friday
missed the first two meetings

managed to get a B phew

- i think my class is slowly opening up
that is wad taufiq says
i guess i will find out next week when i am done with all this poly forum stuff

- i haven continued on the video
how i wish i have the time
at least lina and faiza have finished encoding the tapes for me

- i guess i am joining contact rugby
i like touch but maybe contact might be better
gonna give it a try
i am the smallest in the team la

i realised since the term started, that i cant juggle friends all the time
no, it doesn't mean changing frens or wadever
it is just not possible to go out wif one clique den another in school
i managed to do so wif my PC and my sec sch friends
but even that ran into a few problems sometimes

haven been getting much sleep lately
i have managed my time and life the best i can
but there doesnt seem to be enuff time

had poly forum at JB sofitel resort from tuesday to thursday
well its an enriching exprience i can say
working wif ppl from other polys
but sian ah

the other polys all send yr 2 and 3s
i am like the youngest there la
but i have learnt much abt singapore
and wad foreigners think about us.

den again i have to admit it got really boring after awhile
too many discussions and stuff
but i made a few friends from the other polys
so yeah and from my own poly too

but i was glad to be back in singapore
i missed everyone!
feel like staying over at someone's house soon

but as usual
no time
i have poly forum closing ceremony today
work tml
and beach touch competition on sunday

oh well
i do hope things settle down soon

my clique and working friends are having their hols now
wish it is still the hols after the Os
when u were free everyday
now i am so packed!

now got pimple outbreak cause of lack of sleep again
and i need to cut my hair
too many things to do!

alright i am outta here...
done my part for culture and aestheics today
going for poly forum now
for the last time i hope!

take care everyone! especially ur health
some of my friends have been feeling unwell lately
so drink more water ah! byee!

Monday, October 03, 2005

so today i met my new class...
looks okay but i think its just wun be as fun as PCo105

I keep thinking of my first day in PC
Ivy, Rieanne, Nijo and Wang Qian were in my group

I remember the commuications problems we had with Wang Qian at first
was laughing at Ivy and Rieanne's chinese i remember

and ivy touch my laptop!
hahahha... thick skin hor...
1st day back in PC seemed so much more fun den today

somehow there was this feeling among the class that we can gel together
i dunno. haha

days are really busy now
got minds, thai xpress stuff and rugby
plus socialising with friends
and of course school.

i have a infection
all those bites on my legs
they are getting more
and i have been running a slight fever recently

and i get headaches at night
hope all this will stop soon
i need a break

maybe next week's trip to JB will let me recuprate alittle

my new classmates are alright la
dunno wad kind of ppl they are yet
but i have been doing work this days =/

haha very rare la...

anyway i pray for strength to get though the days...
poly has really exposed me to many other stuffs that i have never done...
and its really tiring and exhausting being involved in so many things

but its my youth anyway
cannot waste
wad i can do now, i may not be able to do in the future


Saturday, October 01, 2005

celebrated my birthday on 29th with my working group friends..

chris, robin, kok meng, irene, qizhu, darren, quek, kc and kars

we had a 5 course meal

was pretty fun
though my face was smashed with cakes 6 times in total

kept going to the toilet

got a wallet and 2 boxers as presents
played some games while taking pictures

den i treated everyone pool
had loads of fun laaa

thanks for spending the day with me guys! =))

conferenced until 6.30 in the morning
gosh, has been so long since i have talked so long on the phone

went to RP in the afternoon to get all the stuff for poly forum
blazers, collar pin and polo shirts

i wonder if poly forum will be fun
i hope the other people from the other polys are fun though

work was good today though i was late due to some reasons
the guest praise me and the two aunties for good service

anyway it has been a memorable 17th birthday for me

as for yiqun and jon who called me today, i would try my very best to go out and catch up with u guys one day!

i have been really busy with the thai trip and all, and it doesnt seem to be stopping
with poly forum and everything

the new classes are out

din get any of my classmates inside except gavin, who i hardly talk to
but taufiq is in my class which is great.. =))

okay gotta go sleep
long day tml...

8-4 at ngee ann poly for the opening ceremony of poly forum
den work at 5.30

night everyone!