Friday, December 31, 2004

last day of 2004
real busy day tml
finally things are looking up =)
drill work den movie tml
now everything just cramps together
this always happens
well no sch for me =))
my ass hurts
i gotta go to bed
bye all and happy new year!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

this has really been the boring-est period of my hols
well its all gonna change =)
the recuitment thingy is FINALLY going to start..
and i am going jon house tml to cherograph the creative drill moves
hope to do a really nice one =)
i got work on friday =)) FINALLY
gb is closed...
shue can go die...
new principal come in den brainwash go close CCA..
argh... my gunbound acc is offically poor
bought 300k of items for grace and robin
now i wan to get something but i am broke... @@@
nvm i will just earn it
i really need to plan next year...
it seems empty to me...
i am not going to complain abt boring again... sooooo

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Monday, December 27, 2004

1. What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before? loads of stuff... RIDE ON MOTORBIKE... hahaha
2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions,and will you make more for next year? resolutions are not meant to be kept =X
3. Did anyone close to you give birth? hmm... dun think so
4. Did anyone close to you die? quite close.. my officer =(
5. What countries did you visit? i was close to malaysia when i kayaking =)
6. What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004? 1 million dollars =)
7. What date from 2004 will remain clearly upon your memory, and why? 5 April, 5 August- my aq disappointment and my officer's passing, lessons to be learnt
8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? to actually study for something, something i haven done for the last 9 yrs, although not very gd at it =/
9. What was your biggest failure? not being able to finish my DNT project and needing so much help HAHA
10. Did you suffer illness or injury? adventure quest.. my fingers and toes turned numb, and i had cramp for the first time.. i think i hardly fell ill this year... 2 yrs no doc for me already =))
11. What was the best thing you bought? food everyday to fill my tummy
12. Whose behavior merited celebration? my Boys at Sharity Box.. they were very well-behaved and did things fast =))
13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? people have mood swings dun blame them =/
14. Where did most of your money go? christmas stuff =S
15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? i dunno... getting my staff sgt promotion? HAHA
16. What song will always remind you of 2004? tuo diao coz inside got sing 2004.. lol.. kidding
17. Compared to this time last year, are you:i. happier or sadder? =)
18. What do you wish you'd done more? no use wishing here, actions speak louder den words, but i do wish that i could have managed my time better
19. What do you wish you'd done less of? being late so much hahahaa
20. How will you be spending Christmas? well i caught a movie wif friends and den supper at prata house
21. Did you fall in love in 2004? yes, deeper.... wif my bed
22. How many one-night stands? everyday wif my bed
23. What was your favorite TV program? soccer matches =))
24. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? not really =/
25. What was the best book you read? dunno... read too many.. harry potter maybe
26. What was your greatest musical discovery? that so many old songs are so beauiful
27. What did you want and get? the group of us wanted staff sgt and got it hahahahaha
28. What was your favorite films of this year? i only remember recent ones, meet the fockers and kungfu hustle
29. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? sixteen, went for steamboat wif frens den played pool.. nth much... in the midst of prelims lol
30. What one thing would have made your year measurably more satisfying? school doesnt have to start at 7.30
31. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2004? anything can wear just wear =)
32. What kept you sane? my own mind
33. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? terence hahaha
34. What political issue stirred you the most? nth really much worth stirring about happened this year
35. Who did you miss? ppl i shoot in gunbound and cs hahahahaha
36. Who was the best new person you met? all new i dunno who is the best
37. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in2004: learn to live wif ppl
38. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year 2004: dunnooooooo

my sixteen year living,
i always wonder where will i be when double my age
my 2004 can be remembered for
10km runs every 3-4 days *aq training
the sweat and tears my team suffered in the race
the mugging for the Os
the joy at the end of it
and my eventful holidays =))

lessons have been learnt, friends made
so lets move on to the next year!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

uploaded pics
nth to do so did all this at chris house
take care bye!

sleepy... at chris's house now
i shall blog from ytd
went to my grandad house as usual for christmas celebration
this year however, is a little different
some relatives came over from indonesia too..
den alot of ppl
said grace b4 starting the christmas buffet
finally saw my cousins again..
haha... haven been seen them for months for the first time
all taller sia
played playstation 2 wif them den teased them
turned them upside down HAHA
of course gently la
they also wanted it
purposely provoke me
so pig haha
den got this boy
he is my uncle sia
but same age as me
i invited my "uncle" to play wif us..
haha... den all my relatives say i very nice... OF COURSE NICE
lol den we the kids (YES I AM STILL CONSIDERED A KID THERE) all wore santa hats
haha so cute wasted lar i left early or sure take pics wan
left early and had to say sorry to my grandad..
so embrassing to leave
i am sure i missed on alot of fun.. but nvm lar... always next year =)
my uncle *not the same age wan* sent me to the mrt station
my dear nu er joan told me the movie was at 11
so i rushed down lar
got mixed up between orchard emerald and orchard point
THE MOVIE WAS AT 11.45 -_-
so met grace joan wilmer alex wai kiat and chuimun
the show is perverted.. a lil
haha quite funny la
after tat we decided to go prata
me grace and wilmer waited for the 162M for like 40 mins lo
den bth we took a cab
12 bucks
den we eat and chatted
den wai kiat sent me home
first time =/
very fun
i wan try again
got the thrill feeling
but i also got the dangerous feeling
grace phone no batt... how to play gb
btw i went to sleep coz my internet cannot work also
she psk go drink coffee wif gas
anyway i pigged until evening =X
took a lift from dad to perry house
they were having a christmas bbq/bday party
so on and on
debated and went to orchard
i forgot to inform jian ming where we were going SORRY!
so left me chris robin jeff perry landy hui shan and yi ming
jonathan and yiqun left =/
we played 1 and a half hrs of cs lo
i feel bored playing it dunno y
den we watched kung fu hustle
very nice movie
very funny k
u all must really catch it
i dun mind watching it again
coz i missed out some parts sleeping =X
tired la.. i was shifting around in my seat more times den i was watching the fockers
dun believe ask chris and grace
but the movie rox... must watch k
we took cabs home and where i am
using the com wif 3 pigs behind me sleeping HAHAHA
perry snoring is irrtating
and it is so freaking cold in here
i think i will get the same spot again
at the end of their legs lar
gd thing is i get more space
bad thing is if their feet stink den i will stink later on
pros and cons =/
got a few presents this christmas
4 presents from relatives =)
all clothes
a candy cane and a card from grace
a smaller candy cane from joan
den in christmas exchange i got a nice piece of display thingy from chris
i gave a red nike cap tat went to perry hahaha
and i think i am going to get a boxer from karyu if her blog tells the truth omgosh
might have to go for dinner wif my tuition teacher tml =/
oh well
Happy Boxing Day! =))

Friday, December 24, 2004

restful day today =)
anyway christmas season is here
christmas carols ring though shopping malls
and orchard road is filled wif santas, reindeers and lil elfs
sigh... the warm feeling of christmas
going down to my grandad house later
for christmas of course
as usual for the past 16 yrs
haven been there for quite awhile
*since the Os i think
oh well... i wun be back so early today or tommorrow =/
feel so glad now i got nth on my mind now
no sch =D
new year is coming soon
everybody would say 2004 has been great/full of ups and downs year,
but i would just say every year is the same
when u mature and learn new things
but i wonder in 16 yrs time,
where will i be
wad will i be
will i be alive?
CHOY lol i wan live long long wan kks
i can't bear to leave this world..... ha
anyway merry christmas to all!!! =]

Sugar Rush
By: A*Teens

Get high whenever your(you're) around
Sweepin from my head to my toes
Gotta get my feet back on the ground
Cause you make me go out of my way
Crossing the line
Making me say what i have in mind.
You make me so excited
And i don't wanna fight it
I start to blush
You are my sugar rush
Ain't nothin better baby
Is it for real or maybe?
I start to blush
You are my sugar rush
Got a sweet tooth and a taste for you
And it might be too obvious but
Can't help myself from what i do
Cause you make me go out of my way
Crossing the line
Making me say what i have in mind.
You make me so excited
And i don't wanna fight it
I start to blush
You are my sugar rush
Ain't nothin better baby
Is it for real or maybe?
I start to blush
You are my sugar rush
Baby you're my sugar rush
I get weak and talk too much
You're the sweetest thing i(i've) ever tasted
Baby you're my sugar rush
I get weak and talk too much
Cause you make me go out of my way
Crossing the line
Making me say what i have in mind.
You make me so excited
And i don't wanna fight it
I start to blush
You are my sugar rush
Ain't nothin better baby
Is it for real or maybe?
I start to blush
You are my sugar rush
Baby you're my sugar rush
I get weak and talk too much
You're the sweetest thing i ever tasted
Baby you're my sugar rush
I get weak and talk too much
You are my sugar rush

too many tags i should reply them here

to kars - NOT A DRAG QUEEN
to chris - hehe i am AFM NOW--- ALREADY FOUNDER'S MAN! lol kidding
to grace - The Gs rox but i rox more =)) AND NOT A SISSY u piggy
to joan - wad mdm toh... call me mdm toh den u dun rox already
to si ling - i WAS TIRED hehe i noe ur secret too lol
to alene - merry christmas and happy birthday! =)

was so bushed, exhausted, tired and all words that can describe the feeling of deprived energy..
2nd day of my Founder's Challenge was pretty much another learning exprience
this time, of course is the warehouse at the BB Hq
i kinda screwed up on the opening prayer and my next slide was horrible
so i was in charge of group two
it was as big as a company
i dare say i did pretty well =X
managed to instruct the Boys properly to get the items i needed
my gp and i finished quickly
i was pleased and so were they
haha.. after doing some work
i played soccer wif them...
so long... 20 mins plus
den i scored the winning goal
they were all like " PFM swee la!"
coz they all wanted the match to end lol
so i quickly slipped away and hurried to my duties again.. lol
den the media said they coming
i gathered my boys and we started clearing the warehouse
i love working wif them
they are so cooperative
instructed them on the packing of taxis too
loads of work but i kinda enjoyed it
doing my community bit for this year =)
i did the closing prayer and this time it went well =))
started the vesper and DISMISSED!
dragged my body to 4e3's chalet
PIGGED on the spot
din eat sure slept
great, now everybody noes my sleeping habits
i make this sucking noise when i sleep
my theory is tat i miss my days as a baby sucking milk to sleep
i suck when i sleeping but i rox when i awake hahahahaha
loads of stuff happened when i was asleep
i missed everything out zZz
hahahaha =X
anyway had mac for breakfast den did the east to west journey
from pasir ris to jurong
can die lo
very tiring traveling
a mini JETLAG
reached jurong point
it was the BB SGB closing ceremony
i was picked for the line of honour to welcome the VIP and was in charge of one line of 15 ppl..
the VIP was so nice
she was late for 35 mins
and we stood there like kukus waiting
and the whole shode of shoppers wondering whether we were trying emulate raffles
the ceremony went well
i SO LOVED the creative drill
so cool
Boys wearing sunglasses and gloves and their actions really very well cherographed *spelling
during the whole thing we STILL HAD TO STAND THERE
we had to wait for the VIP to leave first
so asssssss lo
i purposely go fall out and pretend to inspect boys
in face all the other staffs followed and did the same
so funny
i had a 5 cent coin and purposely dropped it
and bent down to pick it up
a chance to rest my legs.. lol
of course i can't leave the other boys out
i dropped the coin for them and it was passed around
it is like the REST TOKEN
anyway den it was over and we had a nice buffet
tat kept refilling =))
den we were dismissed
and the whole thing was over
well these three days have been tiring but fruitful i guess
my toes hurt like anything though
i need to change my boots =/
went home den to the chalet
tired as usual den ate
nobody wanted to let me sleep =/
coz they said i so pig ytd i am not supposed to sleep so early...
purposely lost in twister so i could slip off and sleep lol
slept in a sleeping bag
woke up and kicked choo ass
den spanked it
not horny but first person to do tat wins lol
took pics den off to home
piged at home the whole afternoon
now all i want is u all to ask yourselves this

is the world a better place wif or without you?

think abt it..... for me the answer is WIF =P
okie bye!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

can't sleep
forgot to remind my mum to wake me up
great... 3 hrs of sleep for a 13 hrs day -_-
oh well wish me luck... god give me strength

i noe this is getting pretty common, but i really do declare i am pretty exhausted after so many activties
went to BB hq in my dad's car today
it is the first day of testing/training for me and a few, known as PFMs or Potential Founder's Men
cool name huh.. lol
the other PFMs were from Angilcan High and others... their presentation skills are great... my turn tml =)
got posted to paya labar air base and we had a nice time wasting the friendly driver's gas making circles around the ulu pandan place
CAMARA phones not allowed in the place at all..
lol.. jonathan was whining abt it as he couldn't sms when he is bored
and yes, boredom was rich today
after clearing the intial goods for 2 hours plus
we were done and tot more lorries wif goods would come...
we, the PFMs gave the Boys a rest.....
lol no officers around so we are the biggest =))
the other PFM wif us was called Eric
very friendly guy and he is dead good-looking
no wonder he was picked to recieve the youth award on the behalf of the BB Boys
anyway so the three of us chatted.. plus one more primer called Keith
interacted wif the boys.....
drank salt water
ice down the PANTS
gosh..... lol
the stuff boys would do when u get to slack for like 4 hours
and then the whole stupid thing happened
our food came
first lorry came in
after we finished our food
3 more had lumbered in
so assssssss
and yes, i believe about 8 lorries came within the half-hour
we got the whole 4 hours to pack and sort
and they had to send the goods in the last hour
so we worked and OVERWORKED
but nvm... we knew we had slacked enuff
honestly being in charge there was nth much
i still helped as much and instructed a lil
i had slept the wrong way and struggled wif a strained back
so stupid
done and dusted, all 25 of us squeezed into a lorry
hahahaha...... den the racist jokes started
LIKE " u see tat indian on the bike? --- huh got meh? wait for him to smile CAN SEE ALREADY!"
OR " boy sees indian-- says ENEMY ENEMY! THERE THERE!"
best was Eric's line--- BASKET! you all dun have respect for our persident man! *yes i noe my spelling sucks
the hearty laughter in the enclosed lorry was very heart-warming
smiling, tired boys was wad i saw when i turned back..
i would probably be at HQ today...
hope now too much work today =X

now the BB entry is over....
blog abt sunday
got my hair cut
it is horribleterribleohmygosh
at least now people wun think i MIGHT be a girl
met grace and gdine at 4.15
YES I WAS LATE but u two have been late too the last few days
anyway... uh huh i wore gdine's kik-kok shoes
coz she wanted to TRY mine
yes tat TRY lasted all the way to plaza
i was complaining tat i was getting stares by ppl
grace and gdine said i was being self-contious *spelling
yeah... so we laughed/grimaced at my situation
while gdine ENJOYS wearing flat shoes
for those who wan to noe how it is like to wear heels
it is kinda troublesome
-easy to fall on stairs
-u have to lift ur feet or ur footsteps are soo noisy
and u have to endure ur feet being arched at 45 degrees i think
hmms girls walk on tip-toe?
got a reserved table today so i only had 1 table to tend to
and so friendly all of them
putting their bowls in the big bowl for me
and saying thank you every single time i top up their drink
IF IF only every table i got is like tat
working would a such a breeze
grace was posted beside me so i helped her
and learnt a few things from the pro
but i dare say i am too lazy to arrange the plates and all at the sub station
anyway it went well =)
oh ya boon kiat drank like 8 glasses of beer
and face was RED
lol..... he claims the customer asked him to drink wif him

tuesday and wednesday left
and i have telemarketing on thursday
i am going have a break after christmas man
my hols have been packed wif activties
started working on the same week my papers ended
-thon nights
-overnight cycling
-rare late nights when i online thoughout

wad a hoilday
and it is only the first month
well at least nobody from my gp going for 3 months JC
so i still have their company =)
honestly, my body feels burnt out
nvm... everyday is a challenge for me to face and overcome

Sunday, December 19, 2004

dun the people at HQ need to go chruch???
so early.....
and i hate wearing this tight boots of mine
this pair is probably the reason i am only a size 7
my ass probably has shrinked or sth
no tight pants??? hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa
argh time to go
wish me luck =)

been working at plaza for the last 2 days.....
been to sch to prepare for orientation
got work tml......
i got a stupid early briefing tml at 8.15
it is for founder's men
sweattttttttt lo
so dun feel like going.....
my monday tuesday and wednesday has been COVERED cause of this!
WHICH MEANS my christmas presents shopping can be joined by fellow last min shoppers
this whole holidays have been fully packed for me......
i hardly had a breather...
event after event......

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

been listening to christian songs for the past hours..
i think i am the only late bird tat stays from 1am - 7am everytime..
nobody to chat wif =(
sometimes =/
i think i am getting tired of gunbound.. *finally
but there is this christmas event going on so i might just continue wif it..
i can pretty much say i have made full use of my hols....
i have hardly rested!
the thought tat i have months ahead seems to delight me *??
haha i am relishing this freedom i guess
dad is unhappy wif me staying up so late every night though...
he says my pimples are getting worse
i think not
it is the same... haha
everytime i sleep
it improves
as i stay up in the nite
it goes back again..
sooooo it is the same!
anyway i am wearing this black singlet now..
it is a bb one
it is the jersey for the adventure quest in 2002
it has a huge bb logo in front
den at the back depicts a big 8
wif the caption

The Boy' Brigade
8th Singapore Company Team
Adventure Quest 2002
Coy Team

just like tat
reminds me of the days when i was the slowest in training =/
i was the youngest of course
a 13 yr old cycling in the night..
and it is training... not any kind of chalet at pasir ris park leisure cycling
learnt loads
hiking, cycling , kayaking all thrown into one
and some rock-climbing and rappelling too =)
it was tough intially at first..
considering my body was as well developed as my seniors...
haha in the end i pulled though and acomplished things
i will never ever forget how elated i was when i crossed the finish line in 2003
i had a mysterious burst of energy and sped to the line..
i remembered stopping and realising this was a team race
i heard the commentor commenting tat i was waiting for my teammates
den we crossed the line together
fantastic feeling
we got 2nd
although i was kinda worried coz my lower bike recieved a blow from a flying bike in the air
it hurt like hell
i was stuck there for a moment but i decided to push on coz the finish line was like 500m away
give up at this stage? no way man
haha tat team whom the bike belonged got D/Q lol
however one thing i am still pissed is tat NO CCA points was given for this AT ALL
i go for a month of physical training and competition and i get 0 points?
right... den ppl go for some campcraft competition and get some position and recieve points for involvement?
bps nv liked BB anyway..
ok i am not going to compare CCAs now..
going nite cycling later at nite
memories coming back =))
bye all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

haha.. fully recouped my sleeping time by blasting to dreamland at 1.....
woke up at 3... pm =))
14 hrs wad a deep and sweet sleep..... but i dun dream =/
sunday was busy
slept at 2 woke at 4
played football manager b4 going off to meet joy for chruch
had prata while waiting lol
maybe my late habit is gone? i hope =))
met up wif grace at chruch...
we slipped away from the sermon* the memories of sec 2 and 3 come back
we feel so guilty lol
went and played pool...
teaching the two of them how to play.. den went to play cs...
oh well... alright i guess i am still good =)) hahahhaa
den went home... din dare to sleep so went straight out after i changed
played a round of pool wif yiqun
and lost due to a beauiful shot =))
i dun mind losing if i lose like tat hahha
reached bishan mrt very early *again lol*
waited for grace..
she was sleeping -.-
den she rushed down
and we went to work...
grace cut queue and got the waitress job -.-
den i had to serve drinks again..
was alright actually this time
i reckon i am getting used to holding a heavy tray on one hand for 1 and 1/2 hours
den was assigned to help the ballroom
i was planning to stick around grace rina and lis
buttttttt the manager decided i should do runner again.....
fine wif me anyway
runner is better den constantly waiting on guests =))
decided not to go for supper this time and went home
den POM and 1am-3pm pig's world

today or yesterday monday,
went to play pool wif karyu and robin...
bought my dinner and ate
den had to rush off to joan house
swam wif joan grace and joy.....
was asked out of the pool as i din have thunks -.-
joan wanted me back in..... and the three had a pretty nice time
spitting water
pulling my towel, the only thing keeping me warm
and trying to get me back into the pool
but i am too strong hahahha....
i was a few steps from the pool though
but i lost my towel into the pool
was distracted by joan and grace' s diversions
den they wanted me sneak into the women's sauna..
no thanks.. i am not going to risk a police report
their sauna temp was 40 plus
mine was 60 =/
went to prime to have supper wif grace and joy
loads of laughter over food
so here i am now
sooooooo pissed*ok not tat fulham scored a late goal and man u draws
been talking to grace since 1.30 and now she doing up my blog for me haha
just nice it is 6 now i end here byeee
*gosh did i take 50 mins to blog this? lol probably the alt-tabbing

Saturday, December 11, 2004

wad a day yesterday =/
slept like 3 hours before i recieved the CALL
slot for me to work!
=)) was dragging myself around the house
to give an example, supposed to meet grace and joan at 3 at somerset..
hehe at 3 i was still stuck in the bathroom trying to keep my eyes open =/
went alone to plaza parkroyal hotel
food was crappy as usual =X
i meant the staff canteen's food
karyu and joan were working together so they came over when they were done to have supper...
and mistook someone as me wif embrassing actions like shouting TERENCE or waving fantrically
so me grace joan karyu lijun and boon kiat and a couple more went to prata house...
chatted and walked home wif karyu and joan..
now is the zzz part lol
joan wanted revenge cause i injured her hip the day before..
she wanted me to go into the water =/
den splash i am in..
i din mind... BUT
my handphone was spoilt lol
i have dried it and my dollar notes..
the battery is wif karyu though
need to get it later from her..
tat girl is soooo scared of walking alone in the dark lol.....
alright i need to get going now..

Friday, December 10, 2004

haven been blogging due to issues.
1. My new skin doesn't work out *the entries appear on the wrong side =/
2.too busy* elaborate later
3.addicted to Football Manager

and i dunno now whether i get work tml...
so maddening..
the manager called me... but i was sleeping!! @@
shucks.. hope tml i call can make it... *pray
on tuesday nite met up wif wilmer, cheryl and her friend..
eat at prata house..
missed the place so much
reminds me of the days when me chris and our classmates would visit after sch, before going to sch for dnt..
den i went to play pool wif wilmer..
since there were no buses left, decided to thon wif him...
chatted very well.. =))
den we slotted 20 cents into machines tat prolly woke the neighbourhood...
LOL.. ya den had early breakfast...
the fried rice was very nice =))
den went for plaza training or banquet training..
learnt and RElearnt stuffs..
manager tested us at the end..
went alright for me i guess..
den me grace and wilmer went to eat
den pool den LAN..
hahaha for awhile to pass time..
b4 meeting joy and the others to celebrate her birthday
watch christmas wif the kranks..
was not keen to watch it, but just watched since it was joy bday..
just a heart-warming story..
the usual stuff hollywood makes when christmas draws around the corner..
i want to watch blade though =/
uh huh.. den me chris wilmer caleb joan joy and grace went for supper..
hanged out at the playground outside grace house...
i injured poor joan on the swing.. lol
not my fault! the swing was unbalanced lol
anyway.. we walked chris home as he needed to be back =/
den we played the machines me and wilmer played wif ytd..
chris helped by dropping coins from above.. LoL
den we slacked at a void deck, den joy needed to go home..
so they took a cab and i went home..
den this person i noe from gunbound called me =/
name also called grace lol
talk until i bored i put down and concentrate on my football team.. lol
anyway.. i fell asleep.. den the manager called..
and i was in my pig state and din wake up..
now i dunno whether i got work tml -__-
zzzzzzzz i wan to workkkkkkkkkkkkk
sigh so sad byebye

Sunday, December 05, 2004


alright i have to wish people now

Siling and Bernard - 1 Dec
Wilmer - 3 Dec
Joan - 4 Dec

ok tat is done... work has been kinda great..
made friends and learning everyday..
but i am feeling so stupid
when the manager asked me wad dish...
i said duck, it was chicken...
he scold me " DUCK UR HEAD!"
-.-"" nvm lar later he say next time more alert..
lol... the ppl there are nice...
think i might work there for quite awhile...
i wan buy people christmas presents!
but birthdays are deterring me.. lol
try my best den..
my com was stupid and i couldn't go online or surf the net ytd..
so.. played Championship Manager though the night...
uh huh let's go gunbounding now!

Friday, December 03, 2004

chalet was kinda so-so i guess..
the x box was the main entertainment i guess
games, dvds all fully "used" by us..
of course brawls are always part of our "culture".
i as usual took on the whole group.
=/ it always happens..
i just love provoking ppl...
watched this on X box
1.White Chicks *slept
2.The Incredibles *slept
3.School Of Rock *rocked
4.Troy *epic

hanged out wif the e1s and 2s on the last night and played the playground
and cards
chris and the rest were sleeping anyway after watching the guru. lol
oh well had a great round of pool after the chalet wif chris. robin and yiqun
haha.. but i dun have much of a standard yet though...
den i got banquetting in the evening..
overslept.. great..

Cab Fee $8.50
Gdine present paid to Grace $5
Amount i had earn for the day $27.50 *coz i was late -.-
AMOUNT actually earned for 6 hours of work--------- 14 bucks -.-
shucks man...
so tiredddddddd
banquet tml though... end here den.. bye!