Monday, February 28, 2005

2 more hrs....
meeting my group at kfc for lunch b4 going to school

i expect this result-collecting thingy to be more nerve-wrecking den any other thing i have been though
going for competitions doesn't compare to this

i expect tears from ppl
though i wun cry
i hope i wun have the same dagger in my heart as them

intially i wanted to follow joy suggestion
take my result to upper peirce and opening it there
dun think it is possible
going to bathe now and wear my school uniform

hopefully, for the last time ........

everything we have worked for in the last 4 years will reap

blog abt that later
shall blog abt today first

went to chruch in the morning wif grace gdine and joy
yes i was late but i was really really tired
we had prata for breakfast
as usual me vs the three girls

very guai today
straight home after chruch
slept a little b4 meeting grace for work
she was especially PESTY today
in chruch ask me sing the girl part
den keep being pestyyyyy

plaza work today was very good
i so fast today wahahahha
went home wif grace den reached home
watch chelsea vs liverpool
chelsea won, 3-2 in extra time

okay i am done for the day

anyway everybody is worrying abt the results
i will try do an analysis of my own results
so i might be able to sleep peacefully?
here goes

Best Possible Result - A1
Wad I Think I Will Get - B3?
Worst Thing Tat Can Happen - a C

BPR - A2

BPR - B3

BPR - A1

BPR - a B

BPR - B3

BPR - C5
WTTCH - C6 *May Result

BPR L1R4 - 10 L1R5 - 13

WITTIWG L1R4 - 19 L1R5 - 25

WTTCH - go die alrdy

sigh looks bleak man
i really need my A1s for english and humanities
the thing is tat i cant predict my results for this 2 subjects
at least for maths i am fairly sure
i am hoping for DnT or PoA to spring a surprise for me
but i shouldn't do that
only thing i am worried about is tat the standard from the dragon babies are so high
i am afraid my marks will be moderated very badly

now i am listening to the song "This Is The Day"
hopefully the day today made by the Lord will be a good one for me
everybody wish me a whole load of luck...
good luck to my friends and everybody taking results tml
okay bye and nite!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

okay haven been blogging for a while
friday was another day out wif the robinsons ppl
went to look for vacancies at metro
there were none
so it was food, movie, food and neoprints -.-""

watched white noise
dunno abt it, but i think hide and seek is better
prolly coz i was transfixed by Dakota Fanning's eyes?
haha anyway i was listening to eugene's ipod though the movie
can say waste money but i dun understand the show

oh well had teppanyaki for dinner
den neoprints at J8
took 4?
gosh so gay

went home and polished my uniform and conferenced
woke up at 8 today
quickly changed and went for BB parade
yes! more den 10 ppl are going for aq training
yay no more lonely runs
looks like i am the only one from my batch going for it? =S

i gave commands during drill today
the sizing commands
not very good i think =/

went to BK for lunch wif my seniors/ juniors and regina and alene
tried to play pool at toa poyoh
but regina and alene were not allowed in
so cody house
slacked there while the rest played mahjong
very tired
went home and dozed immediately

overslept and was rushing down to meet joy
was shocked when she was sitting at the steps outside my house
so went for pool
perry and chris really improved alot sia
esp perry

now always i am chasing the game when playing against him
drew wif him again today
yay man u beat pompey 2-1
thanks to mr wayne roooooney

6 point within chelsea and edge 4 points ahead of arsenal
okay i am out byee

Thursday, February 24, 2005

cant stand the people in IRC
1 minute they are praising this player
next they are slamming him
"rooney should not play, ronaldo should not have been subbed off...."
complain abt everything
lose den lose larrrr
there is always the 2nd leg wad

man u lost 0-1
stupidddddd carroll
fumble again
okay i am tired bye!

okay i am back
haven blogged for 2 days

i got my singpass alrdy
i got a very LAME password
robin also the same lame one
dots lo
i couldn't think of one
den i typed this lame one
in my mind i was wondering whether the woman could see my password typed in
guess not

went wif the robinsons ppl for lunch
den went to cine and watch a moment to remember
the show touched kars so much den she cried on her mascara
walked around orchard for awhile b4 going home
slept in the bus

met perry and we played pool
had to send kars home coz she had a very BAD stomachache
so yea i came after that
phew i didn't lose to robin
drew zZzZ
went home and tried to watch the real madrid match but was too tired after the conferences and everything

woke up at 8.45 by wai keat call
i can scarcely remember wad he asked me
i only remembered cursing in my heart why did he call so early
told him wadever he asked and slept again
kars called at 9
woke up
back to sleep
up again at 9.45
around 10 missed calls

so met kars and gen to go to gen's club
supposed to swim but the pool was closed for maintance
so sun-tanned?
i was so really trying to sleep in the sun
robin came and chaos again lo
clumsy loh

went to darren hse after tat
guys will so envy his room
read this
1. queen-sized bed
2. air-con
3.a com wif broadband
4. TV wif cable
5. Playstation 2
6. Sofa

all in all a very cosy room
chris agreed wif me
dunno how many ppl sleep on ur bed alrdy darren

slacked there at his house
won my nu er joan in chinese chess
mama wiser rite
den win eugene also wahahahha
no scared alrdy bernard come i take u on too!
okay i was kidding

ate at chomp chomp
best bargain had to be the watermelon juice
it is like a double helping and it costs just $1.50
so unlike the kiam siap $2 bucks ICE-FILLED watermelon juice u get at food courts
reached home and napped

my bro is at camp
i packed his bag for him
wad a nice brother i am
i squeeezed everything in a haversack for him
dun wan him to be one of the nerds who are gonna bring traveling bags as CAMPING bags

oh well i dun need to fight for the com for 3 days
okay i am gonna catch the man u match later

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

feeling indifferent
thoughts gushing though my head
swimming and floating
please smack me back to reality

i need it.

my com is back to normal
haven been updating
nth much actually

went to chruch wif grace and gdine as usual on sunday
sat on the fourth floor as there was a huge turnout today
Mr Seet says he haven recieved the founders results yet
jon had a call from HQ during the chalet tat his file was incomplete
i wonder about mine?

had porridge for lunch
i ate slowest
dunno y
prolly coz of my uluers i guess
joan hopes the 3 of them will merge as one -.-
met kok meng and perry

ate and played pool
met joan and the rest
later grace, wai keat and gdine came
i ate dinner wif them
ban mian yum

chatted for awhile b4 i left for chris house
slept there as usual
decided to go home since chris was on the phone
and i wanted to catch newcastle vs chelsea
newcastle won 1-0
pleasant surprise although i kinda expected it

for the day of monday
i pigged for 15 hrs
been talking on the phone
and everything

going out tml
to get this singpass u need for JAE
den movie
big gp as usual
results are out on friday

i am like 50-50 over the results
worried yet expectant
everything really rests on how well i do for english maths and humanities
the other grades are more or less predictable

gotta wake up kinda early tml *11am

Saturday, February 19, 2005

1108 adwares found
anybody noe how to get rid of them?

last entry was not me btw

and yes, i am back from the chalet
plenty to say

cabbed down to downtown east
bathed the first thing i reached there
coz i rushed out of my house
i woke at 1pm u see >.<

mostly played cards and the xbox on the first day
only guys stayed in the chalet
around 8 of us

i went home wif saifud early morning
both of us were so tired
slept in the bus
i went home to take more money and clothes
fell asleep at home hahaha
met joan and the rest and went to yishun to watch a movie

watched hide and seek
its alright
although i dun understand the twist at the end
i am trying to find it out online
kinda unsuccessful though =/

the trip to uncle ringo was cancelled
so the whole load of us 11 ppl went down to the chalet
so yea stay-ers doubled to 16 ppl
chatter aplenty

the idiom "dun judge a book by its cover" proved its creditbilty to me again
people can be so funny
so different
so unique

breakfast at food court
all of us dozed as qizhu slowly ate her mac breakfast
and yes, the chalet was packed again
16 ppl
hardly any room to BREATHE

the robinsons ppl went to wild wild wet
i slacked at the chalet wif the guys
played winning eleven
and crapped guy's talk
just good old slacking =)

den it was bbq time
friends came over
the bbq was not really successful
but it definately was in the night
me saifud ramdan and rysul cooked and ate
chatting, playing cards
rysul said this is wad malays love to do
just eating and talking
i do say i enjoy it very much too =)

played cards b4 sleeping
all in all i can say it has been a pretty much a successful chalet
i initally feared the chalet might be boring and thank goodness it has turned out well
although there was hardly any space for sleeping lol

best week of fun i have had
played badminton after the chalet
i din lose lallala
but i was so tired
went to chris house to check my email coz my own com cant zz
yiqun came too, for the same purpose
nice to see him again =)

slept at chris house and woke up at 11 to realise he was sleeping too
used the com awhile more b4 leaving for home
pigged right after i reached home

my uncle wants me to work for me now
kinda like a office boy?
hmmm maybe i might

but results are coming out
so fast
everyday i wonder wad my path would be

last entry was by kars i think
anyway me and chris wan to thank u for the boxers
okay i am out.. bye!

Friday, February 18, 2005

im a PIG !!

peace. KO.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


well, for some funny reason i am able to access only my own tagboard
oh well, better den nothing

vday was spent today wif the robinsons ppl

shall blog from saturday

went to joan house early in the morning
met up wif grace and kars
so gambled and played the ps2 there
managed to win some money =)
the robinsons ppl are staying at joan hse

so yea i stayed too
slept early and woke up at ard 10
left joan hse at 12
had dinner wif kars, qizhu and xiaoying

had a chat wif kars
and decided to replenish joan's fringe *i am a horrible speller i noe
bought loads of maggi mee, cans and packet drinks
went to her house
had dinner together
maggi mee dinner hahhaha
very nice =)
slacked ard b4 going home..

today woke up at 8.30
went to john little for a interview
me, kok meng , chris and robin had to wait for dropouts
and there were
we were so happy at first, thinking we could get the job...
but they decided not to hire us coz the robinsons group were listed for bad performance during the sales at expo
den they say wad they din have trust in us

sweat lo i nv work b4 how u noe i will not perform
i put the question to the manager and all she could say was a sorry
in my head was this question
"why should an association wif some ppl affect my employment chances?"
so i din really care since i had the four seasons job anyway

whole gp went to raffles city
shopped around and chatted
b4 leaving for changi airport
had swensens
long queue man

kok meng was in his element
so many jokes and we were laughing like anything
we ordered a cake for sharon who was leaving for aust tml
tears were shed
left at ard ten
kars passed gen a gift
and she is just so happy she has seen her -.-""
den home!

might not blog for a few days
coz i am off for my chalet tml!
back on friday
byee guys! anything just msg me
take care...

Monday, February 14, 2005

pissed again
was typing abt 6 paragraphs alrdy when the com hanged

my explorer is so screwed up

1. i cant access my e-mails
2. i cant add frens on friendster
3. i get error pages for no reason at all
4. some of my blogger functions cant work
5. i cant access my own tag/links/profile

tried everything and it still disobeys

*if anybody can help pls do =/

i feel so lazy to blog
another day den
i gotta wake at 8 tml
happy v day everybody =) byee

Saturday, February 12, 2005

i have to get this off
so angryyyyyy and pissed
let me blog from the start first

din really have supper at prata house
instead take away and off to joan's house
played winning eleven wif robin
lost so many times
won once only sweat
wads wrong wif me

now is the maddening thing
we played blackjack
gamble lar
den the guard come up 2 times
say we noisy
the 3rd time
the father and the ASSHOLE son come up wif him
so they talked to joan
den i was looking at the father as he complained abt the noise
tat ******** son say i diao him
lame lo
den started all the hokkien vulgarities

actually i dun understand hokkien
I SUPPOSED THOSE WERE VULGARITIES coz he had tat asshole-ic face when he was shouting?
tml saturday no need work wad
aiya dun care him
i need to curse him to appease myself
let him borrow some cursing "phrase" from hui shan blog

1. mother quite innocent..poor life and lousy life to hab such a son...the mouth sure stink up the whole house.
2. cross the road kenna knock down by car..nono...big big truck better!
3. make sure michael jackson more handsome than you!

okay i am quite appreased now
going to joan house tml again.. bye!

Friday, February 11, 2005

gosh.. friendster changed its theme to pink
prolly for vday i guess
i hope though coz too much pink is not pretty

been listening to blink 182's first date for hours lol
woke at 4pm again
met to j8 and met up wif yiqun, jon and robin
passed jon the chalet money
28 bucks
robin bought an ipod

we cabbed down to amk
played pool
two guys keep wanting to play wif us
cant they book a table and play themselves?
just wan to play free games only

my tuition teacher is so lame......
she msg me tat results will be out on 28 feb..
den i replied
she reply back
"last nite my student taught me how to play poker
i won $20"
i was like ? din reply hahaha
wad can i say?
tat i managed to break even last night on my blackjack game?

jon and me talked abt our sec 1/2 days today
how our group had the "power" in the class
when on fridays we would do our class "duty"
instead, doing drill
hahaha.. miss those days
carefree and really, not a worry in the world
too bad, life has to go on

oh well, supper later at prata house
tats something to look forward to =)

an even more relaxed day today
woke up at 4.....PM
mum said no visiting today
so i was like "okay.."

so decided to visit yiqun house today
so it was 6
me, chris, jon. robin, jian ming and yiqun
landy couldn't make it and perry is in thailand
jeff and bernard i dunno
had dinner and a good chat over there
feels nice to be all together again..
i am so tyco lo..
on the last game
i won back everything i lost
no gain no loss
same as yiqun and jon
robin lost the most i think
chris won the most >.<
had fun taking pics hahaha
robin is dam pervert can

discussed abt the chalet on the way home
i was hoping tat the chalet wasnt going to be like the last one in december
when for 70% of the time we were there watching VCDs
although it was still entertaining
THAT is NOT wad u should do at a chalet
anyway i was sick during the last one
so i didn't have much fun
so yea hopefully it will be more fun this time around

we even had a 1 hour conference just now discussing
although half of the time was spent was trash-talking as usual
who cares its fun

edited the friendster acc chris created for us
we need a new pic man...
oh well thats all for today!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

relaxed new year today
woke up at 12 plus
and went to grandpa's house
so many ppl there
played ps 2 wif my bro b4 leaving for my father's side ppl

2 houses = 9 packets
so lucky
had dinner wif joan
den met up wif chris and robin
we watched seoul raiders
very funny and nice show
u all should catch it
played pool after that

i so suay today la
now i am watching the england match
its 0-0
okay end here bye!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

dun feel like blogging
happy cny guys!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

uploading my bday pics now
haha yes it was on 29 sep now
now it is like 8 of feb?
nth to do la
1 hr for it to be done
so i am gonna sleep first
post it up later bye!

*pictures are under LINKS

now i am at chris house
if i wanna sleep i have to kick him over for some space
he is like all over the bed?
asssssss nvm i going to enjoy kicking him wahhahaha

slacky day today
met up wif chris robin regina alene jian ming and yong beng, a pri fren of jian ming
on the bus so funny lo
they asking yong beng to sit in the middle,
so he wouldn't tilt the bus in anyway
robin and jian ming had great fun poking fun at him

so yea went to orchard
had long john silver for dinner
yongbeng was telling us abt a time when he and his frens squeezed a packet of chilli
and it flew to a woman's back?
den they ran away and wadever
got a belt for bernard
regina got a wallet for his brother
walked ard orchard for awhile
before deciding to go amk for pool

okay so we played
lost twice only wahhahah
loh dun jealous k?
won chris hehe
so yea stopped by 7-11 for some snacks for me to bring to chris's house
den had a chat on the phone wif my LONG-LOST mummy pei ting
decided not to go sch tml for cny

tml, or rather today
is chinese new year eve alrdy
so fast
seems so recent the times of christmas and the new year
i still prefer christmas btw
coz it has the cosy feeling
cny is too noisy for my liking
but nvm larhs
ang baos who dun wan?
chinese new year is one event when the young ones gain and the old ones lose out
lol.. stupid theory of mine
going to grandpa's house tonight for reunion dinner
not really reunion actually
we meet up practically every week?

yupp.. i am so going to touch the Playstation 2 tml man
no more letting way to my cousins wahhahhaha
haven touched it for so long
okay i am getting so naggyyyyyy
time to kick chris!
oh he has GUAI GUAI moved back to his rightful spot
good.. no kicks for him
alright bye all! and happy collecting! ;)

Monday, February 07, 2005

okay i noe i have been MIA for a long awhile *yes 3 days is alot
i reformated my com
but the internet wouldn't work for me
just managed to got this to work tonight
wahahhah i rock

comments i have recieved for my skin

the star should not be mine *lol

pretty much mixed comments
dun care i going to stick to this for awhile

okay back to blogging
i honestly cannot remember wad i did on friday
i have been cracking my brain for the past hour but cant remember stillll
wahahahha i just remembered! okay its true.. it just struck my mind
i piggy-backed kars to the chinese physician
wahahhah terence is strong rite?
yea quite serious la her ankle
had lunch wif her

den home! pigged as usual
worked on my com again
still couldnt work
so i watched mask of zorro lol
finished at 4.30am

zz so tired lo when i wokse at 6.45am
supposed to meet jian ming at 7
i was so lazyyyy
i didn't wan to bring a bag
i wore a boxer, shorts, and jeans
all at once
a t-shirt and a polo tee

attendence at BB was good
devotion music was played by the piano
paul was not good at it
but clap clap for his efforts
and i think it is a very fresh idea to use the piano for devotion

led games
i practically took a bath
i faintly felt of lemon after the game
the Boys enjoyed the game
wahahha so happy
planned last min at nite b4 only

maybe it is good tat BB is held on saturdays
we have the sch to ourselves
and we do wadever we wan wahahhaha
play soccer topless and everything

i had a hard time cleaning up myself after the game
very hard time
soap all over my body
i played too hardcore alrdy lol

got the new LTC polo-shirt
got the words on the back

8th COY

damn nice can
in red

went to KFC wif robin jian ming regina and alene
so full
den we went to SP
met pei ying brenda pei xuan jia li
so walked ard SP
took shuttle bus around the place
nth much actually
only thing i think SP is the nicest-looking poly around

went to bugis after tat
played wif our hands after tat
supposely ur life-line (how long u live) is on ur hand
robin's one was so short tat he decided to cut his hand to extend his line and his life
and yes he kept going on abt his 1.82 height
punching the ceiling of the train
han narrrr tall la
tall but useless lalalala

walked bugis for hours
the girls were shopping
robin was complaining abt boredom
jian ming was grumbling abt his stomach grumbling too

went home at ard 7
everybody was tired in the train
esp jian ming

i wanted to watch superman on ch 5
but was really too tired
if only there was no advertisements
so went and slept
woke just in time to watch the man u match
wahahha soccer matches still rock the most =)
won 2-0 =))

sunday. chruch
gdine - 6 missed calls
grace - 4 missed calls
robin - 1 missed call
11 today
not so bad la
last week was 73 and i din even wake up
right xiaoying? wahahhaha
managed to wake up today
robin overslept lol
so it was me grace and gdine
met joan at chruch
holy communion today

had lunch at maxwell centre
waikeat sweat so much when he eat his porriage
but i think its very nice la
he eat like a pig lo
spent a nice 30 mins waiting for joan and grace to decide where to go
so followed grace to people's park and got this cute plant tat grows grass/hair on its hair
very innovative
grace bought 3

amk next
joan wanted to arcade
me and grace was having fun using joan's earphone to brush on her lips and nose
coz she was sitting between us
played in the bus
and joan yelped SO LOUD

met up wif chris kars and darren
went to arcade
played daytona
so lame lo
20 laps of beginner
can die le

the john little ppl went for work
followed grace to kfc b4 going homeeee
com worked so tada!
terence is back and rocks still

note to taggers
PLEASE BE PATIENT wif the tags
try refreshing the window when u tag

oh well.. going out tml
take care all and happy chinese new year!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

arhhhhhhh is this skin gay?

comments please

blogger is being stupid and not allowing me to publish again
at least i got the new skin up =)
ahhh and chelsea won
darn tired now
bye guys!

zzzzzz so pisseddddddddddd
i had switched skins and did the html
tried to save and there was a error!
zzzzz den i have to it all over again
very lazy to do again...

sigh maybe another time or later..
zzz chelsea is still leading
cant they lose?
20 mins..
i mustn't lose hope =)

pray i got the strength to do the skin again =)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


wahahahahha.. i am darn overjoyed

trailing 1-2 at half-time
and we came back wif 3 goals

la la la

and we were ONE MAN DOWN

i liked the look on o'shea face

his look told everybody he couldn't believe he scored
and his face turned to joy when he realised he had given us a 2 goal lead

weeeeeeeeeeee..... now all we have to pray for is for chelsea to LOSEEEEEEEEE PLEASE TML
den it will be a 8 point gap
not that big after all =))

weeeeeeeeeee i am so happy i dun think i can sleep now......
oh well i have to... wahahha my brother is going to be so jealous

i am going to sleep! HE is going to SCHOOL
double joy! hahaha okies better go now bye!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

You Are 16 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.
13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

What'>">What Age Do You Act?

finally finished the founders file!
hopefully it is successful =/

four seasons hotel called me today
i can work there anytime i wan!
hahaha but i gonna wait for robin and david first
they are going to apply tml

dun feeling like blogging today
bye guys