Tuesday, May 31, 2005

normal entry for today

ate at taka wif classmates for lunch today
the girls as usual went window-shopping
i am getting used to following
in fact, TOO USED

VB lesson was as usual, slack
played loads of cs today
wahahha i am the top fragger..
but i kept hanging though.. =/

watched star wars wif baohan and elaine after sch at cine
very nice movie
i was shivering at the end abit
and i was afraid that obi-wan would be killed by anakin
this movie just makes me watch the other esps

tats one movie off the list
i wan to catch kingdom of heaven
but nobody wants to go
batman is a must

and i cant stand the "recent liverpool fans"
sure, they have won the champions league and in a dramatic way.
but i hate those ppl who used to support arsenal , man u and chelsea
suddenly stand up and say " I AM A TRUE RED FAN! YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!"
asses... suddenly i see the word liverpool popping up on msn nicks so often..
all claiming to have supported liverpool though

argh.. talk about jumping on the bandwagon...

anyway i am off to bed
rugby training tml

Sunday, May 29, 2005

quite a bad day for me today
no luck i guess..
shall elaborate later

anyway went out wif classmates again ytd
or rather i should call them friends rite
went to cine to play pool

we had a quite a good time i guess
i lost to artono 2-3!
not as bad as i thought
he is really good

finally found somebody who is DEFINATELY superior den me
hahaha kars came along too
and crapped wif some of my frens
she finds my frens better den her classmates in SP

hehe SP mostly nerds wad hahha
kidding... anyway 3 claps for PC01-05A!
approaching the last week of the term
we are gonna have outings during hols..
should be pretty fun...

today sucked...
buses came late
waited for 30mins and din get my hair cut...
argh i think mr seet is angry wif me now...
i am so stressed over this founders thingy...
maybe i shouldn't gone for it at all!

sigh... do hope everything turns out well...
at least there are friends for me
went to quek house and watched new police story

ate at hans wif family
had a nice talk wif mum
and dad is going to buy a new car
=) shopped for grocries wif mum
den met joan james and grace
had supper

work tml...
i have this nigging ndp problem
sighhhhh byeee all!

Friday, May 27, 2005

din go for rugby today due to some events
we had a change of frac today
well this one seems to be in control of his grading system

problem statement was pretty simple today
watched scary movie 2 after class today
so funny and lame can

hahaha i am really loving my class
other classes i heard have many mini-groups
and my class seems to be the only one who are really united

but we do have our little conflicts of course
but i pray this little things go away soon =)
haha dunno when taking class photo man lol

i think i am going to wear my orange gear tml!
think my close friends would noe wad is it.. heehee
watched attiyville horror today
much better den the jacket

but today i was easily shocked in the movie
maybe coz i wasnt on my guard or anything
but i jumped a few times
very very odd
maybe i am getting humji hahahha

grace had a nice time laughing at me and joan jumping at the last scene
hahaha but toe gets his revenge in the end
james said i go pang sai but i was hiding behind the wall and jumped out
gave grace a shock wahhaha

2nd time recently..
last time was at bugis mrt
my humji korkor hahaha

did my RJ at mac wif grace help
in fact i think she did more den me
she likes doing these type of thingy
next time hire u be my RJ writer k

tml is friday! basic science
heard its on the heart
no more physics!!
maybe tml wun be so bad

sigh saturday is ndp
i am seriously not looking forward to it?
coz i have to prepare my uniform for it
and dunno how long nv wear le

work at plaza on sunday!
got money le hahaha
oh ya i had haagen dazz ice-cream
tiramisu was flavour of the month
very nice =)

okay i am bushed!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

back to blog!

yea so i got BoA's Waiting on my blog..
love the tune of the song...

today problem in school was pretty simple..
my group got least to do coz we did the "challenge"

went for the talk for the service-learning trip to thailand
sounds pretty cool to me
doing community work in thailand
for ard 2 weeks somemore
my sept hols are gone

best thing is, we get to plan it ourselves and just send it for review...
haha RP = empower us! as mr wilson says
this will be a new exprience for me man...

rugby training was fun today
starting to really enjoy it
and making frens too..
we are going for competition in june!
my june is so packed

sigh but i wanna work too man

rushed after rugby training to bugis to meet quek and the rest
quek treated us to watch the movie "the jacket"
sigh bad to say but the movie really very boring
probably got NC-16 coz of vulgarities la..

slept during the movie
changed my t-shirt in the movie
irene blocked me hahaha
coz my other one was sweaty u see

quek was a super duper huge pain in the neck
putting ice or popcorn in my hair when i was sleeping...
worst thing was
he sent msgs tat i suck to ppl in my phone lo

very very ass....
waste my msg and battery
reached home wif no batt in my phone

had supper wif kars at the coffee shop
and listened to her rants..
reminds me of the old days lol

was doing my RJ in the amnitheater
mr koh was there haha!
so qiao
had a chat and he said he will be at the company camp

haiz haven decided to go for which camp
but i think handball camp is out for me
dun think baohan and the rest wanna go anyway

i wanna go for badminton but it clashes wif rugby
see one step take one step
my motto as kars will say

alright its late and i got a UT tml
thanks to ivy for testing me on VBs!
byeee all!

Monday, May 23, 2005

trying to get BoA's Waiting song to put on my blog
hopefully can find it

revamped my blog!
the last one was kinda small for the boxes and everything
and had to constantly scroll down
so for this user-friendly skin?

tags please on this skin
i think my blog looks neater now haha

well, been a good two days
had combined games day wif gb on saturday
BB finally reopened!

anyway the games were quite fun
esp the last part
sucking out sweets from a bowl of egg yolk and flour?
yikes man
and i did it twice

felt so dirty and pei ting poured a bucket of water over me
i got jon wif a water bomb hahaha
was so wet
went to joan's condo swimming pool toilet with dustbins to bathe

den went to amk for ban mian
i cant believe it
i ALWAYS eat the slowest when eating ban nian
why ar

went to play pool after that
big group of bb and gb
okay la... just fooled around with the pool there
helping ppl here and there and trash-talking to jon

grace and me den went to plaza
both of us very tired
slept awhile and reached plaza super early

i was runner
weeee finally again!
jacky had a injured thumb so he could make me and this new guy wif me do the physical work
its alright anyway since i am strong toe..
haha... kitchen made a mistake in number of plates

lucky i counted
but the chefs very bad la.. scold the trainee chef until like that...
anyway kitchen was very disorganised today

chiong home after work
went to coffee shop to catch the FA cup final
was scared to miss out anything
penalty shootout and man u lost

slept till 2pm today
met darren at amk
den quek and the rest at somerset
watched magdalscar
i had free tickets u see

was ok la.. kinda short movie
watched quek irene and darren eat dessert b4 meeting grace to go prata house

prata house was stupid
chris jeff wilmer and grace din eat at all
so all of them was watching me the pig eating alone?

tml celebrating yiqun bday
yet another person turns 17
soon we are gonna reach that magical 18
but den i dun wan to grow up..
too bad.. everybody ages...

i have to get yiqun bday present tml
sigh spend money again
shucks man
i am just scared the others wun pay back on time again...

looks like i have to work during the hols man
sometimes i tell myself i dun wan go NDP anymore
its like wasting my time
but den i wan to get founder's badge
and i am alrdy halfway there

and i also wan to get a exprience of ndp
how it is to perform
but its really taking too much of my time
6 hrs on a saturday are precious
let alone 12 saturdays

see how things go...
i alrdy skipped one
and i hope my thought-up excuse will work

and my first week of the hols are packed
it looks like this

BB Company Camp - 4th - 7th
Rugby Camp - 6th - 8th
Handball Camp - 4th-5th
Class Outing (Sentosa) - 6th

so packed can
i really dunno wad to do
i really need a break man...

oh well i gotta face all this problems myself
and the usual everyday problems
tiffs and everything between friends
just have to stay strong and carry on...

okie pretty long entry this is
oh ya i wan to catch Kingdom Of Heaven and Revenge Of The Sith!
i was thinking of

12am - reach orchard and do something.. ( KBOX or pool)
3 plus - movie at cine
5 plus - some coffee shop for breakfast

den its off to school!

haha but i dun think anybody will go along wif this crazy plan of mine
or rather none can make it... probably not allowed to stay out late
just have to watch it in the day den..

feel like borrowing some dvds/vcds to watch
in a movie mood now...
haha... should stop here
byebye... and good luck for the chinese o levels guys!

Friday, May 20, 2005

happy birthday chris!

i noe this entry is abit late
but i really got no time to blog at all this week...
so packed and everything

wednesday rushed down after school to meet gen
went to buy chris's bday gift
borrowed her discount card
smart me wahhahaha
save everybody money

went to swensens and found so many ppl there
quite achievement for me
i managed to get like 15 ppl to celebrate chris bday?
pro me ha ha ha
quite happy lar

i rmbed i forgot to get hui shan present
so excused myself to the toilet and quickly go buy a soft toy dog
quite cute
the atmosphere was pretty good
we were the biggest gp there

sang happy birthday to chris and everybody cheered including the ppl in swensens?
gave chris and hui shan their presents...
hope they are happy wif it
had problems counting the bill

abit of my fault la
but wif jm's bickering at the back doesn' help at all lo..
aiya nvm la...
den some still haven pay me back the money for the presents..
was 50 bucks
now is 29 bucks
dunno when i can get it back
was in a pretty bad mood when going back coz of the money thingy

pontank-ed sch on thursday!
me and grace plan
haha... we had a good sleep until 11?
those ppl who are not attending sch now wun noe how shiok is it..

went to polyclinic to get grace MC
den went to BPS to get my o level cert
saw gdine and wilmer
den went to find joan and james
james and joan bought a bag each
they took so long can
me and grace took 5 times less time den them to buy the bags
hahaha they slow la

so ya.. we ate sakae for dinner
was pretty fun
den went to marina for steamboat

no. i din eat again
i am not fatty toe hahaha
celebrated chris birthday again
this time wif john little ppl
had a proper cake this time

played pool
no interest at all
haha.. still won abit = )

today was a slacky day in sch as usual
always wif mr ng (nice guy) around
we were dismissed a hour early today!
wad does it say?

eat at mos for lunch den played pool
big grp of us
15 i think
came back late from break but mr ng din say anything

school wireless is lagging man...
very slow
hope they resolve the problem soon

and i brought 6 pairs of socks today!
4 bucks only
thanks to grace.. hahaha
some got pattern wan...
haha i am so gonna be embrassed when ppl see the patterns

was locked out of the house today
so james and joan came from orchard to pei me
ate and talked..
pool was out coz there was a long queue...

anyway... kars is real sick and cant leave her house for at least a week
poor thing.. GET WELL SOON K..
i wan to hear ur loud and noisy voice soon..! hehehe
rocky me pray for u...
u sure very fast get well wan hahhaah

okie... tats all for updates...
bye all and good luck for those taking o level chinese!

Monday, May 16, 2005

happy birthday hui shan!

so many birthdays coming up
chris's one yiqun's one
mine is on 29 sept HEHEHE

school was good as usual
i realised i haven had a bad day at school yet
no fights in class or anything
wonder when it will come

reached serangoon interchange at ard 5 30
waited for qizhu for 1 hour...
lucky the interchange had connection if not i will be bored

so both of us went to darren house to have kars's last meal b4 camp and to meet up again of course
played abit of ps2 and den ate
9 plates 9 chairs
very much felt like a family
had fun eating together

i cleaned the table and the lady susan after the meal
putting my banquet skills to good use

did my frac survey while darren mopped the floor
was pretty lazy to do and let quek and kc click on the choices
i think the survey is too long
and we have to do 5?

boring.. i think i am gonna put no comments for the open-ended questions
yup yup.. went to park and play frisbee and play the swings
i was blasting songs on my laptop
and we were singing together
i love singing together!
there is this cosy feeling to it

talked to qizhu abt her problems
and even chose suitable songs for her to describe her mood and feelings
lol! so funny lo

and den i mentioned i bought a new bag?
its orange and it really baggy? and big
very practical cause i carrying a laptop, clothes and shoes to sch for handball, badminton and rugby training
i seriously would need alot of space
anyway i like it but kars say i am a poser

but of course i think i am not coz i bought this bag for a purpose
not to pose as a biker, skater, breaker or wadever.
the laptop is my baby now
its has my songs, my pictures, my free source of communication (msn)
i think i will die w/o it

seriously i am depending on the laptop alot
sigh wad to do?
Republic Poly has a paper-less enviroment

but using it makes me rather thristy though
i gotta drink loads of water everyday

PC01-05 are going to sentosa during the june hols!
i do hope stacey would change the date coz it would clash wif my camp
coincediently, its also at sentosa
i going to soak loads of sentosa sun during the hols man

farewell to kars who is going for camp
thanks to gracie for accompanying me to buy bag ( see i got say hor )

Sunday, May 15, 2005

phew.. the week is over... just like a blast
life in rp is moving fast
wonder whether i will say this in a few months
4 more weeks to hols

plenty to look forward to during the hols
BB camp in sentosa
ndp ( not really but i will learn things.. )
going out of course

den i will be the one waiting for my friends to get released from school
not like now
when they wait for me to release school before going for activties

anyway i have been reaching home at 11+ plus for the whole week
thank God i still have the energy to carry on
although i slept during basic science 6P
it was hell anyway
Miss Wu gives only one break, not like the two tat is supposed to be
always ends late

anyway i am going out of point here
finally watched house of wax!
watched wif baohan, stacey, ivy, sharon and iffa
the movie has to be the best english horror/gross movie in awhile

i seriously ponder how would u live when u are waxed and u cant move at all?
u will probably die of hunger and ur muscles must have been numb being in those position
yucks.. i think after this movie
people will visit wax museums wif a different meaning, if u get wad i mean

anyway had a fun time tat day
went to meet joan and kars at wisma after that
i really have been a cockhead
i keep thinking the aquaium there is just a fake one

so when kars said
meet at the fish tank
i was like where?
when i found the aquaium i realised how beauiful it was
was there looking at it for 15 mins

and ya kars and joan bought green and pink tops
the only things is
kars got the pink one and joan got the green
can i use the word contraicting?

went to cine for mee sua
and joan and kars played my laptop
while i slurped on their drinks
took some pics in the bus and home sweet home

friday is PC01-05's favourite day
why? coz its slacking day
Mr Ng is soft on us
but hey we do finish our work

went to joan hse to prepare the bbq food
and to prata house
i gave chris jon jeff and jian ming a treat
generous me HAHAHAH
had nice time catching up and crapping as usual <3

woke up early on saturday
went for badminton training
really tiring man
doing so many sprints

i have to get my fitness back man
the sprints were okay..
the thing was that i lost feeling in my legs after awhile
that rarely happens

but nvm i love being tortured in training
reminds me of BB

made friends there
left at around 1 plus
bathe and slack at home hahaha
den met kars and went joan hse

grace waikeat and gdine were there
prepared the food alrdy
did grace homework for her lol
joy came and we brought the bbq stuff down

after the fire was prepared
off to swim
this bbq rocks coz the pool is like just next to it
so its like when u sweat u can just jump into the pool and cool off

this is the first bbq which i have ate alot of food
i had loads of fun pushing ppl into the pool wahahaha
food was good
everything was good

bluffed pei ting the rest had left because she came late
wanted to go play pool
but after walking in the rain
squishy shoes told us to go home instead

so..... it has been a great few days
i have work today!
meeting grace soon to see/buy bags
ha.. maybe i might go meet buddy quek for supper

oh ya i forgot
to say tat buddy darren is back from camp and taught us a new cheer
something along the lines of watermelon banana cherry cherry and rambutans?

anyway this week has been very good
maybe the low point was not going chruch
but overall managed to catch up wif frens and make new frens in school
phewwwwwwww wad a super long entry
gonna go get ready now... bye!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

here i am
the last person to always go offline at nite among my RP friends
i seriously think i sleep much lesser den my friends

anyway was just in time for school today
was alright i guess
played this neopets volleyball game wif pei xiu and ai ling
stupid game.. keep losing

just a normal day i guess
wif the usual "u change liao la" phrases flying here and there
kinda sick today though
my throat feels dry and i got flu or tsumani in my nose as joan likes to call it

i am pretty proud of myself
- got my atm card
- did my ez-link
- got the discman from chris so i wun be bored on the long bus ride to school
- got pics and mp3 from chris com
- caught up wif chris

working plaza tml!
finally, after some 3 weeks
need to rush tml man

not feeling guilty tat i skipped rugby and badminton training today
it rained anyway
i am having serious flu
this is bad

sigh sure cant sleep tonight

Monday, May 09, 2005

real sleepy now..
left house at 9 plus to meet grace to go chruchshe though insisted on filling her stomach first
me as usual had to give in to her since i was late
saw wee hiong ernest qiu wei and cherwyn in chruch today
very long nv see them leall doing well i can see
had lunch wif them

had officers meeting
my first ever onedecided on a few things
cant blog them here in case any Boys read haha

watched jonathan, jian ming, john and junhao eati extra sia.. my name nv start wif J
ya.. met chris and went to joan hse to swim..had some fun
me wai keat and chris stayed in the sauna for 20 mins at 68 degrees at the end..
i nv sweat so much man! hahaha we really torturing ourselves sia
den now my skin is peeling -.-""

had dinner at hawker center at amk
pei joan chat for ard 1 hr plus waiting for jameswe talk alot sia..very nice chat wif her
very long nv chat wif her properly siaden we ended off singing christian songs together hahhahaa

den james and jian hao came
followed them to play poolhahahha sunday for me sia
i beat them 5 or 6 times in a row
abit of luck but can see they really nth to say at my luck
lol...sch again tml...haha okies i need to sleep
i am super tiredddddddddddd byeeeeeee!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

HELLO everybody!

my eyes are itching to close
but yet again strong toe is going to battle to blog
battle to blog... hahhaha

okay.. went for pool wif my RP frens after school yesterday
went marina square and played
den we went to the arcade and played some kinda pushing game there
50 cents for 2 players
cheap huh

the bowling place there was booked so we decided then to have dinner
went to the esplanade
we had thai express
phew i managed to find a dish tat wasnt spicy
had prawn omelette rice

i have to comment that their service over there was uberly slow
took like 45 mins for stacey and iffa pineapple rice to come
and ivy and me had to personally go get our water.

took the train home wif rieanne and KOed

today went for badminton training
wanted to go to the bank but it had a such a long queue
so gave it a miss and went for training

it was alright for me
but baohan and artono were practically walking at the end
kinda tough but i think i can take it coz i am strong toe =)

went for lunch wif the guys and went home
pooled wif robin kars and dars
kept losing
but i beat darren so i keep the bragging rights on pool
HAHAHAHA try harder huh buddy

beat him wif a jump ball and a bank shot
he sian diao lol
tats my 2nd successful jumpshot in my lifetime of playing pool
so tats how rare it is haha

anyway i realised i have been in blogspot for 1 yr and 1 month
for blogging.. well i think 1 yr and 4 months
pretty long huh
i hit 300 over entries for blogspot but it still shows 111 entries since dunno when

i am really gonna enjoy reading my past entries when i grow old wahhahaa
all my memories stored online

chruch + officers meeting + swimming tml
packed again
i got handball training on monday
rugby training on tuesday

oh dear i am going to be shagged out
okay going have my supper now..

Friday, May 06, 2005

very sleepy now..
gonna make this entry quick

this few days have been acompanying lonely kars who is w/o my buddy darren
so buddy u better show some thanks
kars pool skills suddenly becum dam pro sia...
i see also scared
haha.. not good enough to beat the great one wahahhaha

life at RP is still good
work is coming up though
problems are getting tougher
but the class is getting funnier and are certainly warming up to each other =))

today was the CCA fair
dunno whether was this a bad decision
i joined rugby, handball and badminton
oh dear
the 3 of us artono baohan and me joined 3 ccas
hahaha we are so going to be shagged out

was so bushed yesterday that i set a new record
i slept at 8.30pm
i can scarcely remember when was the last time i slept at 8.30pm
but my heart feels it might be somewhere during P5?

i believe the reason being going out EVERYDAY after school
in 3 weeks, i think i only went home straight twice after sch
pain for the wallet and my poor shoulders supporting my laptop =(

i am always wishing for more time... i have so many things to do and achieve!
shit.. now i am thinking whether i should join rock-climbing.... argh
everybody call me mad for joining so many ccas but i feel i wan try everything..
i almost joined volleyball but i think my bony wrist arent cut out for it

anyway buddy darren returned last night... sneakily lol
buy so many "branded" stuff sia..
kc and me are going thailand next year since everything is so freaking cheap over there
*for elaborate details, access darren blog

tml is friday!
weeeee u really have to be a student to cherish fridays and hoildays
anyway hoildays are in a month time
tats fast!

okay off to pig now..

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

wad a nice sleep i had last night..
woke at 12 plus
haven been doing that for a longgg time

went pool wif yiqun, chris, robin, jonathan and perry!
pity jian ming and bernard or we will be complete
hahaha caught up wif everything
i realised i haven met up wif them for 2 weeks
busy wif school and everything

think i haven meet yiqun for 1 month
tats bad
but all was same as we crapped at the S11
ate and crapped, making fun of each other, just like the old days

reminds me of the days after sch where we would head to the hawker centre and chat the afternoon away..
whether it was girl problems, games, CCAs or just ourselves.
i enjoyed every moment of it

sent them off at their respective bus stops b4 meeting cody and kars
played pool wif them
horrible.. i kept losing
=(( and i was winning when i was playing wif the rest earlier

crapped again
okay.. i am done for today..
sch starts again tml... gotta sleep soon!

Monday, May 02, 2005

back from sports camp!
fun only at times..

the first day was forgettable
sentosa was fun though
played a few beach games
really a furnace over there

still, very fun
learned how to play touch rugby and handball
quite fun

went to phoenix park at night
it is supposely the place where the japanese beheaded ppl last time
so some of us was scared

but i was not really scared coz i dun really believe in such things
anyway.. if there were really "things" in phoenix park..
why would the leaders still talk abt it..
can say it was abit of anti climax at the end

made friends and the water gun game at the end was really fun
at i learnt a few things at the camp..
next time can introduce to BB
still BB camps are the best

this sports camp had alot of waiting time like 3-4 hours?
BB camps is always on the go..
u got no time to rest at all..

went wif kars for dinner after camp b4 meeting grace and wilmer for supper
caught up and chatted
nice to meet familar faces again =)
its tiring to make new friends u know

tml i going out for pool wif my whole gp
great! we haven been going out for months
yay i get to lard tonight...
resolution for the night
sleep till 2pm!