Wednesday, June 29, 2005

slept in class awhile during break
i think i din do much for today..
think i will get a C
will have to do better next time

rugby training was good
fitness it was today
had this harness equipment for training
and learnt fly defence

ytd celebrated artono bday
today it was james's one
went to jack place for it
his cake very funny
his photo look so dumb

played pool
beat perry 3 times and kelvin 2 times
kelvin beat me once... wai keat beat me 2 times while i beat him once
but was lucky to win i feel

had supper wif kars
caught up b4 going home

watched abit of harry potter b4 the horrible graphics made me give it up

feel so bad coz i din go wif kenneth and the rest to watch initial D today
and i promised them
but chris called at the last moment and told me abt the celebration
and i was feeling sleepy and i felt i would sleep in the cinema

so its less one person to watch the movie
sooner or later everybody would have watched it alrdy except me

juggling time spent wif friends is very diffcult
sigh i honestly think i find trouble for myself
i always find work, cca and sch activities to do
leaving me no time for outings and chruch

i have really a busy life
there is the National Touch League in july
which means my saturdays would be packed
which means i cant attend BB.. cant serve God

i have this i have that
since december i have had the busiest time of my life ever
but i thank God for it
because i feel i have learnt and matured so much more

nevertheless i am still trying to understand this thing called Life
recently i learnt that everybody is fallible to changes
good tempers can turn bad
close friendships can turn sour

still i shall carry on wif my life
and i haven gotten any cake money back yet
sigh heart pain sia.. 34.90!!
but i feel so pai seh to ask everybody for a dollar or two!

its like so stringy of me
but its my hard earned money!
nvm i hope i will ask tml
okay its late i am bushed

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

so it was back to sch today or ytd
nice to see everyone again
not much changes though

mr ng is as slack as ever in giving us work
and tat rocks u know

as usual gave someone a fright at block A
this time the victims are iffa and sharon

went to orchard for break
played pool
kinda boring

i bought artono birthday cake wif stacey and ivy
i paid first
nobody has paid me back yet
hopefully i get some back tml

cs after school
PC 01-05A favourite pastime haha...
i rushed to work after tat
reached on the dot wif time to eat

i worked till 2am today!
my 2nd time doing so
since mikki and boon kiat work
i decided to... dunno y got this urge to

quite fun la
transported chairs
unskirt skirtings
fold napkins

took cab home wif auntie siew kim, winson and ricky
talked abt poly life and plaza working life in the cab
i realise i can still learn alot from plaza..
they also encourging me to work the 6pm - 7 am slot this friday

maybe i will
if i got nth on saturday
it will be another exprience
cant work in august anyway

and roy confirmed there will be around 100 wedding dinners from september to december
can work like mad sia
nvm can learn more huh
but of course i prioritise my time properly

i will only do things tat are i feel is meaningful and useful to me
like school activies and everything
okay its 3.20 alrdy
i gonna be a pig in class later...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

gonna blog a lil b4 i sleep!

went out wif grace on thursday since rugby training was cancelled
coach says she is giving us a rest
so i went to collect my bracelet at P.S
quite nice la the engravement

the bracelet was given to me for my birthday from my friends..

anyway i bought a training jersey and shorts
for 30 bucks
i think i still wanna get new boots
and a new water bottle
i just lost mine zzz

played arcade and pool wif grace at paradiz centre
the pool place is cheap, but no handphone reception
after that i went to boon lay to work as usual
played pool wif shirley and kenneth after work

kars came to collect darren wallet so played a little too
den chatted till we reached home.. as usual of course

worked plaza on friday
sigh wad a horrible night

my back up din come
in the end grace had to replace her

i was serving hot drinks den someone knocked my arm over!
and yes, i spill the hot water on the guest and her daughter
so bad can
i ran around the hotel looking for burn cream
in the end went to the mama shop and bought

had just enough money
the whole place was so squeezed
they even put a table at the door
and tables had 11 ppl
how to walk

and it was so hot

1. door was open
2. too many ppl

guest complaining..
imagine us waiters in long-sleeve jackets
we are also sweating!

so after work
went wif boon kiat and mikki to prata house
met aaron jordan and junyi
wilmer came after

had a good chat though i din know them well
chatted till 1 plus
shared cab wif jordan and aaron

this morning went out and helped someone choose something for someone
cant tell yet hahaha
good time catching up too

went wif grace to work
some idiots on the bus nth better to do but to block ppl way den mimic ppl voice like ah gua
i was too fed up to say anything
was thinking on how to get to plaza on time

managed to reach on time
i had to teach this new guy chris today
he is 19
yeah he did not bad la
gd teacher wad hahahhaa

my next week is packed!
at least for the weekdays
when sch starts..

Monday - Work
Tuesday - Training
Wednesday - Work
Thursday - Training
Friday - Work

gosh everything fits in so nicely
but i have no time for other stuff
but the 7th lunar month is coming
den there will be no wedding dinners
so must work more now..

i wan to watch initial D!
nobody jio me so sad lol
maybe on tuesday or thursday? hehehe

today is the last day of selling UFOS!
hope can get my pay quicker! =D

school starts tml!
can get to see many more familar faces again! =))

oh ya i have to blog abt malvina my rugby fren
she says she is beauiful and everything
and i think i have met someone who is more conceited den me hahha

okay time to pig! byeeee!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

slacked the day away
while earning money again lol
sold one today

and i think more ppl are coming tml
rented vcds to watch
den chatted wif the woman beside the stall

i was too pro and flew the toy to the rooftop
the security guard got it down for me

played pool wif kenneth and shirley
they cheated and cheated but i still won
they had 2 turns and i had only one?
they had free balls and i had none
so pig

sometimes i feel i am really blessed
my friends in polys and jcs have problems
studies, friends, classmates
they are stressed up and everything

i pray that God will guide them though this times
i hate to see them like that

did i mention i am alrdy out of founders?
yup i got the email alrdy

so its founders no more
a dream since sec 1

to think i was this close to it
everybody would say its such a pity

but i shall not regret my decision
yes, its a once in a lifetime honour
and yeah i would have gotten the chance to march at the Padang

but there are many things out there for me to do and to achieve
and i feel ndp is not one for me
i dunno..

but doing the same drills and waving poms poms are a waste of my time
i am not proud or anything but i could have tolerated all this 2 or 1 year ago
but at this point of my life
i have many more things to do

i need a social life
i need the time

so no founders for me la
congrats to jon for achieving it =)

alright gonna watch The Last Samurai now
night all!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

slacked the day away...
earning money lol

kind kenneth accompanyed me for the whole day
i get the pay and he doesnt la
so tats very nice of him =))

we opened the stall late
played chinese chess
i beat him 3 times!!
and he told me the only person who beat him was his father

well u can add toe to tat list now hahaha
we walked the mall
ate again
i went to toilet to shit
and kenneth was in the other cublicle

cheat my feelings again sia
he say he was vomitting
but later he told me
he was just throwing wet tissues and water into the bowl
making the sounds of vomiting

tats super cheating of feelings lar

he bought a CD and we listened to it
slept and talk cock
managed to sell one today lol!
tyco one la

alot of damaged goods from sunday came back sia
waste my time changing

after tat we met ivy and baohan at cine
nice seeing them back from overseas
ate and we ate and played pool
toe was undefeated!

ha ha ha
tml rugby training is at sentosa
playing beach rugby
harbourfront at 9!
zzz so early sia

gonna go!

Monday, June 20, 2005

was late today to teach my replacements at pioneer
after teaching them
went to IMM to claim cab fare from kenneth

he had this temp tattoo on his arm
and was trying to kid me tat it was permanent
i am trusting but not tat much

was 7 mins late for work
today plaza was ultra slack
had loads of time to prepare
loads of chatting after preparation

and today arrangement was 2 persons to 3 tables
to ppl who are used to 1 person to 2 tables
its kinda much easier

i did wif grace and we were pretty quick
she did the clearing and i did the carrying
work started early and ended early today

ended at 10.20?
wad a record
started preparation at 4 plus
and ended so early

went to prata house wif mikki boon kiat and wilmer
had laughs over jokes
esp when wilmer told the prata person
"you all look the same"
racist la he

went to deposit my pay b4 going home
tml will be work again
sigh so boring
anyone wanna work
replace me

and my feelings were cheated by kenneth, eugene and ivy tonight
dam sad can

Sunday, June 19, 2005

worked full shift at pioneer mall today
made friends wif the other ppl there
and the little kids there

they helped me demonstrate the toy
and this little girl kept helping me pick up the toy after i flew
dam sweet

i managed to sell two sets today
oh ya ytd taxi driver was sweet too
he drove along the wrong way
den charged me 5 bucks only
when the meter read 8 bucks

i wanted to give him at least 6 bucks
but he just pushed it away and said have a nice day
and wished me good luck in my job
wad a nice taxi driver

going pioneer tml to teach my replacement and work maybe a hour or two lol
den off to plaza
can get money faster and not so boring as marketing
having running nose now so sleeping early

Thursday, June 16, 2005

wad a long day i had today
woke up and went to kenneth to his uncle shop in IMM
went for a "job interiew" or rather learning how to fly this UFO thingy
looks really fun
and i am gonna sell it hahaha

rushed to school for the service learning meeting
we are getting closer.. just 9-10 more weeks

played cs in sch
sch server is really laggy
dun wan play there anymore

played wif artono and his atm ppl
haah i played badly again
i find cs boring again la.......
play 4 yrs alrdy of course sianz

went to watch batman begins
its really really a good movie
4 and a half stars
the plot is really good and its 2hr and 15 mins long

i love long movies
they are so enaging?

got rugby training tml
we will be learning contact rugby tml
hope its fun

lazy to blog.. byee!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Power Of Your Love

Lord I come to You
Let my heart be changed, renewed
Flowing from the grace
That I've found in You
And Lord I've come to know
The weaknesses I see in me
Will be stripped away
By the power of Your love

~ Chorus ~
Hold me close
And let Your love surround me
Bring me near
And draw me to Your side
And as I wait
I'll rise up like the eagle
And I will soar with You
Your Spirit leads me on
By the power of Your love

Lord unveil my eyes
Let me see You face to face
The knowledge of Your love
As You live in me
Lord renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life
In living every day

In the power of Your love
(repeat chorus twice)

In the power of Your love
(repeat 3x)

lyrics of my blog song =)

din go for the bbq.. hahhaha

uploaded new pics in friendster after like 4 months?
wrote testis for some
and friendster-surfing awhile.. lol

wanted to input pictures into my blog but had no time..
will do it soon when i got the time..

and of course was mainly chatting la...
haahha... anyway i got a job interview tml
thailand trip meeting, cs session and movie
and also maybe dinner wif joan and the rest...

long day! okies... night all!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

short nap after rugby training
now thinking whether to go owen's bbq at sembawang

spent yesterday at orchard
cant believe it
went out wif kenneth, baohan and elaine

me and kenneth watched monster in law
it was kenneth treat
the movie was alright i guess

everybody was telling it was great and everything
maybe i was expecting too much
cause the plot is kinda predictable and i was sleepy at tat time

had pasta mania for dinner
after much walking which i dun wan to elaborate on
alvin is such a buddy

he gave me and my friends free drinks
and gave us staff discount!!
can u believe that?
so a 40 bucks bill became a 23 bucks one

thanks thanks loads man
and to kenneth too for taking the same bus as me lol

today rugby training was not tiring
but hot
nonetheless, i enjoy building my fitness up again
and i scored a try!!! wahahhaha
we played at the old SMU field
it was a proper one and i think i played not bad today

sang songs in the toilet again lol
went to adams road for lunch
and waited for bus wif eugene david and azar
talked about peirce and bps

sometimes i think rp suits me pretty well
there are many ppl there wif the same thinkings and ideas as me
example like being single and thoughts on other ppl
and religious stuff

i learnt quite alot
like they said
some ppl play the song backwards and they say its satan words or something
heard some ppl went crazy after hearing it and committed suicide

oh well..
i still cant find my 4e5 class t-shirt and my LTC 2 shirt!
zzz.... sucks can
my two favourite t-shirts
haiz... and i think i lost one orange sock
i spoiled my mouse

toe is clumsy!
tat is one thing about me
i am untidy and impatient at times
the things i keep neat and tidy are the files in my computer
cause its easy

this thing suddenly comes to my mind
should i try out contact rugby?
i just learned touch rugby and now i have to learn contact
but i keep feeling tat i dun have the bulk and size for the game

big guys can pull me down easily
but i think i can resist for awhile
but its gonna be a painful sport for me hahahha
oh well lets see how it goes..

okie i am off

Sunday, June 12, 2005

grace rocks.. and i suck..

terence rocks

Saturday, June 11, 2005

wad a tiring week it has been for me...
i have never expected poly life to be so hertic for me..
so many new friends
so many new activities
so many new things

i have really enjoyed this few months in RP
i dun care wad they say about it
i believe i can match the other poly grads in the future
and the difference is that i have enjoyed my poly life very very much

had rugby camp on monday
had training in the morning den we had team tactics disscussion
we had a game at SRC
i scored a try!!

i faked the person den run past

the men's touch team is very crappy
and we love to sing songs in our monotone voices
and we dun care! hahaha
we sing in the toilet, bus or anywhere

TP last min couldn't play wif us
so we went to west coast park to play
was quite fun
i am slowly and slowly learning the game of rugby
really requires alot of coorindation between teammates

so rugby IG made these goals
i will list a few

1. Team of the year
2. To get in top 4 of any competition we get into

and i just realise we won captain and sportsman of the year last yr
pretty cool

anyway we had bbq on the last night
food was good
and on the last day, we were blindfolded and sprayed wif hot and cold water
to plenge to be united to reach our goals.

met my classmates after school
haven seen them for awhile
din go wif my rugby mates and i feel guilty

had a nice sleep till the next day
met grace
haha she bored for 3 days
so rocky toe bring her out hahaha
so play pool and played on my laptop

din go wif quek and the rest for fish and co coz i was broke and i eat fish & chips for 2 days in a row le
din go wif my classmates to orchard too
i forgot my key

so went to chris house
crapped wif him
haha some nice catching up
i feel so lucky i din take his course!

so much physics!
laughed at past pictures like we always do
long time nv see robin and yiqun
hmm hope it will be soon

class sentosa trip on friday
i woke so early
got from kars the bag to pass to gen
kars went to canoeing camp

took 855 to harbourfront
so it was sentosa
quite fun la
we played truth or dare on this big float in the sea

few of them got sea sick though
sharon and artono couldn't swim and i had to use the soccer ball to coax them to swim to the float
make rocky toe tired

den we went to ivy house to stay
bought alot of ice-cream
got ben & jerry!!
chunky monkey
so nice

wif tat banana taste
my favourite fruit

i taught them mahjong
1 person teaching 3?
i slumbered after 2 rounds

ya the bed habits
ivy the PIG nv give us blanket
me and baohan so cold
den she keeps wanting to sleep

went to great world city to eat b4 the four of us spilt
was so tired and i think i looked very haggard
the sleep on 162 was good
but i am still so tired now
and i got work at 6

now i am not burnt or red
but my skin is peeling..
sigh so ugly

anyway officially its over to my founders badge dreams
i cant take it anymore
ivy house was so near to bb HQ and when i walked past it
saw Boys preparing to go

i should have been there
but its all over
officers are gonna get angry wif me and everything but i must be firm wif my decision

yes its honourable
but the price to pay is too high
maybe as a 15 yr old i can give up 11 saturdays
but as a 17 yr old and a schedule like mine
its near impossible

i want to go badminton training
i want to attend parade
i want to go out
i want to work
i want to rest

so many things for me to do and accompolish

dunno how to break the news to my captain

but i have had a great time this week
thanks to everybody!

long entry... =) byee and take care peeps!

Monday, June 06, 2005

back from 8th company camp!
had loads of fun there..

caught up wif officers and heard army stories and how they have been doing etc
just happy to see everybody after so long...

beach games was fun fun fun
sumo wresting on the beach and on a float in the sea
and the slippery slope was very very fun but caused a few injurys naturally

the kampung huts we slept in are real cosy
but it fits only 3 persons
but u can squeeze 4 in though
its 40 bucks a nite

plenty of games like water bomb, minesweeper and dog and bone
BB rocks man

sadly ndp doesn't
i have to rant
sorry to friends who have heard it
u have to hear it again

after the tags by chris and darren,
ya la i considered ur points long ago alrdy
in fact its the only reason i am soldiering on wif this

but after the last training
i seriously find it very boring la
everyday its gonna be the same old thing, drill
wasting saturdays....
sigh so troubled

to quit or to quit?

too tired to blog a long one although i wish to
i got a rugby camp to go tml and i need to reach sch by 8
and i cant find some clothes
have to ask mum tml

so packing rush for me tml
okie off to pig
bye and cya back on weds!

Friday, June 03, 2005

gotta blog...
Today is the last day before the sch hols start.
PC01-05A has been great and terrific!
ha i think we are one of the most united year 1 classes in RP, if not the most.

schedule problems for me again
got ndp on saturday
now i am seriously considering whether i should quit ndp
and forget about founders...

i am gonna make many people disappointed i know,
but i really cant cope
i got too many things going on..
i never thought in march that i have this much to do in poly

i have got
trainings 3 times a week
trips to plan for
and going out with my various groups of friends

and my RJ was 1 min late today
i am so demoralised
its cant be more accurate then striking the lottery

emailed my frac and i DO HOPE he gets my email this time...

friends having problems and i dun have time to help them..
sigh i need more time!!!!!!!

so many things to do... too little time...
seems like a race with time for me in poly

okay i am tired
will blog more tml b4 i go for my camps