Monday, March 27, 2006

alright i am going to update finally.
i have done so many things that i dunnoe where to start from
it has been a long week or so.
now i just wanna stay put somewhere and think.

mount ophir was a very very enriching exprience.
i went with the BB Boys and Pei Hwa Sec Adventure Club.
so mostly there were sec 3 and sec 2s students.
honestly i felt very at ease with them.

it was delightful to converse with them.
especially when climbing the mountain.
i had to come up with words of encouragement for them to press on and continue to climb.
because there is only that much i can help them physically.

i decided to use another way to movivate them to climb.
their curiousity.

of all the helpers going for the trip
i was obviously the youngest.
and the students were curious of my age.
so i kept them guessing till the summit.

i didnt have to do all this,
supporting the students and helping them up when they fall.
but i knew this was probably their first ever physical obstacle they faced in their life.
and i did not want anyone of them to fail.

i wanted them to have something to be proud of.
not many people can say they reached the summit of mount ophir at the age of 14.
it was like the BB Boys in the past, when we survived the infamous LTC 1 camp in sec 2
after that camp we believed we could accomplish anything,
and that is what I wanted the students to believe.

the joy and happiness on their faces when they reached the summit made everything worthwhile.

melbourne was well, alright i guess.
it was great though to see the sights of a non-asian country.
everything there looked the settings for movies like american pie

the people there are uber friendly.
they will smile when you look at them and say "hey there mate!"
everyone now seems to be having fun calling each other "mate"

watching the commonwealth games was not really fun
we hardly get to catch the singapore matches.
transport around melbourne was not slow,
rather i thought melbourne was big.

roomed with taufiq, has and khair
had a great time rooming together
i just cant stand to sleep alone in a foreign place

not that i am scared of the dark of anything,
but i cant wake up in the morning by myself
i am a super heavy sleeper!

wednesday was the SSC "formal dinner"
it was at a bar.
had a buffet and boozing away.
i played finger games with owen and he ended up puking up in the toilet

had contact rugby training on tuesday and thursday with two different teams.
big they were. i was probably the smallest there. maybe aaron was.
learnt many new things

had a touch game with the monash university team
lost the mens game but won the mixed
the girls won their game so its 2-1 to us hahaha

scored 3 tries
which was alright i guess
there are certain issues i need to figure out in my game.
which i wun bore you with hahaha.

i got a bee sting and 3 scratches from my ass to my thigh.
i probably thought i was playing baseball and going for last base to dive on my ass.
the bee sting just came out of nowhere during training

saturday was the last day to shop
went to smith street
where all the factory outlets were
bought quite a few stuff

spent all my money
my legs felt so tired
it had been a long time overseas.
from ophir to melbourne

finally feeling the strain
after all the climbing and games

watched the two zorro movies and listened to franz ferdinand and the killers on the flight home
did not feel cold in the plane at all
i guess i had gotten used to the weather in melbourne.
and when i was doing sit-ups during night training

i realised the melbourne sky has many stars.
it was beautiful
someone told me that the bigger the star is, the longer it had lived.
as to say, in a million years, the stars now will appear double the size they are now.

amazing facts huh?

another thing that i learnt during my trips
is that you gain whatever you give.

while climbing mount ophir
i lost my water bag sucker

someone found it
and someone said "see you help ppl den good things will happen to you."

this was further emphasised on me in melbourne
i lost my cap during touch training
and lost my boots during contact training
due to my forgetfulness.
very careless and upset with myself

went at night to search for them
couldnt find them.
as i dragged my feet back to my apartment,
some hockey player hit the ball down the hill

i went down the hill to find the ball for him
and gave it back to him.
after that, someone asked me for directions to farrer hall.
my legs were tired after days of climbing and training
and i was feeling so down after losing my things.

but i still showed him the way.

guess what
my boots were returned the next morning
iffa found my cap during training
really must thank God

so guys,
kindness pays!

overall, it has been a extremely fruitful year one.
i met and knew some great people

played a new sport. (rugby)

did some community service overseas. (thai-xpress)

particpiated in poly forum.

won IVP

reached summit of mount ophir

and melbourne.

plus the many little things.

and i have missed you for 2 weeks.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

mountain-climbing time!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

time to update!

yeah its the hols
but been really really busy.
haven completed my TO-DO list yet (updated)

clique and class chalet was a blast.
it was really challenging to jump from chalet to chalet
to entertain two groups of people.
i dunnoe if it was lucky or not,
but the chalets was just next to each other!

anyway for more on the clique chalet
go to for photos and elaboration.everything is there.
including some embrassing photos -.-"""

went out on thursday with jie to renew my passport
and watch a movie
before meeting the guys for dota

today was stupid stupid stupid me
supposed to go to woodlands campus to pay for the melbourne trip
blur me went to tanglin campus!
dumb dumb dumb
so careless of me to make an error

going to make payment on monday
hopefully someone else will be able to go too (:

worked from 2pm to 2am today
i am getting used to working
but its kinda shit sometimes when i keep getting the relatively new ppl as my partner for the day. its like i do almost everything. more like me doing 3 tables.
got 2 cuts on my fingers for my troubles.

sigh but no choice.
i guess i have to step up now
to teach the new ppl how to work
today set-up so cock up because they do everything wrong
and i got scolded for not supervising

3 more days of work! just endure le.
wanted to skip today's rugby match
but i felt bad.
and after i heard the situation, i guess i cant walk out for today.
we only got 5 guys
and we are facing wanderers, the best touch side.

sigh its gonna be real tough
it will be a draining encounter.
but secretly in my heart i am praying for a miracle/upset.
got work after the match tml.

i guess the period till the end of melbourne trip is going to be the most draining time of my life.
i might not need any support, though some would be nice.
wish someone was around now.

my new list of things to do.
1. drop by grandpa's house and try the adidas boots.
2. start packing and buying stuff for ophir.
3. get admin stuff done for ophir and melbourne.
4. play well tml against wanderers.
5. meet stacey before leaving for ophir.
6. carry out my responsibities well.
7. endure this period of time.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Things to do before Mt Ophir (15-18mar) & Melbourne (18-24-mar)

1. Work Work Work for Melbourne and Mt Ophir.
2. Buy and borrow stuff for Mt Ophir.
3. Make time to go for training and matches.
4. Renew Passport.
5. To shuttle from class chalet to joanie's chalet from 6 mar to 8 mar.
6. To get as much rest as possible without affecting social life.
7. Pack stuff for Ophir and Melbourne.
8. Stay healthy and free from injuries. - cut on the knee after spinning.
9. Find a way to return from Ophir early enough to catch the flight to Melbourne.
10. Get to bed now.