Thursday, April 28, 2005

just reached school and its pouring outside
i am the earliest again if u dun count the two china ppl tat i think always arrive at the ungodly hour of 7.30
ha.. i have always reached school before 8.20 except the first day when i was looking for my classroom...

update on my problems..
i have decided to bear wif my D grade although its dam ugly
but i think its gonna be okay coz i can take my best 14 out of 16 grades this semester
and i think enterprise skills is pretty alright for me so i think i will still pass this module with no problems =)

i seriously have to get some time to finish off quek vcds
i have held them for nearly 2 weeks alrdy
i watched 'the spy who loved me" but i haven started on optussy yet

life in RP is getting better
our class had a good lesson ytd wif plenty of laughs
9 of us went down to the hawker centre to have our lunch
tat reminds me of my secondary school days

when me jon yiqun chris robin and jm would go down to the hawker centre and have duck rice and sugar cane juice together..
we would den chat chat and chat and joke around

anyway i am going off for sports camp tml! =)
finally a camp man...
anyway the frac is here..
i gotta go! byee!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

since my last entry, i have

- done my saf interview

- informed mr seet abt the attendence thingy

- told my frac abt the RJ thingy but he says he cant change the grade alrdy so i am stuck wif a D

the thing i am most worried abt is still the founders thingy
really hope can overcome this hurdle man
if its gone i will really wan to kill myself

saf interview was not bad la..
quite confident i will get it
but if i get into commandos, i will really going to eat alot of shit man
nvm lets see den.. commandos have high salary but also high risk job
anyway tat would be in the future..

my grades for last week is DABBB
tat ugly D could have been an A
i am sure of that

hopefully all these problems clear up soon =)

take care everybody.. byee!

Monday, April 25, 2005

argh i have so many troubles now

1. Problem with Founders
supposely i haven attended enough parades to get it
now i have to find a way around yet another hurdle to get Founders

2. NAFA test results
i so need this to apply for the SAF thingy
and BPS din give them out at all
looks like i gotta go to sch to look for mr tan to get it
and i am proud of it as i got full marks of it =)

3. Change of Interview for SAF
it is at 4.30pm today, but how am i gonna make it
when i end sch at 4
sigh and they say i am supposed to inform them of change of interview 2 days in advance
i think i am going to cook up a story tat i lost postbox key or something. sigh

4. Check BB attendence with Miss Lee
have to, throw in some enough parades to make mr alex yeo happy
means i gotta go sch
and i have got absolutely no time to
when i end sch its too late alrdy..
wad a bother

argh.. off to bed

Sunday, April 24, 2005

haven blogged for a long time...
sorry okay i promise to blog more regularly k

i realised i haven been replying the big number of tags on my board
i shall reply them later =)

i got A for tuesday's work on basic science!
hehe i am so pleased okay
it has been ages since i got an A for science
i think in sec 1?

anyway i repaired my phone alrdy! =))
so i can call and take calls again!
went back to BPS for speech day
saw some old friends and juniors

oh well at least 4e5 had 2 representives
veronica and farid
this proves tat u can always pick urself up after a setback
i dun believe the school had ever a student from the combined science stream being top
congrats to veron!

caught up wif hui shan (ah ma)
she still noisy and FAN as ever
let her use my laptop den see my pics
bluff me say she drop my laptop
wad a old pig

went overnight cycling at upper pierce
really fun
cycling in the dark w/o lights
me joan wilmer and boon kiat
slept at upper pierce
was so lardy to wake up

bk and me sent joan home b4 i went home
i tot the night was over but it was not
i locked the bike outside my house
bathe and warm up my food

i was eating in the living room, just resting
i heard sounds outside my house
went out and saw this guy walking away from my bike trying to look like he was just walking home
har har i was not born yesterday
tat asshole was trying to steal the bike!

decided to keep the bike in the house cause i cant be awake all day guarding the bike
as i was bringing the bike in, the asshole put his head out and i realised he lived 2 units away from me only
he had orange hair spiked up
i think i could sense his dissapointment when he saw me pushing the bike in

if u thought it was over, it wasn't
tat guy keep peeping into my living room..
he doesn't hide very well and is rather clumsy and slow
his flaming is so obvious when he peeps
i caught him like 5 times?
dad caught him too and scared him away
dad says he noes who is he and we both decided to call police if he peeps again
i was kinda worried for the house when dad went to bed again

so i stayed up and kept watch for an hour
mum woke and i went to bed
i feel like stealing his slippers tat he puts outside his house
since he likes stealing things ppl put outside

swam wif grace joan and kars at joan hse
mahjong later and i won hehe... but nv play money =(

was late for chruch though i managed to wake grace at 8
very late =/
sorry to grace gdine and jun hao =pigged the day away

sch starts again tml
enterprise lesson tml i think
okay now to reply the tags!

huishan: wad a lie
li xian: hahaha u should try sports its really fun to sweat u know
weiling: helo... the song is "I Will Remember You by No Secrets

okay pig out!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

haha i love today's frac man
he is so relaxed?
he is like a rebel against the system hahaha
he even gave us the answers to the quiz

he also told us to write less for reflection journal so he dun have to read so much
wad a relaxed day today
haha i still learnt abit of programming thanks to jialing

saifud and i are going to sign up for sports camp later
some activties to occupy me
SP has 3 camps? i am so jealous

tml is friday!!
den it will mark the end of my first week in RP!
going to centre point to repair my phone
haha i going to play cs now.. =D byee!

yup.. new skin up...

sch has been good..
been trying access LEO to try to see my grade for monday's work
but somehow its not appearing =/

did communication practice today
pretty alright but i really slacked alot today
but my gp pulled though no problems
baohan looks dam cute when he wears our product
which is an aeroplane wore like those ppl in orchard advertising cafes

i think its maths tml
wonder wad will we learn
i am pretty happy wif RP's learning methods
not as bad as ppl think actually

hmm had two badminton dates today but both were cancelled
went home to rest and i really needed it
studying and solving problems at sch and going out to town after sch everyday is a tiring thing, especially wif only 4 hrs of sleep everyday

oh ya.. mum bought me the thumbdrive alrdy..
it costed 49 bucks
much cheaper den the one me and quek saw
it cost 62 bucks
but my com at home cant read it!
means i cant transfer songs from it to my com

been wondering...
haven been hanging out wif the guys for a very long time..
like yiqun jian ming
haiz it has really been long...

is it possible to keep every friend happy?
maybe not but den i will try to
even though i have made new frens at RP
i am pretty sure i will make every utmost effort to keep in touch wif everybody

i feel so guilty coz yiqun has been looking for me
but i have always been asleep when he called
so tml resolution would be to call him back

sigh.. i always feel that Life has too little time for me
i always have so much to do
is that a good thing or a bad thing?
i dunno.. but i got so many things on now

school, ndp, chruch, meetings, outings
how i wish for a few days just to pig at home

okay my laptop battery is dying out ..
bye all and take care!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

haven blogged for a long time
have spent my last few days trying to enjoy the last of my hols

BB on saturday was not very good
games turned ugly
sigh... how much 8th coy has changed
hope this doesn't happen again

i skipped ndp rehearsal on saturday!
weeee next training will be at the padang alrdy so i think the other company Boys will stop fooling around themselves and behave

played mahjong at joan house
won alot but we weren't playing money
still though, i had to bear the fight of the two voices
joan vs kars

missed chruch on sunday and my officer's meeting
mr seet is gonna be so angry but he has not gotta back to me yet so lets pray

haha i installed this mahjong game quek lent me and it really kills time man
and some vcds and itunes
rewarded my buddy quek wif rotiboy HAHaHA

RP has been good for me so far
though i had 3 hours of sleep i still managed to get though the day
i slept when i was watching install though

if there was anything cute abt it, its probably the tune that plays whenever something funny happens

and quek was cheeky man
asked me to wake up when the boy was going to touch the girl's breast

anyway i had problems doing my work online yesterday
send an email to the teacher
hope he accepts my work though

okay class starting
gtg bye!

Friday, April 15, 2005

i am in Republic Poly now having this computing workshop..
pretty boring.. learning everything tat we have learnt b4... yawns man..
hope to leave soon..

gonna celebrate my buddy darren bday later on.. lol
sch starts next week.. T_T

no more fun days but days of seeing the laptop
i will be online pretty often though

none from bps is in my class for next week
hopefully someone will be in for the following week..

okay i gotta go... bye!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

haven been blogging regularly i know, but really was unable to
have been really packed last week and i am alrdy packed for the week
zz.. feel so exhausted

sch starts on monday
back to studying after ard 5 months..
sure rusty wan

been going out to enjoy myself this days
playing sports and everything
alright i am too tired to blog..

going to sleep now..byee

Thursday, April 07, 2005

just realised today is my late officer Mr Leslie Foong birthday

happy birthday leslie

u will forever remain in our hearts.

ya i noe i have been MIA-ing for ages
its because my com has cocked up and i cant access internet explorer or Firefox AT ALL
pretty saddening

spent an hr reading up on blogs and checking my friendster
i still owe testimonals too
sigh so lardy to return them
but i will, later

okay first topic would be AQ
ben bike tyre had a puncture
we needed this special needle to be able to pump air into the spare one
i had to wake yiqun up to borrow it from him
a very BIG THANK YOU to him for that

was late for reporting because of tat
NTU is so far man
and so big
so confusing

i had only enuff time to plot the checkpoints b4 team leaders had to go for a briefing
yawns man
i made the fatal decision to follow teams to the first checkpoint
i will never forgive myself for this

i followed the wrong teams and it led to me wasting 1hr 30 mins in NTU alone
managed to get out of NTU and did the next few checkpoints
climbed 5 60- 80 metres tall hills
u wun like it and ur legs, too

i redeemed myself in the cycling leg
i managed to carry the team to the next checkpoint in a pretty fast time and no mistakes at all
sigh but it was not enough
we were late by 15 mins and got DQ

i looked at their faces and all had the disappointed look on their faces
deep inside myself i was blaming myself for my decision not to plot the first checkpoint
but i told myself and my team
tat we should at least finish the race and not just wait

so we pressed on
overtook quite a few teams
i felt dam proud of my team den
we showed teamwork
taking turns to cycle the worst bike

although they relied on me for directions
i was happy tat they put in the effort to complete the race although there was little meaning left
in the end we finished sixth
but we were DQ so it didn't matter at all

this year AQ has been the toughest one of all
so it was not surprising tat NO teams completed the race at all
tats why i am even prouder tat we completed 2 legs of the race
much further den 40 plus teams

cheers for Team 008!
i suffered cramps coz i cycled alot on the worst bike
and cramped again when we reached J8

was so touched to see so many friends waiting for me
THANKS LOADS for coming to support okay
smilessssssssssssssssss =)

but still... a tinge of regret still remains in my heart
i failed to lead 8th coy to anything this year
every year 8th coy has won gold
and we wun get anything this year
so i am going to take part next year for OPEN
and bring glory back to 8th coy

i think i wun be able to blog anytime soon
so i would now wish GB good good good luck for RT
do well okay u girls can do it!

poly/school is starting soon for me
18 april is looming nearer
i paid my fees alrdy
and got my laptop today =)

Republic Poly is awfully close to orchard which is good
but 132 takes ages to go to amk
so yawns

got my pay from john little alrdy
so going to gather up my friends up for a treat
CERTAIN ones only okay =P
very good i think my group can also meet up before we go our respective ways

lastly i feel tat i should thank God for my life, my friends, my everything
praise the lord!

lalalala okay i have to go now
matches to watch later =D byee!

Friday, April 01, 2005

okay.. my last blog entry before i go for my fourth adventure quest
time flies

3 years ago i was the sec 2 in the team
the weakest and everything

and now i am like the leader
just shows how much i have grown =D

den again.. i feel this insurmountable pressure on my shoulders
i feel the weight of huge expectations
i do want to fufill them
but i am so scared tat i will fail..
going though AQ 3 yrs before doesn't mean its a sure thing for me

i feel so unprepared and everything


i am gotta make it
i promise all my friends i will try MY VERY VERY BEST OKAY

i am going into this wif confidence
i will pull the team though
and we can have a yummy meal on monday to celebrate

i will enter another chapter of my life
this time there will be no yiqun ruiqin and jian ming
but only myself and my teammates, ben, yi hao and wen kai

and we will fight for all we got i promise


okay now tat is off my chest

i am not feeling nervous now
just worried tat me or one of my teammates might have missed out an item or two

and my bag is super heavy this year
*terence is being a nice senior and carrying all the team items u see
i am going to be shorter after this aq man hahahha

now i feel kinda excited but den
i feel rather sianz coz i realise i have to plot the route nearly all by myself
no more ruiqins and yiquns to rely on =(

miss those times when i went to yiqun house to sleep before going for competition together
or the four of us at jian ming house

those times.........

i am going to work wif new ppl this year
and i going to make it work

thank yous to all people who have wished me good luck and given me encouragement
talking to yiqun just now also calmed my nerves abit

okay i gotta leave my house now.. bye all
hopefully my next blog will be a extemely happy one =)