Monday, January 31, 2005

i am officially the biggest, fattest, most huge and emnormous pig in the world
73 missed calls and a mother trying to wake me up
i missed chruch
quickly took bus to chruch
i HAD to get the pastor signature
thank god and goodness i found him
went home as i was still feeling tired
ya and the first thing i did when i reached home was to sleep again

i am THAT tired
spent the day eating and chatting online
oh well tats all.. going to pass up the founders file tml
i dun wan go out
going to take a break after tml
all this running around is killing me
and my ez-link
haven planned wad to do next week

the results will be out in less den A MONTH
sigh it is so scary
alright going off to rest

Sunday, January 30, 2005

woke at 7.20 today
argh so early again
me and jon decided to wear FULL U to sch
had trouble looking for my tie
took cab to school

good to see many of the Boys back
i seriously think there is hope for 8th Coy
although we got no recuits this year
i am sure we can strive on
so long never had devotion
nice to hear the company singing together again
stirred memories of my past years in BB

played soccer
all of us played half-naked hahahaah
kampung brigade
i wasn't happy wif some of my juniors' attitude
they cant take losing
argh more work to be done

on a better note
AQ training is starting soon
hopefully we get many ppl to train
and bring glory once again!
i wan 2 teamssss

AND mount ophir in JUNE
maybe i might go LTC 2 as trainer in march!
finally the year is getting started!

went for lunch wif my officers
the jokes so lame lo
ate AJ mountain after that
special one coz mr jacky oh noes the uncle

den i went to take photos of myself at the bridal studio
of me in my uniform
founders la
7 bucks -_-
went home
slacked awhile den went out again
this time soccer at sin ming court

abt 10 of us there lar
played and left ard 10
had supper wif zhi gang b4 going home
ate at home again i wanna gain weight lalalla

MAN U won 3-0
2 brilliant goals by rooooooney
one word
alright i need to go chruch tml
meeting robin at 9

Saturday, January 29, 2005

so tireddddd
nearly overslept again lol
robin came my house and knock on my window to wake me up
kpppppp lol
i have to change my ringtone lar
canon in D is too soft alrdy
cant wake the pig me

met david
the three of us went hotel-job-hunting
we are choosy
we went to four seasons and ritz carlton
choosy enuff? lol
four seasons din allow david and robin to apply
coz their hair lar
lucky tat day i felt hot den go cut
walked around so much

david and me went to sch
i got my testimonial from mrs wee wahahahaha
my founder's file is like 80% done
rest i have to fill in
like my thoughts on BB and everything
i am super lazy to write
haven done writing for so long

went to meet mr seet wif ben
argh kinda unhappy wif him lar
he say like confirm can help me get founders
den now say only can use appeal letter
if i dun get it.. it gonna be a real waste of my efforts
and i dun think i will have the motivation to come BB alrdy
hope God will help

wanted to take cab back to amk
every one was occupied
should have guessed tat as
it was 6 plus and we were at orchard
AND everytime we looked away and den back
a empty cab would pass us
in the end took bus back

met the guys at prata house
lai's treat hahaha
bernard and i wondered in the bus
"wad if we order too much? wad would chris do?"

and..... i came up wif this
"his order will be like 1 glass of ice water and 1 plain prata"

ya i was in a lame mood
going on abt using a plain prata to wipe my mouth and a banana to wipe my backside
since it was FREE anyway HAHAHA

6 made it 4 couldn't
the bill mounted to 40 bucks
LOADS of crapping and sarcastic remarks flying within us
yes, our conversations involved about commandos digging holes in the ground to shit
and throwing grenades into the hole and letting the shit flyyyyyyy
i realise tat is how the game POO RAIN came about =/

pool was full. so was raiders
so tired me went home
bathed and dreamland
woke up sweating i dunno y
realised i haven on the fan

went out to cool off and couldn't resist turning on the com
played dai dee and had no peace
i kept being hurried to make my move
and xiaoying, i do rock k
should i go parade in 1 hr time in PT kit or FULL U

Reasons to wear Full U

1. I have to take a picture wearing it (Founder's requirement)
2. To avoid getting a scolding

Reasons to wear PT Kit

1. so much more comfortable and LESS HOT
2. so i can play soccer during games =))
3. i dun have to polish my uniform =)

i have to decide
now i am sleepy
but i noe i cant sleep
sigh think i am going to use this time to polish man
off i go. byee

Friday, January 28, 2005

very tired.. will try make this quick
managed to wake at 9
went to sch
jon smart idea huh... to go so early
had to walk around, looking for the teachers we wanted to write the testi for us
prolly the whole sch noes now coz we practically walked past every classroom possible

peterson was so polite when jon asked for his testi
he said like
"no problem! sure sure! it will be my pleasure!"
in my heart i was like
"HUH.. write testimonial for student fun meh? still must think.."
we both got tan shao may to write for us
she mentioned jon was publicly commanded for helping out sch
not fairrrrrrrr she din mention that for mine
and i helped so much in enterperatur thingys *i have horrible spelling skills
also nv say
but she noes how to talk cock la
so i dun mind HAHAHA

like this
"terence contributes alot of efforts, always beyond expectation"
i got mrs wee to write for me
going to collect from her tml
got the attendence records from miss lee
jon actually got 100% attendence for all 4 yrs in BB
wa nerd sia
i not bad lar... all 90s =))
pontank 1 or 2 wun die ma

went home at ard 12
the stupidest thing happened
prolly abt 5 ppl msged my phone when i was sleeping
den my phone vibrated and fell on the floor
the battery came out
argh and grace couldn't get thru and poor she even lost her key into the drain.. lol
and yes, i was late for work
supposed to work at 5
i WOKE at 5
ya so reached late lo..
1 hour less pay

work today was noisy
it was HOTEL 81 chinese new year dinner i think
they hired this girl performer and she sang so high pitched
my ear drums suffered
loads of booze today too
i still dun understand wad is nice abt red wine
i am going to ask ppl soon
i was unlucky enuff to get a bowl of hot dessert tat had a hole
as i was carrying it the thing kept flowing on my hand
so hot okay
no choice i had to endure
drop i can kiss my pay byebye
oh ya i din slip in kitchen today
clap clap

took bus wif boon kiat to prata house
i din have a meal for the whole day
i truly wonder how i survive
gobbled down 2 cheese pratas and rushed for the last bus
and here i am
i going to conquer o2jam speed 4
mrs seah told me in school today tat the results will be out in feb
alright i going for a job interview tml at four seasons hotel!
and to sch yet again
3 times in 5 days
makes me feel like i am still schooling

gonna get some sleep now
bye guys!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

shucks la..
man u lost 1-2 to chelsea
duff got lucky wif his goal.........
so crappy

seems like i need to meet jon at 9.15?
dunno if i can make it when i going to sleep at the time which normal ppl go to sch at

ok blog time
went EARLY again to my tuition teacher house
lol nobody called today
spent time helping robin play his gb account
sure promote soon lo
got my pro help =))

ate burger king for lunch
could not bear my tuition teacher's yakking away
arhhhhhhh so fan u noe
left and went to central
was going for pool
when we saw wai keat and grace
den we decided to play badminton

loh came my house
guess wad
tat fatty tore my pants or shorts -.-
left right BELOW
fat pig
hohoho i beat wai keat
came close twice
but i finally win
la la la
i hereby declare i rox all the more

den we played high jump
wai keat pro sia can jump so high
i can jump over around 1.53
not a backflip btw
just a normal leap
we used the net as the pole
den played limbo rock also lol
so lame rite
coz the lights din work so played wif the net
anybody wan to play badminton must call me kks
i wan to playyyyyyyy

now i got a problem
sigh hope God can solve it for me..
should i be bad or good?
i dun wan all my work and effort to go to waste
it will be very demoralising for me

gotta go sch tml to get testimonals from teachers for my founders thingy
hope doing all this is worth it... if not
got work at plaza tml
5-11 small function
surprised got called for it
good tml is occupied again

now i waiting for the man u vs chelsea
hope man u will win....... must lar
must must must
dunno wad to do now..
prolly going to chat and play games thru
hope i can stay awake..
okies going off bye!

msn chatting is so lame tonight
i got a question by someone

do dicks have bones?


and ramdan was going on abt dating ppl on msn
and it meant just chatting

now we are enjoying lion king songs
hakuna matata!
singing along lol

back to my daidee game byesss

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

i dun suppose it is too late to blog about ytd
feeling real bored now
everybody is either away or unchattble *??
now i noe y i stopped coming online so early and watch TV instead

okie.. anyway
1 load off my mind
finally the stuff is back at GESS
went to queensway shopping centre wif loh
looked at shoes
had muah chee =))
and did i mention my ez-link is going to run out soon
coz SBS is being a real ass charging 16 yr olds for adult fares
like we are not going study anymore..
it is like a 60% increase on my transport fees and it is alot

went to cut my hair after tat
my hair was becoming thick again
as usual as all my previous visits
the barber had a time thin-ing my hair
so now it is short

woke at 8 today and went to my tuition teacher house
calls to register as tutors really flooded in
especially in the morning
think got abt 100 tutors now
i d/l and played gunbound on her com
robin was d/ling mp3 on the com
aiya she also nv use
so empty lo the com
anyway not getting paid for the day's work anyway
so i din really care

decided not to go swimming wif grace they all
coz i was feeling tried
and most importantly.. LAZY
travel here and there
so went home
pigged 6-10

have to go to sch pretty soon
i dunno when
prolly thursday
have to get the troublesome testimonials
and i need to clear the founders thingy by this week
den i am pretty much relaxed except for the Os results
when i went back to sch on monday the teachers were like saying
"i dun wan see u back next yr"
"do well k"
urggggghhhh hopefully i get through huh..
tml gonna wake at 8 * SO EARLY again
i wan meet up wif the rest soon
and i also wan to play soccer
today and tml i cant make it alrdy

sometimes i really miss sch
okie i am out bye!

Monday, January 24, 2005

hmm... went chruch in the morning..
supposed to get morning from gdine but she overslept too
in the end grace called
quickly changed and read abit of news b4 going down
aiya habit to read newspaper in the morning no choice

today a total of 7 ppl went to chruch
a huge increase from the usual 3 or 4 of us
yea they hopped onto the 166 i took from my house
i was not late
in fact i was first on the bus lol

today praise and worship songs quite nice
some old songs sung again =)
today sermon was not bad
listened quite abit
had gastric though
had to bend over when in prayer lol
went to maxwell centre for lunch

after tat went for pool
manage to smuggle regina and alene in
reminds me of the days last year when I had to be smuggled in
always remember each of us rejoicing when our birthday came
as it removed the nervousness we always had when we entered
hahaha.. our group haven had an outing for a longgggg time
we were last together prolly on boxing day
lets get together soon =/

pool was freaking exp today
19.20 highest i ever paid
prolly all time spent on coaching regina and alene lol
nvm lar..
had dessert
DUN ever eat dessert at S11
so small and exp
2.20 for half a mountain of ice kachang

i had a sudden craving for bananas and papayas
robin came to my house
i bought a bunch of bananas hahahahha
i ate 8 i think
weeeeeeeee had to pay the toilet a visit after that lol

going to work for my tuition teacher soon
she is FINALLY going to advertise on tuesday
arghhh and the founder's thingy
so ma fan
have to get testimonials and everything
and 1 hurdle mr seet promised to get me thru..
hopefully he keeps his promise
if not i really have wasted my time
worrying abt it now
oh well i need to sleep now bye..

Saturday, January 22, 2005

just realised my regular blogging chain has been broken
the 5th-20th 16 days! =)
didn't blog last night coz was too tired
and was not gonna waste my energy to pull my brother off the com
blog more about that later

so yea played street soccer in the morning
we played against commandos, guards and rangers
hehe we won 5 times and lost twice
all was well except when tat ass robin just kicked the ball straight at me
when he had ALL the time in world to pick up the ball
hit my stomach..... asssssssssss

so yea.. couldn't go for lunch wif them although i wanted to
went home ate bathe and missed the first 851
god really blessed me coz the next came like 2 mins later
and it was not as full as the first one
anyway grace came and we went for work
work was good today
i cleared up pretty fast
and i let the guests help themselves to the rice when i supposed to serve them HAHHA

oh ya..... got one thing
yes gdine i noe how u feel
i fell on my ass. my right ass to be exact LOL
din hurt coz my wallet was there
just broke one teacup
the rest was still in my hands ^^
boon kiat nearly fell too!
and he was holding 10 huge plates
but he fell on his knee
and his two teeth hit the plates!
HAHAHAHA... maybe now we cant see his front teeth sticking out ;)

took the bus back wif mikki gui hui and lis
chatted and i went to amk central and met robin and daniel
played pool
and yes, another stupid thing happened to me
i was messaging..... i dropped it
my phone fell right thru the hole
i was like omgosh.....
lucky kind uncle help me unlock the below and found it for me
played till two
i walked home
daniel and robin walked even further =D

wad a day man...... unlucky all the bad things came alright in the end =)

has been pigging
around 14 hrs
supposed to go parade but overslept
really too tired alrdy
hmmmmm maybe blog more later bye!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

my eyelids are as heavy as dumbbells
had a nice badminton outing today
played many matches
i still haven beat wai keat!
really played alot
i think i am gonna lose weight again
and tats no good -_-

did 50 push ups as punishment
couldnt swing my shoulders for a hour
ramdan worse
he eat also got problem
after awhile my shoulders were alright again =)
played pool wif loh
den later ming han
i lost to loh 4-2...........
but he cushion foul i let him LALALALA

i MUST MUST MUST go BPS and return the stuff to GESS
den i go NYP open house
decided not to go to jon chalet
go there also nth to do

friday got soccerrrrrrrrrrrr =))
den got work at plaza
guess giving telemarketing a miss ^^
no boredom calling ppl up this week! =)
when can i work at my tuition teacher place i wan to slackkkkkkkkkkkk

going to TRY catch the Man U match later
okiesssss BYE!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Natasha Bedingfield

I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
Im just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you can not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines
We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you can not find

Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
But the rest is still unwritten

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten
The rest is still unwritten
The rest is still unwritten

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

just cleared a stomach upset HAHA
as of now i am considering whether to go school
to get the banners and everything and return them to GESS
arghhhhhhhhh y everything i must do
i really feel so lazy to go down
i wan my sleep
my pimples are popping out again
not on my nose THANKFULLY HAHAHA
puberty go awayyyyyyyyyyy

slept like 12 hrs 2 nights ago
after sunday's match
slacked at home
for once i was happy coz i was still feeling tired after the whole week of going out
whether for school or work
went to gym wif robin and jon in the evening and stayed for 1 and a half hour
running is not a problem
i wan to do more den 10 chin ups
prolly train on my strength now

went for pool after that
won 5 lost 1 HEHEHE
loh i told u i rox too much
o2jam i am getting better
not as good as chris yet
think i going to buy the package soonnnnn
den got more songs to play =)

sigh prolly going to sch...
oh well.................. alright going off byeee

Monday, January 17, 2005

wad a day.
chatted on the phone wif wai keat till 6
had a meaningful conversation i should say
slept den woke at 8.30
2 hrs plus sleep -_-

met grace gdine and joy
had breakfast at the tim sum shop
gdine was hot *i meant she is sick HAHA
went to chruch
ernest and qiu wei used my phone to try to get tat wee hiong to come down to chruch
failed i guess
service ended super early today
ended 1 hr earlier den usual
gdine went home first coz she was unwell

went to wai keat void deck
hanged around awhile
b4 we set off
played pool
i really do suck now
i lost to joy grace robin and wai keat
coz my black ball keep going in hahaha
won the last game against wai keat den we went for lunch
had a quick $2 meal

went to meet ramdan
rysul mum was not home
rysul went to indonesia and his ticket is supposed to be given to grace
waited till 7
was too tired and i caught 45 mins of sleep

in the end grace didn't go and me robin and ramdan went
i was so excited tat i walked fast
in the end i ran hahaha
when we reached the stadium
we heard a huge cheer
realised it was a goal
we sprinted out into the stands

the atmosphere was electric, brilliant and was SO RED
the kallang wave, cheers and claps by the singapore crowd
booing every decision against singapore
applausing every decision in favour
of course
the usual accusations like
referee kayu! ******** ************** *********
i liked this "cheer"
it goes like this
11 beats and u shout budoh!
ramdan said it is called asshole in malay or something

singapore was truly united as one tonight
u could feel the passion running though everybody
urging the team on to victory
clamouring for the ref to send the indonesia players off
it was a wonderful night
save for the jam when everybody was going home
cars and motorbikes were all horning their horns
11 beats

went to prata house wif robin after that
den homeeeee
i got a free day tml
going to gym!
lalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa okies i going to play o2jam now
bye all!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dreams- Diana DeGarmo

Dreams are just dreams
When it's stuck inside your head
And all it takes is a little help from you
You know it's true
That dreams are for real
When you see what I see
And you feel it too
We took the longest road
Just to make it harder
Let's do it all again
It only makes us stronger
I guess we’re just made of dreams
Nothing else matters
As long as we believe
I'm looking at you
And I see my life
Passing before my eyes
And when the journey's over
And all my dreams come true
I dream of you
What do you see when you look inside your heart
A little thought can walk a thousand miles
And change your life when dreams lead the way
The impossible is suddenly in sight
Every step you take just brings it all together
You’ve got to keep the faith when all seems lost forever
I guess we’re just made of dreams
Nothing else matters
As long as we believe
I'm looking at you
And I see my life
Passing before my eyes
And when the journey's over
And all my dreams come true
I dream of you
You're the one
That keeps my hope alive
My vision clear
I'll spend my life with you
Conquer fear
We'll make it through
I guess we’re just made of dreams
Nothing else matters
As long as we believe
I'm looking at you
And I see my life
Passing before my eyes
And when the journey's over
And all my dreams come true
I'll dream of you
I'll dream of you
I'll dream of you

waiting for highlights of the man u and liverpool match
man u won 1-0 =)
missed the match coz i had work at plaza today

work sucked today
i broke stuff
for the first time
3 things somemore

but i think i improving la
i nv plan enuff i guess

going chruch tml
den it will be tiger cup!
kallang is gonna be so red..
cannot lose my ticket haha

today's wedding at plaza played the westlife's album
got kinda taken to the songs
so changed my blog song
been there for awhile already
very nice huh..
next week seems kinda empty
going to call my tuition teacher about the job

no mood to blog
bye ppl

Saturday, January 15, 2005

woke up
overslept for parade
lucky nv promise my juniors i would go
but i feel very bad lar
guess my body cannot take it anymore of the early wakes and late nights
oh well now i can afford to relax till i go for work wif grace later

yesterday went to sch to take down the banners
3.00pm deadline by Miss Lee
great and none of the Boys from my batch wanted to come
managed to grab ankur and paul
took 30 mins to take down all 5 banners
i believe i sprained my back when i carried down the banner from the rooftop
y i so stupiddddd
carry banner and climb
at least i STRONG nv fall haha

went for lunch wif grace regina and alene
den i went to find chris and robin at raiders
played den went for work
i wanted to be late
but was too late lol
late by like 30 mins?
nv deduct pay my manager rocks
bought drinks for us somemore

restless at telemarketing as usual
no prank calls
guai me
went for supper after that
wif chris jian ming robin grace robin and karyu
i spill milo DINOSAUR on myself
lol stupidddddddddd
lucky i brought jeans
den i changed
mushroom cheese prata rocks man
really very nice
going to eat it again
managed to catch the last bus 162 home

think i should stop here den

too sleepy/tired to blog abt today
maybe tml
gotta wake at 6 plus for bb parade tml
probably me and jon again
den i got work at 5
terence goneeeeeeeee

Friday, January 14, 2005

and sooooo CCA orientation is over
today going to sch to remove the banners
dunno whether returning GESS Boys today anot
feeling lazy
shall see first

yesterday really tested me
woke to a call from grace with the words
"get ur golden ass up from ur bed k..... byebye"
lol..... actually... i sit up...... den down i go again HAHAHAHA
woke at 7.15... coz i heard my bro shout
scared me haha..

packed everything
i hate packing my BB Uniform den go to sch in PT Kit
alot of stuff to carry
very ma fan

went to sch.....
started on the structures
built a bridge and a tripod
i think the scouts beat us on structures this year
but our long poles disappeared..
so we din really have the resources

the sec 1s came
did the creative drill
1st performance sucks
2nd not bad
3rd alright
cant rmb the 4th
the sunglasses attracted attention definately
but personally i think they attracted more girls den boys
too bad we not npcc larhhhh

brandon recorded some parts down
hoping to see some of it soon
took pictures wif the boys
and company photo! =)

jon i think, like me went w/o lunch
to practice creative drill..
later on he felt giddy
heng the sec 1s go already
and the job was more or less done
and terence survived! hahahaha
changed out of my sweating suit
and into my comfortable PT KIT

cleared and everything
den the hunger pangs started coming
had to squat for awhile
ate at j8 food court
the ban mian so much
keep putting my spoon in still got mee
finally after 20 mins i think i finished lol
went home
POM slept at ten

woke at 12
13 hrs of sleep
now i am off to sch!
got telemarketing later
blehhhhhhhhh bye!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

"There are two kinds of love. Our love. God's love. But God makes both kinds of them."

An old woman has arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So her husband does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love."

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

my bro changed the resolution to play cs
i reckon it is his eyes which are failing
so bright..... as if it is christmas in orchard road -_-
my eyes hurt like anything looking at the monitor

CRAWLED out of bed at 6.10
was soooooo not used to it k
took a quick bath and wore my BB uniform
cabbed down wif jon and amelene to sch
looked at the sch logo which shines in the dark ( the one at left from the parade square)
i usually took it as an indication where the i am early for sch

okie.. so prepared the boys for BB day...
me and jon stood one side..... did the nessacary salutes
den the principal mentioned us
i was like.. "uh huh"
so shocked
ya... our new 2nd teacher in charge is Mr Kenneth Sim
seems pretty nice
i think he can fit in wif the Boys easily

sent the Boys back to class
Mr Vasu, the principal talked to me and jon
and invited us for a drink wif him
we were like... gosh
so we chatted wif him
talked about our 8th company
around 15 mins
den he needed to leave
so we went off too

met chris joan and karyu
they wanted to eat sch food -.-
brought them in
den saw Miss Lee
i scared already... lol
so they ate while i watched
after i went home
slept for 30 mins
den out of the house again

met ramdan ryzul david and robin
we went to collect tickets for this sunday's match =)
den went to sch to have lunch
den i started to put up the banners
i climbed to the rooftop like 5 times to adjust and secure the banner?
stupid wind
1 part of the band probably the trumpets must be tired of seeing me climbing up and down the rooftop

den i did the spas
conflicts in the company again
i am going to sch early tml wif the other staff sgts
clear all the things to be done
and i wan to finish the creative drillllllllll
die la.... hopefully we got time tml to finish it and perfect it
i believe we can

had dinner wif ernest and jian ming
ernest was trying to be lame and saying he lives at ubin and he is good friends wif the boatmen and gets free rides everyday... HAHA
met gdine grace and waikeat to play badminton
so lame i alighted too early
ran to gdine block
was feeling so lazy
i cant see the shuttle-cock anyway
the HDB blocks lights blinded me and i dun see the shuttlecock until it is at eye level
played very little and off i went home
was wondering on the bus y grace din look like a boy today HAHAHAHA

gotta pack and get rdy for tml...... sigh bye all!

BB Day was a blastttttttt.........
off to meet ramdan to get tixs for sunday's match!
den schhhhhhhhhhhhhh
oh well blog more later..

going to hitch a ride in dad's car!

just scanned though my 2004/2005 testimonials


no after-midnight daidee game today
all start work tml
minus off another 3 owls from my list
wad to do
i cant bear to work 12 hrs a day
so boring
cant imagine doing the same thing for 12 hrs
terence will be boredddddd
unless it is sleeping of course HAHAHA

so off i went to GESS wif jian ming
i was late again TUT TUT
aiya blame my bed k
wad a long ride to GESS
wasted 1 hour......
met ryan.. their CSM
very helpful
offered nearly all their resources to me
50th coy rocks
i chose

5 banners - 3 wif BIG words like

very nice...

4 posters - 1 wif my seniors zhipeng and lewis taking part in adventure quest..

1 groundsheet =/ robin wanted it

jeremy, another 50th coy Boy helped me and jm load the stuff in the taxi
50th rocks again
ARGHHHHHH but i dun rox here
i forgot to ask for the receipt......8 buckssssss
how forgetful
nvm i try to do up one shhhhhhhh
did once...... nv cheat money k
just to show the troublesome auditors we PAID
i pinned up 2 banners
1 is very promindent
it reads LEADERS
i climbed to the rooftop and tied it there wif junhao
3 more to hang

hung the posters wif regina
none get teared off or vandalised
but i just got this strange feeling it would be

tml is gonna be a longggggggggggg day for me
i going for BB day
see see.. den off for breakfast!
after that...... TAKE PHOTOS!
hahaha for my founders file
it says
so tml me and jon will do it
den meeting ramdan to get the free tixs for sunday's match!
we going down to bishan stadium to get them
den is schhhhhhhh again
the day b4 recuitment
sure busy day like every year
towers have to be up...
creative drill *oh no

me and jon got the sunglasses already
it is gonna be so cool
Boys in sunglasses and doing fancy drill
actually another reason for getting the glasses but i am not telling =P

i going to miss school after recuitment man.....
polished my boots alreadyyyyyyy
wipe wipe abit only
doing the metal parts tml morning
i am going to freaking put my handphone right next to my ear
okie..... time to hit the sack! HAPPY BB DAY! <3

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

decided to go Gan Eng Seng Sec to borrow stuff wif jian ming
so farrrrrrrrr but i wanna see the 50th coy guys again
heard they got a CSM
2 years ago i remember going there to recuit Boys to join
times flies
going to take a cab back to sch i dun care
going to get ready now... byeeeeeeeeee

2 more days to recuitment
and loads of stuff not done

going to borrow stuff from our "brother" company 50th coy
jian ming will go down i think
better start on the towers tml though
and posters.. got help from gb =)

creative drill is now on the way to perfection * ok near perfection
i getting so damn tired of the chihuahua song
but no choice we have to do it

walked to sch alone today
so hot
i dun like walking to sch alone
esp in staff uniform
very waddddddddd

had to trouble the st johns wif our radio -_-""
den it rained and we had to trouble guides to move -_-""
ma fan hor lol
had a mini drill down
paul won.......... our creative drill ppl strong...
one BANG... din expect that
lol.... we chose the right ppl!

anyway played 4 rounds of pool wif jian ming and i won
i just realised
in a space of a week of going to school
i have

-not touched gunbound
-not touched pool
-not come online before 11pm
-only reached home after 12am once* so guai
-slept on my brother's bed EVERYDAY HAHAHA

all in all a very good week for me
i got to

- work telemarketing and get my pay
- work plaza and get my pay
- cycle in the rain and taking part in a grand event
- have fun doing and teaching creative drill to the Boys
- eat the old canteen food =))

alright i am going to end here
take care all!

Monday, January 10, 2005

din make it for gym
phone was in SLIENT MODE
ZzZzZ sorry loh

darn this boots of mine
so tight my toes cant BREATHE

gotta split... byes

v sleepy now
try to make this quick

the jubliee relay was fun
cycling in the heavy rain just brings back memories of adventure quest
having the police escorts and traffic police clearing traffic for u makes u feel so important
right in the middle of orchard road =D
my mum saw me at ngee ann city and was impressed that i was leading the riders onto the stage HAHA
and so BB turns 75 years old
uh hmmm

went to jon house after that
watch singapore vs indonesia there
3-1 great
i just so hate late goals by the oppsition
but singapore played well
and i am gonna watch them next week at the national stadium i dun care
finally finished the creative drill planning but din notice the time and realised it was past 12 already
so stayed at his house and played the PS 2
eat noodles after that den went to sleep

his pillow has a funny shape
and my jaw was kinda dislocated coz of it
so i went home at 10
back to my sty and pigged
went for lunch wif my parents b4 pigging once reaching home hahahaha
was woken up by grace's call and realised how late it was
bathed and took my dad car to meet grace for work

work was relaxed today
i got 2 reserved tables LALALALALA
so i did runner
helped around as usual and running around helping ppl serve
i wan to work moreeeeeeee

played daidee just now and won so many timesssssssssss
HAHAHA i rox too much!!
ok la going gym den to school tml
gotta sleep now.. byeeeeeee

Saturday, January 08, 2005

i so love my last entry
i felt much better after typing everything out =)

gotta make a quick one now coz i need to go out soon for the bb relay thingy
going to cycle wif 74 other Boys to Ngee Ann City to celebrate BB's 75 birthday =/
slept so early ytd
at 1 i think...
but was sneezing thru the night again shucks

went to sch earlier today not 6 o clock, but 12.30
put the banners up.. i think we need more
might borrow more from 50th coy

went to hq after that
got briefed abt today event and bought some stuff
founders so MA FAN
need testimonials from teachers
need forms
managed to excuse myself from the thingy *YES
they just ask me report for tml

so back to sch..
so tiring traveling here and there
if only HQ is in bishan
like guides and scouts like that
good already

the Boys had a problem
robin and jon had problems
so in the end i decided to call up my officer myself
everything alright already
phew =)

jon talked to the sec 4
i thought he did very well
but he should not have compared each other
although it makes them feel good
it is not very nice
i wasn't pleased at the sec 4s attitude.. but nvm lar they are learning =/
i understand their stress, but my batch have gone though this before and we conquered it..

rushed to work wif robin after that
whenever i am bored
i make calls to friends
went for supper wif robin cheryl and her fren, grace and wilmer
talk cock again

went home DEN I PIG till 11 =)
die la i going to be late... go le bye!

Friday, January 07, 2005

suddenly last night i felt the need to reflect on my life..
what have i done for the past 16 yrs..
what have i achieved..
the mistakes i have made
the friends i have made =)

thought long... before the sneezing attacks came -.-""
i can say i have been happy for the 16 yrs
many good friends, loads of good times
i will never forget in sec one, when i climbed into the canal and picked up yiqun's soccer ball..
i was so happy i got it.. den i slipped.. hahhahaha

of course the lessons learnt..
like in sec 2.. when i went for my overnight training for adventure quest,
i was the only 13 yr old there and i was the slowest
my seniors and officers taught and showed me and now =)

and yes the achievements =)
sec 3 when me yiqun jian ming and rui qin led our team to 2nd place in the adventure quest
just 1 year after i took part in the first..
nothing can describe the joy and excitement when we crossed the line
i will nv forget the last lap, when i just let go and ran, but stopping halfway,
remembering that this was a team effort and that all of us crossed the line together
the memory etched in my mind

growing up also means u must to grow in mind and spirit too..
dealing with my officer's passing was not easy..
the 1st ever time i exprienced when someone quite close just goes and never comes back
but of course life has to go on, and the world never waits for u

a life is like a painting
u make it as colourful as u want
cause u choose the colours

1 thing i regret though.. is not studying hard enough in sec sch
i did not do as well as i did in pri sch
probably cause i was complenent i guess
just get me past the Os PLEASE

BGR was not a very important issue in my mind
i enjoy freedom very much and honestly,
i rather bide my time and wait for the right one

lets stop this reflection i am getting carried away hahaha
well going to sch early so we can get the best places to hang our banners!
har har
nv cheat rite
we go sch get ready early... den when bell rings.....
we hang the banners! =)

12pm - School
3pm - BB HQ
7pm - Telemarketing

next week is going be sooooooo tough
pioneering! gosh... rope burns are sure to happen
nvm i love recuitment
the usual snatching of students to see booths here and there
RECUITMENT DAY i do DECLARE is the DAY when the sec 1 students are CONSIDERED MOST IMPORTANT.
lol.. argh i am lazy to change my boots
looks my size 7 feet have to squeeze into tat size 6 boots of mine again
and my toes are going to suffer so bad
this entry long huh
clap clap for terence please!
hahahha alright bye!

hardly any sleep..
and i am up early
all due to robin call at 1.30
and my flu
argh gonna try sleep later again.. bye

Thursday, January 06, 2005

i am so bushed...
drill everyday is tiring me out
and i have a longgggggggg day tml
nearly done wif the drill movements
should be done by monday
den we going to perfect it
hope everything pays off......

well another nice thing from going to sch is that i get to eat the old canteen food
amanda was telling me she was drooling when she thinks the muslim stall DRUMSTICK
today we realised our spas(long poles to build towers,tripods) were taken by the SCOUTS
argh... forget it.. we are going to get new ones and not fight for them back
it is very maddening when ppl take ur stuff though
anyway drill was fun yet again today

was going home
den joan and karyu called
they went to work but their bosses were not there
so ask me go out
i went home.. ate... toilet
den met them
grace also came
and we watched her cut her hair
den neoprints... zzz
as usual
i have to save my dignity when they are decorating the neoprints
joan and karyu wanted to watch seed of chucky
but i was too tired and grace too
i had to run away from them
they so violent
pull my shirt somemore
in the end i went home
coz i was too TIRED
tml i gotta go sch early to put up the banners
den have to reach BB HQ by 3
den work at 7
arghhhhhhhhhhh....... i gotta pack in early tonight! bye!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

so ya.. went gym and swimming...
nth much actually
spent around 1 and a half hours in the gym
running on treadmills and lifting some weights haha
the weather is sooo cold this days
i merely dipped in the pool
too lazy to swim
enjoyed beefball noodles at J8
went to chris's house and pigged
den off to sch for creative drill again
we are getting better!
i really do hope everything turns out nice
we are going to master this and we will =)
loads of fun practicing
we going to wear GOH uniform!
anyway i have to go down to HQ on friday...
i think i am going to cycle for HQ for the BB relay on saturday
got work though..
i realise i am going to be real busy =xX
nvm lar better den my post-christmas period
when i was bored to death
i am so going to kill ramdan...
where got man u game now
i only see arsenal vs man city
stayed up for nth... >.<""
alright shall blog next time bye!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

dug out my thunks finally!

off to gym and swimming =))

pray terence dun drown! HAHAHA



i noe this is lame..
but i cant sleep coz of the my excessive sugar intake just a hour ago
i had

3 slices of peanut butter bread wif sugar spinkled all over
half glass of ribena wif water of course but i added too little water i think

i think this is enuff to prevent me from sleeping for a hour?
had to drop(YES DROP) out of bed today
supposed to reach school by 2
i bluffed jonathan at 1.40 i had bathed...
actually i was still in bed lol
doesn't matter anyway
he was later den me as usual =)
off to bps
was greeted... not by the Boys
the principal HIMself
Mr Vasu * balding
anyway he questioned us and stuff
and thanked out us for helping out in school?
oh wells
started practicing our creative drill
seems good haha
we going wear Guard Of Honour Uniform for it!
but i dun like it..
gloves make my hands sweaty
rushed to meet robin to go miss lee *tuition teacher house
we have to discuss business wif her
she is going to open a tuition agency
and we going to help her
and get paid of course
hopefully i close many deals...
i got telemarketing this thursday
sianz lar
i am not good in conversing in other languages
i am no wilmer hahaha...
i just go there waste my time for 3 hrs and get 18 bucks...
even if i got a deal they will never tell u
i am just in this for fun
got plaza i rather go there work
anyway ytd i overslept
supposed to meet grace and gdine for chruch
stood outside coz inside no more space already
chatted wif my officer
he hopes all of us come back for BB
i think most of us.. not all will return
i would... if i got the time
played badminton after chruch
had a hard time looking for cocks.. shuttlecocks
chris wan kena bitten by his dog HAHAHA
anyway.. play lo
i play singles wif wai keat
joan i noe how u felt le!
but not so bad
in the end i lose 19-21
but i like to be tired
dunno why lol
went to my grandad house after that
was so sleepy
watched TV wif them
lazy to play the PS 2 wif my cousins
all cut hair sia hahaahha
they were like...
SIANZ LAR tml got sch
all need go home early
i wanted to stay there and watch the extra time for the singapore match
but... cannot lo
the usual " 1st day of sch ah! must have early sleep!"
singapore won! =)
i think i am going to watch the final at the national stadium!
it will be so cool
the atmosphere and everything
my ass really HURTS LIKE HELL
i need a new chair
i think the cushion not soft already or something
i meeting the guys at 8 and i need to pass grace a book at 7.25
take care everybody! and enjoy sch! ;)

Saturday, January 01, 2005

ok... now in the year of 2005
it doesn't really make a difference to me..
maybe i am getting old hahaha..
but i know we should cherish and treasure our lives as much as we can and live them to the fullest
do the things we want to do, do things we should do and live a life
i wouldn't want to look back at my past next time and realise i have been sleeping, using com, shopping or wadever... everybody wants memorable memories... i wan make my life as colourful as possible... hahaha

ok enuff of that
i am in the creative drill group for recuitment..
so prolly have to come down to sch anyway
so i am like studying hahaha...
nvm ... see sch again also wun die la...
main thing is to put up a good show..
but doesn't matter la..
the stupid sch... even got 30 ppl apply to join BB
they will cut to 20
rest must join judo and basketball
just to save face
politics in schools are never fair
it will never be....
BB might leave bps soon...
who noes..
maybe another sch is better to 8th Coy

NEXT... i must not get carried away
after the meeting i went and met gdine den grace
for work at plaza
so long never work sia...
10 plus days
today was esp tiring
maybe my legs are rusty due to long time slacking,
but 2 waiters to 5 tables is no joke
but was alright la..
my partner damn strong lo
can take so many plates at 1 time
i cant balance them coz i have been blessed wif small hands...
i cant even hold a ball wif 1 hand
tats how small
anyway.. today pay was 6.50 a hr
was surprised
den another 6.50 was thrown in coz of the extra work we done
DENNNNNNN my last time working i worked extra
so another 4.50
PLUSSS my taxi fare from the last time
6.50 x 5 hours
+ 6.50
$58.50 =))

first time get so much
my ankles hurt though
i hate wearing black shoes
i dun think they fit my feet
now i have sore ankles
change shoes wif gdine *yes again
coz her feet was hurting
so i see her so ke lian den change for awhile
changed back after awhile coz heels totally hurt
esp if u are a guy
so me and grace went to mos
met joan chuimun and alex
slacked ard
den ate a lil
coffee shake very nice le..
next time must try again... hahahah
the bloody orchard was filled wif foam cans on the floor
on the roads , cars got the "cluck cluck" sound as they went over it
den police came
i really pity the cleaners
it is really very dirty
they are really going to work for their new year pay man
watched london voodoo
wad a lame movie
just that i hate seeing gross scenes la
but the movie nth wan..
even chris not scared lo
den cabbed down to prata house
service was very slowwwwwwww
grace threw tissue into alex cup
den later on i threw into joan cup
joan threw a tissue at me
den i dodged
went right into the curry of the table behind me
lucky they eat finish already
if not sure kena le
chatted till 6
den took bus go home
i so hate smoke
got this chain smoker beside me
i really bth
purposely cover my nose in front of him
kns early morning smoke already
went home den my bro was awake and using the com
lazy to wait for him to be done so zZzZzZ
i going to be a student for 1 week
for recuitment
means i have to alter my hours a little
nvm my bro worse la... hahahhaa
its 7 already... going off to eat...
bye and happy new year!

oh ya hahaha chris also happy new year hhahahahaha ;)