Friday, April 28, 2006

now i wonder.

work tml. sigh.
cant go for club trg.
friends have been great though.
thanks for trying to help.

feeling so confused right now.
reflection time i guess.

will try to blog when i got the time yeah
bye people.

i wonder where i stand now.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

finally done with the john little sales.
next up is school.

got my class.
got two ppl i noe in my class again
liting and wei jing

i din get my wednesday module for some wierd reason
probably not enuff ppl taking sports psychology i guess
so my wednesdays are free days..

getting late. shall blog another day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

busy busy busy
so many things to do!

gotta go bukit merah to collect something later.
den work from 1.30 to 11.30

after that going to thai-xpress chalet
thursday morning going training
i think must wake up at 6 plus

after the chalet on friday den go work 1.30 -11.30

anyway in case i haven mentioned it before,
i am working at expo for John Little.
so please come visit me hahaha.

alot of cheap stuff over there.
i think i am gonna buy some chocolate today or something
and probably some underwear hahahhaa

school starts next week!
wonder who are my new classmates
and i haven really explored the new school yet
heard from everyone that its really great

gtg bye!

Friday, April 07, 2006

days after returning from my trips have been busier than expected.
but quite well spent
doing things i wouldnt be able to do when school starts

been hitting the gym and pool and the beach!
and of course the rugby trainings.
but i feel so heavy and slow
might be the new boots and probably just fatigue from everything i guess

BB chalet last saturday was great
met many old faces
and it was just great catching up and fun.

and as usual
the usual teasing and censored actions of the Boys
had a good catch up with jon too

had no space to sleep at all
20 full grown boys in a chalet?
i had to snuggle in a corner for some sleep

because i had work the next day
did some fun fair stuff
40 bucks for 4 hours

i was doing this fishing booth
was very very busy
probably because my booth most fun hahaha

and yeah i got a job at expo
working for john little for a week.
i am going to miss the first day of school

i wonder who will be my new classmates..

anyway thai-xpress chalet will be next week!
thank goodness my off day fits with the chalet so i can attend it
its gonna be a tiring week for me.
but hopefully i meet some nice ppl at work

i hope.

$445 for 70 hours
not bad la
can fatten my skinny/skawny/depleted/fresh air bank account

thats all.
will post the thoughts in my head another day.
take care people!