Friday, June 30, 2006

my tiresome daughter joan chua is up to her tricks again.
but whatever... you and grace can hack my blog no more hahaha.

din go school today.
eye infection and flu.
felt horrible yesterday but feel much better today.
probably will be back to normal tml.

God had a message for me today.
and i think i found it.

on my way to destroying one of the biggest regrets in my life. =D

take care people!

thanks ah joanie

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

and when the whole world seems to collapse on you,

i'll be there.

Friday, June 23, 2006

update about the holidays!
although it has been a week past it alrdy.
was working my ass off during the hols
and yet again, holidays did not seem to be holidays to me. lol

The contact rugby season has started and i got into the first team.
i feel damn guilty though, i missed like 4 straight training sessions and still played ahead of those who came.
but den again that happened to me last time, so i guess this is how coach works.
but of course i would go back to training and not be complacent.

played 3 matches
ACJC, Combined Schools and Northern Knights.
lost all, last game was a pity
lost by one try.

i feel that i am generally getting the hang of the game but i still need more time to adapt myself to the game.
no major injuries, have to thank God for that.
since i was young, i have been heavily involved in sports and doing stupid stuff
like climbing trees and jumping off jettys
but nothing serious has ever happened to me

the worst probably just cramps
and that happens to everyone.
so i have to thank God for all this.

school's a bore.
generally the guys in the class are warming up to each other
which is very good and makes life in school and class very much more interesting.

as of my life,
been betting on the world cup
not very good.
won and lost, won and lost.

but its all in the fun
tonight i bought (or rather my dear cock friend chris) japan to win 2-0 and 3-0
power lah

just have to hope nakata plays like ronaldinho tonight =/
i also backed australia to win tonight against croatia and i think i will see a few upset faces tml if the aussies do trimph
oh well enough of soccer.

life has been great, though i feel that theres something missing somehow.
i dunnoe.

btw those emo and depressing blogged a few days ago was not me.
it was by the two pests, joan chua and grace tan.

and u stood and waited.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

going for BB camp.
costa sands at sentosa.
be back tml.

gonna be loads of fun!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

ages since i last updated.
the first half (or rather 2/5) of the semester has passed.
haven really done well in school, except for the UTs which is a GPA saver.
i am more or less decided on relying on my UTs to get a self-satsifying GPA for this sem and probably the next.

this means more mugging and less PBL in class for me this year.
its a risk but i think its the best way for me now.

the rugby team looks good, on numbers that is.
plenty of people coming down for training.
i would need to work hard to hold down my place in the team.
at least i came in 2nd in the BEEP test, getting a score of 12.
i reckon that is not my best but still, not going to complain about it.

nothing much on the touch rugby side, there were so many plans for a camp in june and i guess all that is nothing now.
preparing for the National Touch League in july but for now its the rugby tourenment in june that is important.

will be playing against SP and many other strong teams.
i am going to spend my holidays again, working and building up my body.
and of course, the World Cup.

i bought holland to win the World Cup at odds of 15.00 so if i win i get a profit of 70 bucks.
just a little flutter on my gut feeling.
i wanted to take argentina, but the odds of 8.00 were not tempting enough.

life has been reasonably bearable.
regret always crops up once in awhile but i guess thats life.
being strong mentally has always being my strength and will always be.
but then again, even the strong fall someday but hopefully...

haven saved as much money as i would have liked to.
been spending too much on things, randomly.

finally broke my movie "drought"
watched da vinci code with a certain pig and x men with the FBBs. ;)

random random random.
cant think anymore. have to decide whether work my ass off next weekend.
till next time. take care people!