Monday, February 27, 2006

cant sleep so here i am

am going for ophir
but dunnoe whether jon passed on my message to mr chia
=/ see how it goes den.

skipped school twice this week =D
got A for enterprise again!
i praying for an A for overall grade in enterprise
but UT 4 on wednesday was such a killer.

wad a waste i din come for UT 2
it was on accounting and i would have done well on it.
well for the other modules
trying to save them from being a C on my overall grade.

I guess i am going to get a C+ for science again this semester.
haha i was never a scientist.
still, left one week to hols!

gotta work more to save money
i guess my bank acc is going to be wiped clean this hols
i have
Melbourne 20 mar - 28 mar
Mount Ophir 15 mar - 18 mar
Joanie's chalet 6-8 mar
Class chalet 6-8 mar
Thai Xpress chalet April

not counting going out and all
i am going to have to slog my ass off this week
dunnoe about the class chalet and joan's chalet
i guess i have to find some way out. =/

Melbourne is going to be so cool.
we going there to watch Team Singapore compete in the commonwealth games
damn cool la.
we are like the only poly and only team in Singapore going there.

not to mention the shopping and rugby games there.

but firstly to remind myself before i fade into fantasy,
to work my ass off!

played one contact rugby match and touch rugby match with bedok kings this week
lost the contact and won the touch.
played winger in the contact match

nothing worth mentioning for the contact match
except for someone who attacked me very much after i tackled him
he said sorry a few times so its okay.
we lost 27-7 i think

the touch match was disappointing for me.
scored two tries
but i missed like 3 try-saving touches
sigh. damn upset with myself
but we won. 10-6
which was most important of course.

these few days has been taxing.
plenty of things on my mind.
was confused intially, but things have become much clearer
but still, i will never know.
it sucks when you make a mistake in life.

but anyway, man u won the league cup! hehe
and neh neh pok, christiano ronaldo body damn nice
i also want to like that!

oh well
another two rugby matches this week
contact rugby - against some army team
they are gonna be so fit la.

and of course the summer league on saturday.
hope to get the winning streak going and to play better
and hope she can play.

alright i guess thats all for updates!

Monday, February 20, 2006

back from work. till 2am again
darn sleepy but i feel like blogging..

i dunnoe how to start but i am just thinking whether i am managing my time properly..
i always dun have time for this and that..
jon asked me out for dinner like 3 times and i couldnt make it for all 3
and i haven meet alexis for 2 weeks alrdy

And why am i going though all this?
i could skip school if i want but somehow theres something inside me to want to do well in school. i guess i am feeling my guilt for doing badly in secondary school. And RP is a place where i can really score if i put my head down for it.

maybe i will just drop and faint someday.

in the van on the way home just now, (before he got us lost lol)
boon kiat said that there was only 5 Boys going for ophir in march
i would be lying if i said i din expect that.

how have times changed.
i guess my fondest memories lay in BB.
especially LTC 1
because we were made to do things that even NSmen dun do.

it was such a crazy camp
hundreds of pushups everyday
chin-ups before meals
running and drill all day
and only 4 hours of sleep.

nowadays, i guess any 14-year old child made to do this will probably run home and complain to his parents.

and yes, another busy week ahead
bye people!

I wish i knew the way to your heart.

Because I'll be right behind your shoulder watching you

I'll be standing by your side in all you do

And I won't ever leave as long as you believe

You just believe...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

the end of a extremely busy week.
besides the continous fight for A from 8.30am to 4.00pm in school,
many other commitments!

monday was going out with gdine to buy vday presents
she made a orange friendship band and i gave her a bracelet
she got jigsaws for dustbins.

tuesday/vday was supposed to go for touch training.
but din go cause many din go. no purpose.
so played mahjong at joy house with her pei ting and joy's chruch friends.
joy held banker for 10 rounds! zzz

resulted in me rushing for my last bus when i should have been home an hour ago..

supposed to go out with agnes for pool on wed
but got work ah..
poolside buffet
it was a retro-type of party

this guest tied this black polka dot scarf around my neck
quite a interesting party.
everyone was in 60s and 70s clothes
and the programme was on printed on this huge CD that we used in the older days.

Thursday was touch training
this time of course went.
realised my switches suck big time
sian sian sian
gotta work on it.

Friday was work again
worked till 2am

Saturday was the summer league matches
postponed due to rain
so rushed off to work
till 2am

so here i am again
just finished the RJ for friday's culture.
the grades for this week aren't out yet
looks like the facilitors are as busy as me

went for s'pore idol last sun too
not to join but as crew
helped around awhile
i was late for 2 hours lol

and after that met dustbins at this cafe at cineleisure
after that went joy house for mahjong with her, grace and chris.
thats all

and yeah, i got work again today
oh well going for lunch and raiders with chris and robin now
no time to blog about my thoughts again

i guess that will have to wait.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

just washed the two pretty, probably 5 cm long scratches on my left leg.
stinks like hell.
expecting more tml.

yeah. got into the final squad of 15 for tml UWC rugby tens.
tml i am going to get smacked and all. wahahha.
hoping to score though and win a few matches. (:

life, in general has been very good. somewhere along the way i got confused and lost, but now everything is so clear to me. people could change so much. whether for the better or worse. many many random thoughts about the people around me.

girls and boys, two very different people.
Each with their own strong and weak points.
so much to say, but not here. hahaha...

am really looking forward to the holidays
too many things to do!
many pending plans, but not sure which will bear fruit.
but the perth one is definate =D

as for current plans,
helping out at s'pore idol just for the fun of it.
no pay lar.. but some things, you do it for the exprience and not money.

watched fearless with jm and chris
very nice movie..
5 stars!
i wanna watch more movies..
but no time!

brought my pet pig for dinner ytd
she enjoyed her popiah very much!

school also has been good
got A for cognitive and computing daily grades
and an A for cognitive UT!

but i think my GPA is still going to drop =S
sian ah
hope it at least stays on 3.

alright gotta wake up early tml at 6!
zzzzzzzz take care everyone! night! and wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

so maybe i am not updating often enough..

the northbrooks game was just absolutely brilliant..
i just felt so up for the game
and was itching to get on..
i dunnoe why..

very hyper..
and i scored twice when i got on!
damn happy with myself

finally achieved what i wanted
to score a try in contact rugby..

everything just went my way in the match
din miss a pass or catch.. but a couple of missed tackles. =/
but its definately encourging for me.

wanna prove to everyone that small ppl can play contact rugby too!

enough about rugby

i realised in this few weeks that.. aiya next time..
lazy to blog! lol byee!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

so it wasnt 10 am - 2am
it was 10 am - 6am!
20 hours of work in a day!
haha but i not tired after that leh..

had hotcakes for breakfast after that
slept at about 9 am..
woke up at 11am..
because had to go wilson and nora place for lunch

but when i was hailing a cab,
i suddenly felt like seeing my friends again
in the end, i told the driver
"mei hwan drive."

yup did a visit for about 30 mins
nice seeing everyone there
and they were taking photos to tell a story lah
damn funny.

had yu sheng and i left
cabbed to wilson and nora place
the condo high tech lah
can see the person one when you press the intercom

watched descent and eye 10
quite fun
again, nice to see everyone again ((:

had fun and laughter and food =D
went town
and den J8 to deposit money
saw junhao and gdine

jian ming's place after that
i doing alot of travelling huh
played dai dee there
i could have won alot

but i blur and cock
in the end lost 40 cents

den went chris's house for steamboat
had a filling meal i should say
absolutely bloated after the meal
den 6 of us played dota at raiders

a very good new year day spent with friends =D
i guess this day was what was keeping me going during my 20 hours of work..

work was rather interesting and unpredictable on monday
firstly i set up a drinks table for the lion dance troupe by myself
the rest of the guys were sent to the chairman's house, where the big event of the day is being held.
i stayed in the hotel to help out randomly
the boss gave me a ang bao

after that
they called and asked me to carry 4 banquet tables and two 8 feet tables down from 3rd floor
i was like wa... one person...
ok lah.. managed to do it

after that go take skirting from linen room.
den took table cloth
and filled two ice boxes!
that one killer man..
its like filling up to the height and weight of a short pregnant woman.
the volume so much!
and two somemore

the 5pm workers came
had to divide them to go to the house
me, the 10am worker was still at the hotel!
the worst thing that happened

they called and say no need the tables alrdy
wa i instantly sian!!!

so i went to the chairman's house after the last loading of goods.
the place damn big
about the size of 8-9 terrace houses
got pool, tennis court and a garden
and EIGHT cars

rolls royce, jagnar and merc
super rich!

i was the lucky one who got the chance to get in the house
to clear plates..
the teens and kids all inside
got pretty one somemore lol...

the place was huge
the first time i went in
got two plasma tvs
and i saw about 5-6 maids
all wearing same attire somemore

after that i followed the workers who end at 11pm back to the hotel
i was in charge of unloading
by accident me and wei han broke 4 white wine bottles
sian lah

after that i realise all the wine boxes's bottoms, when wet, split easily
no wonder..
i managed to save another two wine boxes after realising that
so 3am became 4am,4am became 5am and so on
extend and extend

but i love it lah..
$9 a hour leh
not everyday can work such good rate
so work lor
overall, my best spent new year ever
able to squeeze everything in these 4 days

so i slept 12 hours to the next day
woken up by angie's call
or i will never wake up
supposed to go movie with classmates

but though a few reasons
din go
instead went to darren house with chris and met dars,kars and quek, buddies i haven seen for long.
played mahjong

lol i lost again
this time i no luck!
always got big combination but no luck
lost about 5 bucks

went for prata after that
another well spent evening (:

this hols has been great
school tml again! zzz
for two days only
just endure it though!

some of my friends has been going though hard times
today was worst
perry smsed us that his dad had just passed away
and he was out with us and happily crapping the day before..

i just found out that kok meng's mum passed away the day after the robinsons gathering..

life can be so sudden.
i pray for these people that they will be able to get though all this
and carry on life again as a new person..

because you will never know,
when will life comes crashing down on you..