Tuesday, November 29, 2005

down. somehow i dunno why.
trying to entertain myself la..
but still cant get rid of this feeling.

going for work at robinsons.
5.30 - 11.30

two days

oh well.. byee!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

getting restless..
i wanna try something new..

waiting for something magical to happen in my life..

things i can do in december

1. stay at home (play some online game or shows.)
2. work
3. overnight cycling
4. sleepovers
5. rugby
6. go out
7. clean up my room (unlikely)
8. gym

very boring
i wanna do something new
i wanna make good use of my holidays like last time when i went thailand

dunno y i feel so down and sianz now
ahhhhh.. bye.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

the weekend is here finally..
school has been good
i have gotten at least 1 A every week
so i am gonna strive for more.. :)

been taking a good rest
went out thrice this week
i watched harry potter and zathura ((:
personally i felt harry potter was abit disappointing
faiza agrees with me too

the movie is not wad the story is like
many missing and under-elaborated parts
i would rather watch a two-parter den a content -squeezed 2 hr 30 min movie
they would earn more money anyway

the next movie, the order of the phoenix, is so much longer
i seriously think how are they going to squeeze everything again

zathura is quite good
and the little boy damn cute
hahaha now i sound gay

yeah and enjoyed the movie very much
though was a lil sleepy haha =D

i have started planning for the hols
i would want to work
going out might be a problem
some of my friends are going overseas
and my other friends still have school

well, something will work out i guess

it has been so fast..
just last yr
i just ended my o levels
and now i am halfway though my last semester

time has really flown
after chatting with someone
been thinking what i wanna do in the future
i still dunno
being a fac in RP is not bad though

nice working hours
interaction with thinking students
and carry out many fun activties
haha wad a dream..

got work later
and i am working at robinsons for two nights on tuesday and wednesday

going for a rugby team trip next weekend..
going KL
ok la...
we are aiming for perth next year =D

thought about sending my lappy for servicing during the hols
i think its a good idea
anyway as usual
the holidays will fill up for me

anyway this week has been a happy week :)
spent quite abit, but it is all worth it..
bank is lil deplated now
gonna work everything back again

alright that is all for updates

Monday, November 21, 2005

update again!
the last game vs NP was good
i din let a single try though me

thursday and friday was spent on ghost trail
v lazy to elaborate on what happened that night
but someone got "processed".
u can ask me wad happened

i will probably tell u a boring story coz i dun believe in such things.
yeah but ppl are curious in such things, so yeah..

saturday was sleeping and work
overslept and was late

sunday, i did house-visiting
and worked again

so the weekend was just gone like that
rather the drama was on friday night i guess

skipped school today and x-boxed in school
went to far east to have chicken rice

den went wif taufiq to get his pay
i bought a new bag
60 bucks
white/green le coq sportif bag

reached home at 6 plus for like the first time since last and this semester.
going smuggle down and watch harry potter
maybe meeting alexis later..
i dunno

but for now i am just gonna relax and watch life pass me by (:
it has been a tough few weeks.. weekdays always packed
and weekends for working

anyway i am now looking forward to christmas!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

haven blogged for a week
busy has been my life

for the past week, it has been rugby, rugby and rugby
we faced TP and lost 32-7
i came on for 5 mins and made 1 successful tackle
well, a good start i guess.

next up was ITE
played turf city
we lost like 4-5 players to injury in the game
i played almost the entire match
and i had quite a good performance
was happy with myself

friday was horrible though
had ice bath
3 times
for 2 mins , 3mins and 5 mins

the water from the showers felt like heaven after that
went out to town
not very nice things happened
but it was all alright in the end

but yesterday was the worst
realised i was playing full back 5 mins before kickoff
was super unprepared
sigh i never had such a horrible performance in any sport
i let in 3 tries out of 4 in the first half
in the end we lost 61-3

alot of ppl was consoling me after that
that was nice
but i know when i sucked
now my chances of starting wednesday's game are bleak
i rose so fast to the first team
but everything came to nought in that forgettable first half

but nevermind
i am gonna bounce back like i always do..

waited for jon to get stiched back on the head
before going to eat at newton
Glen, my rugby advisor or teacher in charge
was real nice la
he stayed with us though out in NUH

din go to school today
woke up with a spinning head
guess i am also saving myself for training later on and the game tml

i dun wanna have a shocker of a game like yesterday
that will just be a bad memory i will want to forget
alright den bye!

Monday, November 07, 2005

life has been busy as usual!
hung out with my secondary school clique on last thursday
went to east coast with the intention to canoe, but sadly
paddle culture was closed for the day.

so played soccer and volleyball
wrestled around like the old days in the pool
before taking a few turns on the slide
doing stupid stuff and all

after went to SRC to bowl
we bowled ard 5 games
quite fun
i am the 3rd best bowler
and i managed to break 100 again

had dinner with yiqun chris and robin like the old days
duck rice with extra rice and egg :)
talked about life
nice day of catching up with old friends
so i have spent the last few weeks catching up with my different cliques
good good :)

stayed over at united world collage on friday
to support the 52 hours record thingy
dunno y me ivy and baohan stayed
but we did
had fun playing basketball
but got tired after a few hours

slept and had breakfast together
b4 going home

so it was saturday
woke up and left for work
now plaza got so many new ppl
all the 1989 ppl
rmb last year when plaza was infested with bps ppl

bought my mouthguard and one for taufiq on sunday
b4 going for work again
which reminds me
i haven mould my mouthguard yet
gonna do it later

and well today
a so-so day i guess
crapped around in class, break and rugby

anyway tml is RP's first contact rugby match against TP
i am sub
the exprienced players are all playing first
i hope i can get alot of mins tml

its a new challenge for me
though i am the smallest in the team
i believe i can make it

tats all for updates!
gonna watch the all blacks vs lions match now
night all!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

went JD's for deepevali
had fun
crapping around and jokes :)

got lost

i got a new wish
that for broken friendships to be patched up again

i also have a wish list!

i want!

1. new boots
2. new slippers
3. the mizuno shiny bag
4. new jeans
5. to win competitions!

so many things to aim for
i need to work work work
1 more month to hols!

time really flies
i haven really gotten into the groove for school yet
kinda still holiday mood
grades arent that bad though

i think with my big mouth i can survive 3 years of presentations...

anyway just blogging all this for fun
take care all!