Thursday, September 29, 2005

so now i am seventeen
another year older

i remember last birthday
i was happy to be 16 because i din had to sneak into pool places anymore

and someone made the words
"happy birthday ter" in candles and setting a rocket off
haha cool huh

now is time to reflect on the sixteenth year of my life..

- i started working

- i made a new group of friends (from robinsons) who are going to celebrate my birthday wif me today

- i passed my o levels

- i went into Republic Polytechnic

- had this brilliant class, PC01-05A

- joined rugby, touch

- took part in National Touch League

- went on a Service Learning Project to Thailand with this great team called Thai Xpress

- got into poly forum

- missed on founders badge =(

- clubbed for the first time

- lastly, learnt how not perfect the world can be

i think i have matured much more since last yr
i have seen so much of the world
i have gone though so much

i think i always give the impression that i am a young boy who only noes how to have fun
but i know the people close to me know wad i truly am like

but when i feel there something wrong, i will always voice it out
i dare to say my tolerance level is one of the highest if not the highes among my friends
i have a very good temper and i think thats a gift from God

the gift to think calmly in tight and fiery situations

hahaha... okay enuff reflection of myself


big thank you to faiza jie for the secretly left chocolates in my bag yesterday
nobody has given me chocolates before... thanks! really sweet..


Thanks to thai xpress for spending the day with me yesterday at sentosa
had fun playing in the sea
especially me... sneakily going underwater and flipping ppl up.. hahaha

and for the gifts in thailand too
the whole orange gear and everything
u guys rock!!

a thousand thanks to all the birthday wishers
whether its thru msn, friendster, sms or in person
they are all special to me!

a contented seventeenth year old! =D


Monday, September 26, 2005

okay i noe i have been lazy
but seriously i haven got the time to blog

i think ivy is right
thailand was a break for me
now back in the hustle in singapore
i have had hardly time to sleep...

wednesday celebrated baohan birthday
had thai express ( the actual food outlet)
and went bowling and pool

i had a strike at bowling
hahaha wad a fluke

i think i will just stick to pool

went for rugby training on thursday
after that slacked at erah house
had pizza and everything

den it was to ya li chalet
had a bbq and drinks
was dam tired

slept at the chalet
went back in the morning and went to work at 2
worked till 11

realised there were so many new faces in plaza
din go for supper after work
too tired

had match against the Bucks on saturday
sigh we lost
9 -4
i scored 3 and assisted loo on one

wad a waste
we were leading at first

me and my rugby friends couldnt get into rouge for clubbing
so went to madam wong's
was there for about 4 hours

my first time clubbing
ok la... i roughly realise wad is clubbing about
i think.
had some trouble with people but settled in the end

i had a few drinks b4 we all went back to eugene house
we all just slept
i slept the least

because i had work at 12
so rushed home den out for work
work sucked alittle today

but its okay la
next time also must tolerate temper and attitude
its the working world
no choice

no use complaining
part time anyway
just take the shit and carry on

i am seriously missing thailand and thai xpress
everyday, i would think wad was i doing 1 week ago
the fun i had shopping and playing ball at KMUTT
with my friends..

we are all gonna meet up on wednesday to celebrate my birthday
sentosa! weee! cant wait!

and kars and the rest on thursday

sigh i got poly forum today and tml
wad a bore

the new term is starting soon
i wonder if any of my friends would be in my class

the holidays have really passed me by
but i think i have used it very well

gotta go! got to wake up early tml
zz night all and take care!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

and yea i am finally back after 16 days in thailand
its by far the longest time i have been away and furtherest from home

nonetheless, this trip has opened my eyes even more about how people behave in situations
i have learnt so much more about people
whether it was the kids in the orphanage or the students from KMUTT
they have depicted different aspects of people

PC0105 and PD0109 have bonded so well together
it is hard to believe the distance between us at the start

more beauiful things that happened like

- teaching kids the 123, ABC successfully

- showering the kids with love and fun, that they needed so much

- we did two murals, painted 42 pillars and painted a crab on a toilet door for the kids

- seeing the kids smile and laugh as they indulge in their activities

- the hospitality the KMUTT students showed to us

- togetherness and teamwork thai xpress showed when it was needed

on a personal note, this has been a enriching exprience for me
i have made more good friends
very good ones in fact
and grew closer to the ones i knew before

and thanks to everyone for my early birthday presents

all 9 items were orange
i love them all the same!
thanks alot!

and i have missed everyone very much
i cant wait to walk out and smell singapore's fresh air ( not too fresh here because of thermal fogging to kill those dreaded dengue mosquitos)
going out later to meet my friends!

cya! will try to blog about the trip if i got the time!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

gonna return on the 20 sept at around 10 in the morning!

couldnt update since i haven touched a computer till now
thailand has been great and having great fun!

learning loads and making good friends!
i miss everybody!

cant wait to see u all!

i am at the hotel now using the computer
now is relax time for the trip

all the hard work is over! phew
alright! late alrdy

gotta wake up early to shop tml!
hahahha.... bye everybody
miss u all!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

another busy day
seems like there is never a day when i can slack thoughout

managed to sell my 3 t-shirts to my auntie, uncle and grandpa
went to a fun fair this morning with my family

had dinner at chomp chomp with chris robin jian ming jon kars yiqun and bernard
not bad le.. so many ppl can make it

i rock can

had a good time teasing each other and remembering the past

oh well, off to bangkok tml
will be away for 2 weeks

hopefully i learn loads of stuff over there
will be visiting a ophranage and a uni
i guess that will be loads of fun...

okay take care everybody!
will update when i am back!