Wednesday, March 30, 2005

training is on again later..
the last one
i have to pack my bags later

watched the eye ten yesterday wif the john little ppl
9 of us i think
the directors quite smart la
hawk the movie as a horror one
but den it also has hilarious moments

the two guys beside me were not good actors
one covered his face wif a bag
okay at least he admitted he was scared
the fat guy next to me was pro man..

whenever there was loud and spine-rattling music
he would close his eyes
den when the peaceful music comes, signalling the scene is over,
he would open his eyes and tell his friends he was tired
hmm he was doing for the whole of the movie?

aiyo.. scared den scared la.. y must hide?

lol okay.. followed the girls for their guy-dreaded pastime
wasn't so long this time
actually i dun mind.. i am used to seeing girls shop alrdy
they will never be the same as guys,
who just pick a shirt they feel they look nice in and just straight away buy it
den again girls also have their good points
but i am not going to go into a debate here

so played pool
lost to joan twice
ahh clawed back two games
number two ball to hit the nine ball in and i got the win, and a cut lip
my nu er poked me wif her cue and i jumped and my own cue hit my mouth or my lip
just a slight cut though

KFC for dinner
had to settle some BB thingy
tried my best to help, but the officers have the final say
looks like 50th coy cant take part in aQ this year

played some riddles and games while walking around orchard
i was the slowest to find out
hehe.. at least wai kiat still dunno...

gosh i am slow at this type of things man
qizhu see first time den noe alrdy
nvm i am not going to depress myself on this.. lol

the team lists are out!

Team 007 8th Company
Randy Tay
Teo Boon Kiat
Aw Teck Woon Paul
Ankur Kapoor

Team 008 8th Company
Toh Yong Jie Terence
Gwee Shi Rong Benjamin
Ng Yi Hao
Ji Wen Kai

yay i got team number 8 again
i got 2nd the last time my team number was 8
hopefully luck will stick wif us again huh
going to meet darren later to get his bike light
okay off to pack my bags! byeee!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

i'm in a hurry but i will still blog today

Good Friday and Easter has passed
Jesus has risen again
praise the lord!

worked on Good Friday
went to chruch on both saturday and sunday
made some friends
i made a SLIGHT FOOL of myself on sunday

kicked something metal and it gave way
the sound so loud
i swore the pastor who was in prayer could hear it from downstairs
me grace and gdine were very naughty in chruch
i think none of us listened to the sermon

just chit chat all the way
went to cody house to play mahjong
hahaha terence learnt a new game!
i am still not very good at it though

monday was a busy day for me
played pool first lost to perry 4-5
went to cherwyn house to collect his bike
its a gary fisher not derek
i think i am watching too much nba

went to j8 to collect stuff from grace
den back to nyp
ben and wen kai followed me
terence was giving them cycling training

okay i need to stop
shall blog more tonight
i am SOOOOOO going to be late! (again)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

training yesterday was a disappointment
i was disgusted wif the rest of the Boys attitude

we had to do 100 push ups
at 50, they say
"aiya tired sia cannot do alrdy.. can run first anot?"
i would like to add tat they took so damn long to do 50
maybe it was a good thing tat they decided to give up?
cause my hands probably would have bled, waiting for them to complete another 50

fine den we were off to chin ups
supposed to do 4 sets of 5
all of them except paul completed no sets at all
i did two sets
den they said "lets run!"

i was like fine... run then...
they ran at a snail's speed, the speed of moderate brisk walking
i could have walked and still kept up wif them
but the maddening thing was tat
randy and paul could still chat while running

when i chided them for not putting in effort and not pushing themselves,
randy - push ourselves until wad? fall down izzit?
me - u knew how we trained last time.. y dun u upkeep the standard
randy - times have changed
me (near to spurting vulgarities alrdy) - fine, why dun u go to the competition and tell ur oppoents, TIMES HAVE CHANGED! PLEASE RUN SLOWLY!
randy (keeps quiet)

i am not that much of a perfectionist, but i believe everybody should upkeep a certain standard
this distinct lack of effort from randy and paul had me thanking the heavens when mr koh told me to lead the sec 3s instead of the sec 4s
okay enuff of them

jon nearly fainted or actually he did for a moment
tried to carry him back to the bench but he was too weak
sprinted to mr koh and he came
and i had a serious stomachache

spent like 30 mins in the toilet
i reckon it was food poisoning from the bananas i bought for dinner
coz i woke up late at 6.30
my stomach nv felt such pain before
went to the toilet twice

argh stupid auntie who sold me the bananas

met up wif robin chris and joy at pool
won chris 3-2 wahahhaha

joy watched me eat supper
managed to contact cherwyn
be going to his house soon to collect his bike
its a derek fisher

and i finally managed to get the aq details
doesn't look as taunting as last year's one, but it still is gonna be tough
a quick summary here

Hiking Leg - 15km Hike - Vertical Climb - Rockwall Climbing - Mind Challenge

Kayaking Leg - 5km Kayaking - 25km Cycling - Archery - Inline Skating

Running Leg - 15km Running - 15km Cycling - Rappelling - Obstacle Challenge

Starting Point - NTU

End Point - Junction 8

the three legs will be divided into the above in no order of sequencea total of 75 km..
i foresee an advantage at the end of the race
coz its at bishan hahhaha

but still 5th coy (kuo chuan sec) is also in bishan
so its really nothing..

okay i am now going to nyp to appeal for business informatics
just giving it a try
bye all!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

i am so in a blogging mood now
this will be my 2nd recent catch-up entry
ya so it was enrolment parade on saturdayi was in the G.O.H (Guard Of Honour)practised the movement for
around 3 hours

feel so proud of the GOH
just a few hours of training and we managed to pull the whole thing off nicely
lucky there was no cock up like last year's GOH
i was supposed to give the sound "psst" which starts every drill movement
extra coordination for me
but nvm everything went well =)

wahahhaha i was promoted to warrant officer!
the rank tat seemed so distant when i was sec 1 still, i din feel much joy as the time when the six of us were promoted to staff sergents
uncanny, since u are supposed to be happier when u are now ranked higher
jon got promoted too
the parade went A-OKAY =D

and no, WOs dun get special treatment okaygot pumped for 30 for being without my field rank, name tag
good workout i must say

ball games in the evening
went for supper in the night
after watching kungfu hustle
the night was fun

30+ Boys in a room
jumping on each other
shouting out targets hahahaha
love these times

i was still bouncing around at 12
settled down and went to sleep
woke at 7
shocked man
the other Boys all guai guai changed alrdyi still in my PT Kithahahachanged quickly
the stupid bus din come
it was at BPS
wad a bus companyit brought GB to fairfield sec sch when its supposed to be the chruch
we kinda hiked to chruch from the HQ
in full uniform
my feet hurt like anything
sigh.. the outcome of not changing ur sec 1 boots =S
had youth service/games and breakfast
i was taking pics during serviceof the colours, ben taking best boy
was singing "we want to see jesus lifted high" all day
met grace gdine regina and alene at J8 wif my fellow Boyshad lunch and i was slowest to finish =/
chatted and den went to amk to play pool
it was awfully hard to stretch to hit the cue ball
since i was in my full uniform
so now i shall promise myself not to wear my full uniform to play pool next timeto avoid stares also too
and some idiots who say salute! when i walk past them
some ah lians too, those who only noe the command sedia and those who call me to go talk to them for no reason
bliss of wearing a plain shirt out

went home and packed for chalet
took train wif robin therefirst night was just talking and gambling just pure catching up i guess

pool next morning and wild wild wet!
i got moderate sunburnserious on the nose thoughplayed around for 3 hours but it got boring din really feel tired though i hated climbing the stairs to take rides

had a huge KFC dinneri managed to get eugene to bring DVDS
so the night was spent on supper and DVDS
watched home alone, panic room and the ring
pretty much a movie mararthon
although i am guilty for jumping to scene 11 for panic roomand sleeping for 1/4 of the ring

woke up in the morning to the knowledge of everybody's coursesi got posted to business computing in RP
thinking abt trying to appeal but i feel it will be unsuccessful anyway
giving it a try though
nonetheless its time for me to work hard lar
slacked for four years alrdy
i must reach the top 5 positions like how i did in primary school

had breakfast and den played pool in amkaround 2 1/2 hours haven played so long in awhile
i think i can clear the pool table soon.. okay i am kidding

another head-cracker for me
i got work at plaza on friday
BB on saturday
chruch on sunday

there is a job at robinsons at RC
the exact 3 days
should i take it or not?

i am 80% for not taking
i missed out so much since i worked at JL alrdy
i not really in need of this job now also..

nvm i will make my mind up later
definately and not drag
feeling so sleepy now..
i have aQ training later

think i better have a good rest now
bye guys!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

okay i am going to be away for like 4 days so let me blog nicely..

Thursday 17/03

recouped all the lost sleeping hours that i lost to work
yes, the pig was back
played pool wif grace and joy
robin and the rest came later

den grace joy and chris followed me to the doctor
i had this eye problem
skip the next paragraph if u cant take reading gross stuff

Dr Tan opened my eye big big
and said there is pus at the corner of my eye
i was like uh huh...
den he said whether i wanted him to poke the pus out or leave it to heal

i was like.. "aiya heck la get rid of this so ugly"
so he took a very very very much dreaded needle
after sterlising and everything
held my eye and POKED at the pus
imagine how near the needle was to my eye's pupils
it was a absolute torture to keep ur eye wide open when u can see a sharp thing so near to ur eye

the doctor had to poke slowly too or he will penerate too much and its byebye to terence's eyesight
after like 10 seconds or hours... blood gushed from the corner of my eye
the pus was out wif the blood
how i wished i took a photo den
blood coming out of my eye

as my eye was itchy, tears naturally flowed out
or i should call them blood tears
so i pressing tissue to my eye for 1 hr
so now i am okay and my eye doesn't hurt anymore

dinner wif grace joy and chris
den i went to meet jon and saifud at s11 and having a good old chat over tea
i went to jon house to settle some bb stuff
stayed till 1am b4 going home

Friday 18/3

horrible start to the day
woke up late
missed my spongebob squarepants movie wif grace joy and gdine
$7.50 wasted just like that
was on the phone all morning
settling all the adventure quest stuff

it seemed tat the fantastic four will be back again
den.. yiqun rui qin and jian ming din go in the end
wad false hope
oh well doesn't matter i will just make do wif wad i have and go for it once again
my fourth time going for it.. seems like i will never be able to achieve tat elusive 1st

i have missed like 5-6 trainings
i am so going to go training myself soon
maybe a 5km run or something

played badminton wif the john little ppl
lost 15-0, 15-2 to qizhu
goodness wad am i doing
more badminton please

managed to get robin to help pass up my adventure quest form
reached work 30 mins late
okay lar $2.50 gone
plaza was alright

i ate like every course?
i so love the honeydewandwatermelonsagowifvanillaicecream
grace was poking herself to make herself laugh on the way home
look so retarded... hahhahhaha

pigged when i reached home

The Day Of Today

i am not pig.... i woke at 6 today!
did my polishing and packing for my enrolment parade/service camp
back to BB after a two-week absence

going to have so much fun!

today also marks the end of my 4th year in The Boy's Brigade
i am so happy i will be a Boy for a final 5th year =D
i will always remember the hard times and the fun times

just 5 years ago i was standing in the sun at the parade square in BPS
just obvilous to everything
how much have i grown and matured since then
i have never believed choosing BB was wrong
no regrets at all

okay i should stop now
i am going to have a chalet wif the john little ppl on sunday
will be back on tuesday
sigh time is so short
okay i gotta go bathe now

take care and good luck for JAE results!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

new skin up

managed to do my archive like finally
oh ya removed doodleboard also LIKE FINALLY
guess have to stick to flooble for now

going to play pool wif grace gdine and joy soon
now i am in a dilemma

i am supposed to go badminton wif the john little ppl tml
but now i have to work plaza from 2pm
was shocked.. i tot was 6pm den i tot i could squeeze both

yawns man..... i hate it when work and play clash
maybe the badminton can be changed to the morning?
but its unfair to the others... why should the time be changed just because of one person?

sigh looks like i miss out again.. as usual...

looks like i need to see a doctor abt my eye
its kinda swollen

okay i gotta go...bye..

and so work at John Little is finally over after 2+ weeks
now the wait is for my pay which comes in half a month time
yawns man so long

work today was terribly boring
wad a last day
slept in a corner and in the storeroom for an hour
lucky i woke up when i heard footsteps
opened the door and evan got shocked

managed to bluff my way though
it did help tat my eye has an infection
backed up my reason for the stay in the storeroom

was feeling so moody till break
joking around and talking at dinner cleared it all away

going to meet up wif joy and the rest tml
finally man after ages
playing pool...

i have done nothing
do i deserve this?

Monday, March 14, 2005

okay i noe i have not been blogging elaborate entries or anything
been too busy wif work
am enjoying myself now at work
working really becomes fun when u noe many ppl there

been working at the atrium these days
very fun.. slack also nobody see
no need hear evan nagging hahaha

soon work is going to end soon
my whole week is packed!

Monday : fly kite *yes its true i am going to fly kite
Tuesday : Work and pool
Wednesday : Work
Thursday : Outing wif 1st floor ppl *maybe
Friday : Outing
Saturday : Enrolment Parade =))
Sunday : Enrolment Service/Chalet

recieving my pay on 3/4 april
so long...... yawns man

been missing on my adventure quest training
zzz.. alrdy missed on rock climbing*MY FAVOURITE and kayaking
i am so not going to be in the team if i continue to miss training..
looks like i am going to miss training on wednesday now..
sigh i miss so many things due to work..
work at plaza... training... outings..
nvm life will be normal again soon...

but i will also miss working at JL..
but its just too bad
i cant have the best of both worlds..
nvm after work i must enjoy myself
although i enjoy myself at work too hahahhaha

now the only worry tat i have in my life is my future..
which course will i end up in?
wad if i dun end up anywhere?
do i have to retake?
23 march is such a big day man
it is going to decide my future
think its going to be worse den recieving my o results..

take things step by step..
my motto... hahaha... anyway i cant do anything now too...
just enjoy myself till 23 march...
okie i am done here
bye all and take care!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

feeling real sick now
looks like my sneezing problem is back
hate it so much
looks like i cant watch the matches tonight

my eyes are teary and my left shoulder hurts
wearing clothes is a chore for me

watch hitch today
pretty funny
i am really feeling too sick to blog
shall do it another time... bye all!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

oh ya forgot to mention i "lost" my phone last night
i traced back the route and yes wif a cordless phone in my hand as i was conferencing
lol lost contact after i went 1 floor down

searched my house up and down
guess wad?
when i woke up
the hp was right on my table
and it was off, just like the night before

whoever offed the hp and put it on my table
remains a mystery

the past week had been pretty hectic
the o level results, going to polys and starting work immediately after my results
everything came in a flash
recieved the job offer on tuesday, den started work on wednesday alrdy

learnt cashiering on the first day from darren and chong
but i am still not allowed to do it coz i dun have cashier pin
but i have hacked kenneth and karyu PINs alrdy
irene more pro
everybody PIN also hack alrdy
she says there is a formula in it
but i cant figure out how?
she told me jamie pin and when i whispered the number to her
she sianz diao

i was transferred to toiletries for the sale and i enjoyed it very much
kenneth and me slacking, doing "housekeeping"
yup and made frens too

today and tml are my off days
finally can go out
but i cant work on thursday
i going to open the wedding car for my uncle
ang bao! *rubs hands in glee
worth it rite
open 1 door can get more den a few hrs of work in JL

but thru all this
i am missing out on my adventure quest training
missed the monday training
prolly will miss thursday one too
but i reckon my legs aren't tat good anymore
all the standing and carrying of goods definately is affecting them
i need to attend training soon!
wonder wad my team would consist of..
it wun be same yiquns jian mings and rui qins

enrolment parade and service is coming soon too
soon only me and jon will left as Boys only
and my own BB journey will be over soon
but it will forever be in my heart coz of wad it has taught me and done for me

okay going to play pool soon
bye all and take care!

Monday, March 07, 2005

my first 8-hrs sleep this week
shiok arhs
working at 4.45 - 8.45
no kick
4 hrs only
its like 1/3 of wad i work everyday

okay i gotta meet the rest now

haven blogged properly for a long time
been very very busy wif work

working at john little at the toiletries department
met quite a few nice people
and learnt more abt people

first few days have been quite tiring
recently i have kinda gotten used to it
but my feet hurts like hell

i think i lost alot of weight also
done my JAE alrdy
working only 4 hrs tml b4 my two off days
a break from 5 days of 12 hrs working days
okay i am dam shag now
off... bye!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

no time these days

got the job at john little
long hrssssss yawns
gotta go! bye

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

okay so i got 27 points

shocks overcame surprises
a 3 for english - not very good
sixes for the rest except a seven for dnt

how did i get a 6 for maths and humanities?
how did i pass poa and science?
argh now i going to try for mass comm
if not i will just consider retaking after JAE

oh well.. wish me luck